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  1. OMG she should open with an old song because no one has heard/bought RH!!!! Her career is at an ultimate low so she needs to open with Vogue because ppl don't know who she is anymore. She's nearly as irrelevant as Janet now so playing a GH tour would be the only way she could restore her image. Honestly just let her play all old songs + the RH singles so you guys can die happy.
  2. I wouldn't mind oldies if they were a good balance of pre- and post-Erotica tracks. Her late 90's and early 00's stuff is superior than her 80's songs imo and sadly those are the ones she's been ignoring for a long time.
  3. Well, of course that doesn't necessarily have to be it but it could work in a Latin/campfire section with Deeper and Deeper, Between the Bars and Who's That Girl/La Isla Bonita
  4. MTE I think Vogue (maybe as mashup with Illuminati) will be the second performance.
  5. THIS! The way she reworks her classics is mainly due to the fact that she wants them to fit in the sections, they're placed in. I mean, imagine here doing the album version of LAV on MDNAT instead of the one she did in the end. She plays the album versions whenever they fit. If they don't fit, they'll have to be reworked or adjusted to fit a certain theme or concept she wants to express through her performance AND I LOVE IT. I mean she mainly chooses popular songs to do exactly that, which is generous enough imo. She could choose all kinds of unknown shit instead but no, she usually caters to
  7. That "provisional setlist" is pretty much what she is doing, though judging from what she said in the interview. Also, Jamie King himself gave us that list and it's also been confirmed that part of the choreography for Nobody Knows Me was lifted from Nothing Really Matters. Do you really think that she has knows right from the start what 25 songs she wants to play? Uh uh...They're MIXING songs to see how they sound in an updated/reworked way, concept demos to be exact, just like the few we have from previous tours.
  8. That doesn't give a 100% guarantee that it's part of the setlist. She said herself that she's revising the setlist almost every week and that she keeps adding and removing songs. The songs she has been teasing were all from 1983-1993. That's the first decade only. And the reason behind her teasing songs from that period only is bc the majority of concert-goers is rooting for songs from that period. It's been the same case with MDNA. People on Facebook were asked to vote for songs from the first decade ONLY. She has been working on over 40 songs for RIT. Swim, Take a Bow, Ray of Light, Nothing
  9. Yeah. Borrowed Time, Wash All Over Me, Joan of Arc, American Life or WIFLFAG would be my #1 guesses.
  10. LOL fake. I think it was during the Tel Aviv rehearsals but I'm not sure...I remember that madonnarama reported the setlist bit by bit quite some time beforehand. I'm assuming that they actually got to hear the tour demos. It's clearly fake but M's instagram mentions do not gurantee that a song will appear on the setlist. She tested around 40 songs for RIT, apparently.
  11. And thank god it wasn't. It really falls flat compared to the other tracks of the album. It will be a great live moment but the song itself is just boring as hell, regardless of it's version. The album version is less cheesy imo.
  12. I'd love a new mix based on the album version, demo 3 along with samples from the living for Drums Mix. Actually, I'd love something along the lines of Lucky Star / Hung Up but with NRM and L4L. NRM's version would heavily sample the Living for Drums remix of L4L and flow seamlessly into L4L, which will be an extended mix that uses lines from Like a Prayer. So, kind of along the lines of Celebration/Give It 2 Me from MDNAT.
  13. 1. Illuminati 2. Bitch, I'm Madonna 3. Best Night 4. S.E.X. 5. Holy Water 6. Inside Out (Demo) 7. Unapologetic Bitch 8. Iconic (Part 2) 9. Veni Vidi Vici 10. Rebel Heart 11. Joan of Arc (Acoustic) 12. Body Shop 13. Devil Pray 14. Hold Tight 15. Ghosttown 16. Messiah 17. HeartBreakCity (New Vox Demo) 18. Living for Love (A better mix between the glorious Demo 3 and album version) 19. Wash All Over Me Disc 2: 21. The One That Got Away 22. Beautiful Scars (Demo) 23. Graffiti Heart 24. Borrowed Time 25. Queen The two sides perfectly showcased through appropriate and cohesi
  14. Exactly what I was thinking. With Romanticism also comes a certain sense of finding the beauty in darkness and melancholy. That's why I'm thinking that this tour won't be another Sticky and Sweet, but rather another DWT.Romanticism a (1) :a literary, artistic, and philosophical movement originating in the 18th century, characterized chiefly by a reaction against neoclassicism and an emphasis on the imagination and emotions, and marked especially in English literature by sensibility and the use of autobiographical material, an exaltation of the primitive and the common man, an appreciation of
  15. It could be really good or really bad, because, as she said in the interview, she has to make sure the song choices are satisfying and cohesive, sonically and thematically.
  16. I really think everytime she quoted a song on Twitter she was probably considering it, maybe working on the tour version, but did not choose it as a fixed part of the tour. Also, it seems to be that the quoting was more of a way of her teasing all her 80's fans, just like they did on the MDNA Tour and for RIT. It was always pre-Erotica tracks (not sure about RIT). I think we will get a selection of those songs. It will probably be 50% RH tracks, 30% 80's and early 90's stuff and 20% of mid-late 90's/00's stuff.
  17. That makes me sad. Everybody deserves it so much more imo.
  18. I like that! Beast Within style! By the way does anyone else feel like she may actually perform Iconic Part 2 instead of the album version? It feels more grandeur and more like an opening to me... Iconic Part 2 Vogue (with samples from Illuminati) I think these would be KILLER back to back!
  19. I was gonna say What It Feels Like for a Girl at first but judging by the songs so far it may end up being Holiday or some other 80's song.
  20. It's not 100% confirmed.He said they are working in it but that doesn't mean it's going to be selected. They're trying out different kind of things. Also regarding that "big surprise every night" I believe that she may perform different songs every night.
  21. This. She is not and has never been an oldies act and I've always admired that about her. If she's giving into the demand and does the Immaculate Collection live I will be extremely disappointed in her and won't buy a ticket as I initially intended to.
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