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  1. THIS! You hit the nail on the head! And I find it very brave of you to express your opinion on here in this thread. A lot of people may take it for granted but this is honestly what we should go by. I find it very sad that apparently commercial success seems to be more important than her making great music. RH is a great great great album and you can tell she put a damn lot of effort in it. I'll be more than happy if the majority of the tour will be songs of this album. I'll take a hits-heavy tour too but not with at least one teary eye.
  2. I hate the fact that people are so overly biased and ignorant towards Rebel Heart. The album lyrically is Madonna at her honest and most vulnerable since AL or even ROL. The music does not sound as dated as her last two records and is still a really nice progression for her. It mixes the best of her last decade imo. Yes, with that I mean both sides. Holy Water and S.E.X. too. They're essential to the album, which without them would be boring as fuck. Everyone who tells me that this album is shit is nothing but lying and pressed as hell bitch.
  3. La Vie en Rose could work as a mashup with True Blue, thematically. I wonder if the chord progressions work together. I think news-of-madonna is counting samples as full songs tbh. They said the dancing nuns were part of the Vogue performance but it's rather obvious that they're gonna be part of Holy Water as well.
  4. Okay, they're either bullshitting us OR she's gonna do this one as a medley as well. I can't see her wasting more space with yet ANOTHER cover song. English translation of "La Vie en Rose" With eyes which make mine lower, A smile which is lost on his lips, That's the unembellished portrait Of the man to whom I belong. When he takes me in his arms He speaks to me in a low voice, I see life as if it were rose-tinted. He whispers words to declare to me his love Words of the everyday And that does something to me. He has entered into my heart A piece of happiness the cause of which
  5. The ENTIRE show is obviously NOT going to be about romance with all cutesy love songs lol. Her shows are always multy-layered and have different themes. How do Iconic, Illuminati, Bitch I'm Madonna, Sorry, etc. fit the "Romance theme". She herself said that the album is about being her ROMANTIC side vs. her REBEL side.
  6. I don't think it's real either, lol... However your arguement really doesn't work here: She kicked off S&S with three fairly uknown songs. Candy Shop, Beat Goes On and Human Nature. MDNA with Girl Gone Wild, Revolver, Gang Bang, a medley of a 90 second long PDP and an unrecognizeable version of HU before going into IDGA and closing the section with a remix of Best Friend. Actually, do Hung Up and PDP go well together? I don't think so...It really depends on the theatrics, imo. If she serves great visuals the crowd will love it and that setlist still includes tons of classics, although I
  7. Well, it's because Demo Castellon did the mastering/mixing again. He really is the most amateurish idiot she has ever worked with imo. The funny part is, that he mixes her voice the same way he mixes the vocals of his wife, Nelly Furtado who sounds like a squirrel most of the time. That results in him putting the emphasis of the vocals on the high notes which takes away the volume of her voice and makes it sound very thin. There's a fan made mix of L4L on M-Infinity which uses her unmixed demo vocals and my GOD it sounds fucking amazing!!!
  8. Ugh La Isla -.- She better still perform Deeper and Deeper and True Blue, because I have a feeling the got replaced by DYU and WTG.
  9. Me too!!! My dad owns the You Can Dance album! The remix of Over and Over and the one for Everybody were my favs when I was little! That's why I have such a soft spot for them. Honestly, I wouldn't even mind a guitar performance of Over and Over.
  10. YASIt's about time she performs this on tour! I personally, would take it over Holiday any day.
  11. Okay I genuinely love this entire album. It's really hard to pick only five songs. As of now (They change all the time) 1. Devil Pray 2. Holy Water 3. Living for Love 4. Hold Tight / Ghosttown 5. Bitch, I'm Madonna Honorable mentions: Body Shop, Wash All Over Me, HBC, S.E.X., Best Night
  12. They shit MDNA?1st of all, the reason things were better sales-wise was because she bundled album pre-orders with concert tickets. MDNA was never meant to be promoted because it was nothing but an album that delivered material for her to tour. With RH she was aiming for success and failed due to ageism and the rush release. Apart from that, her L4L performances weren't that great, unfortunately and all those promo performances were pretty low-scale. With MDNA she had the Super Bowl to tease for the tour and that's what made it sell so well. The tour was also very well-received from what I reme
  13. I don't know why he keeps dropping that name but if he wants to call me that, I'll let him.Anyway, I do think it will be a good show, visually, at least. Who knows what Mike Dean will do with her 80's song. I hope he gives them a great update! If I end up liking it, your prediction may be true and I will sing my heart out to Into the Groove hahaha.
  14. Kim, do you REALLY think the queen of pop has to play a hits tour in order to sell? Bitch, she's Madonna Ticket sales will soar once the news report about the tour and once the concert footage and pictures are revealed. This tour is gonna be HUGE and no, she doesn't need to play the hits. Most casual fans don't even look up the setlist beforehand.
  15. Yes, and for a good reason. I'm 20 yo and I go to university, meaning I don't get paid enough to be as spontaneous as some of the 40yo in here (the majority) spending their money to see her like 20 times...Therefore I'll wait and see if it REALLY is worth the money. I mean it would be either way, but still...it's a hell lot of money.I am not a big fan of Holiday, Like a Virgin and a lot of the singles released before LAP, just as you are not a fan of the new album. Sorry, but that's just not the time period I enjoy much musically or I'm simply annoyed by them bc they're overplayed and just are
  16. Oh, I will and I will love every single one of the RH tracks. If I wanna hear Holiday or LAP on tour I can always pull out my DWT and S&S DVDs and watch them. People who are stuck in the 80's need to realize that she's never gonna do a full on GH tour because her current music always tends to be a reflection of her current state of mind and aesthetic. I feel like DWT really traumatized a few individuals on here lol...
  17. The list posted above is in chronological order. I still believe that some of the songs she posted were alternatives for each other or just considerations. Judging from the promo clips and her posts it seems we're getting another gypsy-like section with: (Between the Bars - Interlude) <- she posted a video still and tagged it with this so it seems likely (Devil Pray) (Rebel Heart) <- would work very well thematically Deeper and Deeper Who's That Girl Body Shop Actually...while I'm added let me post my thoughts on what I can possibly see as the setlist: I JEANNE D'ARC 1. Iconic*
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