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  1. That sounds fagtastic! I think "Britney, Don't Do It" will be more likely or maybe a mashup of Messiah/I Could Be the Devil
  2. I read that she's going to perform her smash hits Candy Shop and Human Nature as well as the upcoming lead single.
  3. I agree. I love Cherish but I can see why it's considered cheesy at this point. It's one of the more light-hearted and radio-friendly songs from LAP and imo it always stuck out like a sore thumb on that album along with Dear Jessie. The video is gorgeous and lovely but I think... and please don't hate on me for this guys, but I honestly think that Spanish Eyes or Till Death Do Us Part would've been better single choices than Cherish and Dear Jessie, which in my eyes were simply released because they were more light-hearted and easier for the GP to digest. Cherish is a cute and beautiful song,
  4. Into the Groove? Crazy for You? GET TOGETHER??? Why did they choose to play those instead of some of her most iconic videos? And where the fuck is VOGUE? If I were to choose, I'd play: Like a Virgin Papa Don't Preach or La Isla Bonita Like a Prayer Vogue Ray of Light Don't Tell Me Hung Up I think these 7 are a good recap of all of Madonna's looks and re-inventions. They're essential imo.
  5. I love this song. Definitely deserved it's spot on Something to Remember and in the end made up a great title for the compilation after the whole I Want You mess.
  6. YES OMG! I live for that song. The whispering throughout the song, the production, her vocals... It was apparently a misspelling since "Arioso" mean airy in Spanish.
  7. I prefer Infinity, although her vocals in that one are crowtatstic . I've never been too fond of Give It 2 Me. It's one of the Pharrell produced songs on HC that still sound like unfinished songs, demos to be exact. The other ones being Candy Shop and Incredible. I think his work was kinda hit or miss on HC I still respect and admire him as a producer, though. However, Give It 2 Me is one of those songs that you can't resist dancing or singing along to when it comes on on shuffle. That said, I keep catching myself doing exactly that, lol.
  8. OMGGGG I've been thinking about how much I wanted this song to leak while reading whoop's list a few days ago. I can't believe it's coming...this is too much for me. :crying:
  9. OMGGGG I've been thinking about how much I wanted this song to leak while reading Whoop's list a few days ago. I can't believe it's coming...this is too much for me. :crying:
  10. This album is probably one of the few albums I can listen to without having to skip some of the tracks. While it has it's ups and downs, it has huge replay value. Even some of the tracks I consider rather weak are not as bad as making me want to skip them, because they're still interesting. This album manages to balance cohesiveness and diversity without coming of as a cluster-fuck of other artists' rejects (see MDNA).
  11. One of my all-time favourite Madonna songs! It's definitely one of the stronger songs from Like a Prayer and I personally think it could've been a great single with a great video and while I love the video for Cherish I always considered this song to be much stronger and single-worthy than Cherish or Dear Jessie.
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