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  1. It is NOT part of the rehearsal setlist, same as La Vie en Rose, Girl Gone Wild, etc. Illuminatix said there was a pole dance megamix segment that fincludes samples of several songs, along with GGW. If Candy Shop is part of the setlist in some way, it's easily part of the sex section. The lyrics allude to Holy Water. News of Madonna are listing songs that are only part of mashups or medleys as individual performances. Illuminatix seems WAY more reliable, since he is actually giving us all the inside scoop, even the tour length, the nimber of dancers, etc. He reminds me a lot of m.d.n.a
  2. Candy Shop will be a sample during Holy Water or the poledance segment, geez. Can they fucking stop reporting songs as full performances when they're literally just tiny bits in other performances.
  3. I WARRIOR 1. Iconic 2. Unapologetic Bitch (Drum Mix) 3. Sorry // HBC // Hold Tight // Song from ROL // Material Girl // Joan of Arc 4. Don't Tell Me II SIN & SALVATION 5. S.E.X. 6. Like a Virgin 7. Holy Water / Vogue (6-Minute Medley) 8. Deeper and Deeper (samples GGW, among others) 9. Inside Out / Justify My Love (Remix/Mashup) 10. Devil Pray III CRAZY 30's 11. Between the Bars 12. Ghosttown 13. Love Profusion // Hold Tight 14. Body Shop (samples La Vie en Rose) 15. True Blue // Cherish 16. Music IV FRIDA 17. HeartBreakCity // LDLHA 18. Living for Love 19. Take a
  4. HeartBreakCity was solely produced by Avicii, but damn that demo 3 was REALLY good and it sounded a bit more like him. Borrowed Time and Devil Pray were probably the best reworks. Messiah and RH probably would have gotten a proper rework had there been more time. I also feel that Addicted and BS were rushed.
  5. I'm so glad Avicii got eradicated from this album pretty much. He simply used the same beats he used on his own tracks and re-used them. He is one-dimensional and repetitive. Madonna made an album that didn't sound like the people that produced it but the sound she was going for. The real genius behind his tracks are his songwriting team, including Carl Falk.
  6. Illuminati Iconic (Part 2) Bitch, I'm Madonna Best Night S.E.X. Holy Water Inside Out (Demo) Unapologetic Bitch Veni Vidi Vici Rebel Heart Body Shop Joan of Arc (Acostic) Hold Tight (Demo 5) Devil Pray Ghosttown Messiah (Loud Orchestra Demo) HeartBreakCity (Demo 3) Living for Love Wash All Over Me No abridged version, Super deluxe with the same bonus tracks, but BS closer to the demo and Queen included.
  7. Body Shop and it's not even a contest. I'm embarrassed thinking about the days when CS was my fav HC song. The song is still a demo tbh.
  8. It would be but it seems she doesn't have enough faith in it LOL.
  9. Well, it looks like she's going to skip: LAP, ROL, AL, COADF (basically her best albums) and HC and MDNAHowever, if we believe illuminattix: Cherish, Sorry and Love Profusion were rehearsed and may make it onto the setlist.
  10. Yes. Did she say she would perform it in it's entirety? No. According to illuminattix, whose info seems far more reliable and detailed than NOM, it wasn't part of the rehearsal setlist. Therefore it's most likely going to be included in Holy Water as a segment ala Intervention during Mother and Father on RIT.
  11. I think so too. I also think Take a Bow, if it actually ends up as part of that section will be a jazzy version to close that segment.
  12. Well, it's most certainly going to be remixed. Who knows, maybe it'll end up being on of your favourite tour moments. I, for one am bugged by the inclusion of Holiday. It think it's overdone at this point and should have been replaced by Everybody.
  13. Okay, so I made this setlist based on the exclusive rumours that MTribe member posted, because he seems more reliable than NOM lol: Tried to fill the gaps. JOAN OF ARC or whatever the fuck this section's gonna be. Iconic Unapologetic Bitch Material Girl // Sorry // Don't Tell Me Hold Tight SEX AND RELIGION title says it all (S.E.X) Holy Water (with samples from “Vogue”) Deeper and Deeper (with samples from “Girl Gone Wild” among others) Like a Virgin Inside Out (Remix with samples from “Justify My Love” and “Whole Lotta Love”) Devil Pray
  14. No, news-of-madonna also said it was going to be part of the setlist.
  15. My thoughts exactly. Bitch, I'm Madonna and Music are 100% following each other if this is true. I know this guy and he's not someone who would spread fake rumours.
  16. I'm starting to think that Illuminati may be the second song after Iconic or an interlude before the party section. Anyway, she pretty much said that she a) wants a good balance between old and new, which would be around 50/50) and b) that she's NOT a greatest hits kind of person and that she focuses on theatrics, themes and will do remakes of her older songs. That means: We will get a typical post millennium Madonna concert. 50% of new material and 50% of re-invented oldies. The songs she teased on Instagram, and I'm more than 100% sure about that, are not all gonna appear on the setlist. S
  17. And they kept saying that the setlist wasn't final and we also don't know whether they count mashups, medleys and samples as individual songs. Vogue may quite possibly a medley with Holy Water or simply an extended mid-section.La Vie en Rose is also highly questionable. Is she actually going to sing two or three covers? Or is she gonna mix them with some of her own songs like she did in the past?
  18. Does Unapologetic Bitch make sense in a medieval/Joan of Arc themed section, though? I don't think so. It would make sense if BIM was the opener.
  19. If we believe the rumours... Iconic Between the Bars / American Life Hold Tight Ghosttown Wash All Over Me (S.E.X.) Holy Water / Vogue Like a Virgin Justify My Love / Inside Out Devil Pray (Rescue Me) Body Shop Dress You Up Who's That Girl / La Isla Bonita Rebel Heart Don't Tell Me (Veni Vidi Vici) Deeper and Deeper Take a Bow or HeartBreakCity Nothing Really Matters or Frozen Living for Love / Like a Prayer (Illuminati) Bitch, I'm Madonna Unapologetic Bitch Holiday Music Looks like a pretty decent setlist to me.
  20. 1. She isn't moving as many tickets because her life performances weren't as good vocally and because the singles didn't sell that well. The album sold well, considering that album sales are at an ultimate low rn. 2. In 2008 she had at least one international hit and still got more airplay outside of the US. In 2012 she had enormous exposure with the Superbowl in the US, a top 10 hit and she did bundled ticket sales. She hasn't had anything like that this era. She mainly did promo in the US but it didn't help her singles rise up the charts due to a massive lack of exposure and ageism. 3.
  21. If I can scrape enough money together, yes. But still, I wanna see the setlist first... I predict 12 hits and 13 from RH. 50/50 basically. Some may end up being mashups/medley of old songs or RH tracks and old songs. And no, she doesn't need to prove anything or is in a crisis. She's fucking Madonna. people will go to see her no matter what. Casual fans do not check on her setlsits beforehand.
  22. I have to admit that I heard "Let me clean your room" while listening to the demo as well.
  23. Thank you Madonna, for confirming what I've been saying all along. Even the juxtaposition of religion/sex. I remember people hating on Holy Water so much earlier this year and I kept telling them how it's SO her and that it's pretty much her quintessence. Also, I'm very glad that she's saying that she's trying to achieve a good balance of new and old songs and that the focus is on sonical and thematical cohesion. That's really all I want. And no, this ain't gonna be a GH tour, which is a huge relief for me as well.
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