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  1. From the Daily Mail: Not buying it. It's literally a mix of all the rumours we had and it seems very inconsistent. Iconic Like a Prayer / Living for Love Unapologetic Bitch Hold Tight Into the Groove Between the Bars S.E.X. Holy Water / Vogue Deeper and Deeper Devil Pray Inside Out Candy Shop Music Body Shop True Blue HeartBreakCity Ghosttown La Vie en Rose Dress You Up Who's That Girl La Isla Bonita Rebel Heart Illuminati / Everybody Holiday Bitch, I'm Madonna
  2. It's not the DP choreo. That was the bullfighting choreo for Living for Love.
  3. Seems like it's gonna be part of the first section too! HA!I also see a very kung fu-esque choreography. I'm praying it's for Nothing Really Matters. God, I'm praying every night and day for this damn song to be on the setlist. PLEASE MADONNA!
  4. Nope nothing is 100% certain as of now and it seems the "most" reliable source we've had is a well-known troll of this forum. LOL.
  5. Being SLIGHTLY realistic here. This would be my absolute favourite tour of hers: HEROINE Madonna dressed like Warrior Princess Xena. 1. Iconic (samples "Veni Vidi Vici") 2. Nothing Really Matters 3. Like a Prayer / Living for Love (samples Offer Nissim's "Living for Drums") 4. Hold Tight SIN & SALVATION 5. S.E.X. (Interlude) 6. Justify My Love / Inside Out (samples Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love") 7. Like a Virgin 8. Holy Water / Vogue (samples "Candy Shop") 9. Deeper and Deeper 10. Devil Pray FRIDA 11. Rescue Me (Interlude) 12. Body Shop 13. Dress You Up 14. Who's That
  6. THIS too much dust has been payed to this glorious album and it's best tracks. I'd also add the other forgotten single, which happens to be a WW Top 10 hit aka. The Power of GOD-Bye.
  7. I mean, I know you can't really expect M to think the same way we do right now but these 5 songs go SO WELL together...sonically, lyrically...(God i sound like Lana lol) It also seems quite suspicious that, as of now we haven't heard about any rumours regarding songs from those two albums, which happen to be two of her most successful as well.
  8. Okay, call me delusional but I'm really really starting to believe that Nothing Really Matters has a hell of a good shot at being the ROL representative on this tour. I mean can you imagine her opening with a holy crusade vs. Samurai section like this: Intro (with samples from "Iconic" and "Veni Vidi Vici") Iconic Like a Prayer Nothing Really Matters Living for Love Hold Tight I'd probably faint.
  9. I. REVOLUTION (Mike Tyson Opening) 1. Iconic 2. Living for Love / Like a Prayer (Living for Drums Re-Edit, mashup ala Lucky Star / Hung Up on CT) 3. Nothing Really Matters (+ Sorry) 4. Hold Tight II. SIN & SALVATION 5. (S.E.X.) 6. Justify My Love / Inside Out (+ Whole Lotta Love) 7. Holy Water / Vogue (+ Candy Shop) 8. Like a Virgin (+ GGW) 9. Deeper and Deeper 10. Devil Pray III. FRIDA 11. (Rescue Me) 12. Body Shop (alt: Rebel Heart) 13. Dress You Up 14. Who's That Girl 15. La Isla Bonita 16. Rebel Heart IV. 1920's/1930's 17. (Graffiti Heart) (including fan art) 18.
  10. No she has not...for Christ's sake. And even if she does have to please them...do you think she really gives that much of a fuck if she already said that her main focus is the thematical flow of the show? She's fucking Madonna. She will sell tickets no matter what.
  11. This. I also don't understand why some people think her singles should be on top of everybody's lists. I personally prefer some of her album tracks over a lot of her singles, actually.
  12. I still think NOM are not making differences between full songs and songs used as samples. I think Vogue, LDLHA, Candy Shop and Everybody are all going to be samples. Although, I'd love for Everybody to be a full performance with a great kick-ass new remix. Take a Bow and one of the two forgotten singles from ROL are a must too imo. Nothing Really Matters and The Power of Good-Bye could both work SO WELL on this tour. It would truly be a shame to leave out that album again. Oh and Love Profusion or the title track from AL could work as well. Sorry too... Man, I really hope we're getting a go
  13. Omg I'm so sorry. I'm going to edit my post right now! I'mso so sorry. :/
  14. YES! Especially since it's her first single and also talks about being independent and doing your own thing!
  15. Nobody Knows Me wasn't a video RIT, though. I was talking about songs from the "new" album being video interludes on tour.I did forget about Best Friend, though. However, that didn't feature M on screen and Get Stupid was more of a HC megamix.
  16. Why has no one pointed out, that this may be the first time we're getting video interludes for album tracks from the current album since 2001's DWT? Also Candy Shop, a song as forgettable as it is, was BEGGING to get video treatment ever since it's release. And now, 7 years later, it may actually get one before it will never appear on any tour list ever. And we still have possibly one interlude left. If it ends up being Rescue Me, the quartet will be complete and 4 songs will get their "video debut". That's honestly the part of her tours I'm always the most excited about. Her amazing tour i
  17. The album version is SO much better and she has NEVER performed it! I wouldn't mind LAP on the setlist if it was the album version with big tribal drums or something. Now that could sound bombastic.Oh, and that's the only song I wouldn't mind hearing the album version of next to NRM. I generally disliked the MDNA Tour for the boring IC versions of EY, LAP and Vogue. I love her re-inventions more than some of the album versions, sometimes.
  18. This. I used to love Candy Shop in 2008, but dammit she has so many so much better songs to perform...ACTUAL SINGLES that have never been performed on tour. Yet, she keeps digging out this trashy little album track no one besides a few give a god damn shit about. Nothing Really Matters, Frozen, Swim, Love Profusion, Hollywood, Intervention, Sorry, Get Together...all these gorgeous tracks could fill that gap so much better than Candy Flop.
  19. It was her choice as lead single from "Hard Candy". She's obviously still mad and trying to make it happen.
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