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  1. I will never say something like that omg haha get together is my favorite M song and The confession tour version is the best ever.

    The power of goodbye nothing really matters and you'll see are not on the same level of hollywood and love profusion. Both can be perform. Outside of ray of light the song and frozen. Ray of light does not worth live performance I'm sorry.

    note: live performance and album are separate things!!

    And you guys are letting him get away with this just because he's kissing your ass and is joining the bully and hate-bandwagoning against me?

    Thanks @@chicorico for defending me. Luv you.

  2. Is she performing the entire album? No! So what does the mother album has to do with anything on this tour? Everyone in this world (except you) would prefer to hear Material Girl/Dress You Up/Into The Groove than Ashanti/Little Star/Candy Perfume Girl. And also let's not act like she hasn't overdone and butchered Ray Of Light and Hung Up.

    Her most successful singles from LAV vs. the worst tracks from ROL. Fair comparison, truly.

    And @YannBouch are you saying that Nothing Really Matters, The Power of Good-Bye, Secret, Take a Bow, You'll See, Love Profusion, Hollywood, Sorry, Get Together or Jump do not work live?


    I'm sorry, I guess I'm just too rebellious for you guys. I'll stop here and will return once the steam for this tour is gone and we can have a proper discussion without people getting extremely pressed.

  3. Yeah Like a virgin is a shitty album.... *Sight* like a virgin made Madonna and lap built the legend. No ray if boring light without those 2 albums so respect

    Oh my fucking GOD

    I never said it was shitty. I said it was simply not as strong as the other three 80's albums. And you saying that Ray of Light is boring is an absolute disgrace. She has no shitty album. She simply has albums that are more or less awesome than the others. LAV belongs to the group of less awesome album and from what I've read on other forums, that's pretty much a general consensus.

    And to those who say we don't know shit: We pretty much know all the songs. I already said that Material Girl (with samples from DTM) was gonna be on the setlist. No surprise for me. The only true surprise that's left are the SEX and the first section. Those two are the ones I'm the most excited about.

  4. He's been trolling with this stuff for months. At this point, probably 50 percent of all his posts on this forum are "Her 80s stuff is tired, this is terrible news" bullshit in RHT topics.

    @JimmyJimmy: Why don't you start a new topic called "The tour hasn't started, all I've seen is rumored setlists, and I already hate it?"

    If you would have been paying attention, you would have seen how excited I was for WTG, TB, Everybody and Deeper and Deeper. I jut really dislike the LAV album and a lot of fans I know agree with me that it's by far her worst album of the 80's. Then again, I'm also sad that she's been paying dust to her stuff from 94-05 over the past few years and I'm SURE that people from Australia and Asia would LOVE to her something from her gorgeous Bedtime Stories album (aside from HN) or her most critically acclaimed album aka. Ray of Light.

    I'm not trolling. I AM excited. Mainly for the visuals and the songs I mentioned but imo that really isn't enough because I go there for the music in the first place.

  5. Listen Jimmy. You need to shut the fuck up, okay? You're being a fucking Debbie Downer. You should thank the lord or whatever the fuck you believe in that Madonna is alive, well, more fit than ever before, HAPPY, and about to embark on yet another World Tour that will once again set the bar a little higher for the rest of eternity. Okay?

    If you don't like it go take a fucking walk, go hang out with some friends. Get the fuck away from here. I'm so fucking sick of you people raining on everyone's parade when at this point ALL WE HAVE ARE FUCKING RUMORS. I HOPE YOU GET A FLAT TIRE AND MISS THE CONCERT.

    Fucking, fuck.

    No thx. :-*

    "You tried to shove me back inside your narrow room, and silenced me with bitterness and lies...Did I say something wrong? Oops I didn't know I couldn't speak my mind."

    This was the first Madonna concert I was going to and now she's pulling a RIT 2.0 and I'mnor having it. Why are you guys mad? I'm just saying how I feel about it and if you don't like it feel free to ignore me.

  6. Those "overplayed songs from her worst 80's album", as you put it, belong to Madonna's signature songs and biggest crowd pleasers and are at the same universally liked by fans as they made her the icon that she is today, so yeah, how silly of her to choose these.

    No, they're not universally liked. A lot of younger fans who started liking her in the 90's see this as a major disappointment. I've also stated previously that I do not care what the crowd around me thinks of if they're are singing along. I wanna enjoy the concert not some other guys getting their freak on.
  7. Iconic


    Into the Groove

    Hold Tight


    Justify My Love / Inside Out

    Holy Water / Vogue

    Deeper and Deeper

    Devil Pray

    Living for Love

    (Graffiti Heart)

    Dress You Up

    Who's That Girl

    La Isla Bonita

    Rebel Heart


    Material Girl / Don't Tell Me

    Music / Candy Shop / Give It 2 Me

    True Blue

    La Vie en Rose


    HeartBreakCity / LDLHA


    Unapologetic Bitch

    Bitch, I'm Madonna


    I really think there is absolutely no hope for a ROL, BS, COADF and AL track to appear on this tour. Very sad that she chose to ignore her best albums in favor of overplayed songs from her worst 80's album and way too many 80's tracks in general and some RIT Imagine moments like La Vie en Rose.

  8. fLJIcVa.jpgOV2GrYV.jpg

    Spanish Lesson / Incredible interlude? :lmao:

    Anyway, I think everything about this album was mismanaged, sadly. It has some really good tracks that deserved to be singles with good videos but weren't. I do think the title is really messy too. I would have preferred "Jawbreaker" as the title with the boxing theme still intact but reshot by Terry Richardson as someone else already suggested.

  9. you have to keep in mind though.. M fans are always a little more critical than other fanbases. and a few fans (including me) saying they don't like one song (or 2 or 3 out of 20-something) is no big deal or real criticism. its rather an initial reaction. just look at those janet fans who praise her for that mess she's doing now. bind sheep. I think its because we as fans have high standards and she has many amazing songs. in a way its a compliment.

    This. I have very high expectatiions for her. I know that every song she performs is a spectacle...it's just so frustrating to see that she chooses to ignore so many songs that deservce to be part of her iconic shows in favor of stuff she has been doing a zillion times.

    I don't understand what they obsession with Rescue Me Is. It's not a bad song but its nothing that special either, and she never acknowledged it the whole 25 years or so its been out so why would she perform it now?

    It's not "special" because she chose to ignore it over the years and not even film a proper video for it.

    She can re-introduce some of her lesser known songs to the GP and make them appreciate them with great kick-ass perforamnces, just like she does with Candy Shop.. She has a hell lot of gems in her catalogue that a lot of concert-goers don't even know. And that song truly isn't anything special either, going by your argument. I cannot believe I was stanning this song in 2008, curse me a bit Demonna.

  10. You need to calm down a little, I don't like CS but it's obvious she loves it. Its just ONE song, calm down.

    My problem is that it's one full spot less for a more deserving song. So far not a single track from ROL, BS, AL, COADF and LAP seem to be on the tracklist. That's my ACTUAL problem. Those 5 albums are MILES better than anything from Hard Candy, in fact I think those albums feature her most well-written songs. And don't get me wrong I love HC but man...she has such a great catalogue of songs to choose from and she keeps being a hypocrite by not sticking to her own words. "I don't like to repeat myself" Yet, she literally rehashes the same dire S&S setlist over and over again.

  11. Madonna is so cool!! Lets face it. Candy shop is a better live song than most of your "wish" songs.

    Candy Shop a better live song than:

    Love Profusion

    Nothing Really Matters

    Rescue Me

    Take a Bow

    I'll Remember

    You'll See



    That's a lie and you know it.

    But you like it when she performs non-classics, don't you? Better CS than LAP, hey? :stir:

    Ahaha no thanks. She can stick to her actual singles and I'd be fine. And I'm sorry but Nothing Really Matters may have flopped in the US but it's more well-remembered than candy Shop and the video is a classic!

  12. I just cant figure out how on earth will samurai go with Iconic, we'll see soon.

    (Still so sad about Take a Bow and Don't tell me, but I can live with that list)

    We don't know if it's real. It seems too 80's-heavy and inconsistent.

    Medieval samurai...it is?

    I swear to god, If Nothing Really Matters is not in that god damn first segment and Into the Groove is, I will just ignore the latter and sing NRM over it.

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