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  1. HeartBreakCity was solely produced by Avicii, but damn that demo 3 was REALLY good and it sounded a bit more like him. Borrowed Time and Devil Pray were probably the best reworks. Messiah and RH probably would have gotten a proper rework had there been more time. I also feel that Addicted and BS were rushed.
  2. I'm so glad Avicii got eradicated from this album pretty much. He simply used the same beats he used on his own tracks and re-used them. He is one-dimensional and repetitive. Madonna made an album that didn't sound like the people that produced it but the sound she was going for. The real genius behind his tracks are his songwriting team, including Carl Falk.
  3. Illuminati Iconic (Part 2) Bitch, I'm Madonna Best Night S.E.X. Holy Water Inside Out (Demo) Unapologetic Bitch Veni Vidi Vici Rebel Heart Body Shop Joan of Arc (Acostic) Hold Tight (Demo 5) Devil Pray Ghosttown Messiah (Loud Orchestra Demo) HeartBreakCity (Demo 3) Living for Love Wash All Over Me No abridged version, Super deluxe with the same bonus tracks, but BS closer to the demo and Queen included.
  4. Body Shop and it's not even a contest. I'm embarrassed thinking about the days when CS was my fav HC song. The song is still a demo tbh.
  5. Well, it's because Demo Castellon did the mastering/mixing again. He really is the most amateurish idiot she has ever worked with imo. The funny part is, that he mixes her voice the same way he mixes the vocals of his wife, Nelly Furtado who sounds like a squirrel most of the time. That results in him putting the emphasis of the vocals on the high notes which takes away the volume of her voice and makes it sound very thin. There's a fan made mix of L4L on M-Infinity which uses her unmixed demo vocals and my GOD it sounds fucking amazing!!!
  6. Okay I genuinely love this entire album. It's really hard to pick only five songs. As of now (They change all the time) 1. Devil Pray 2. Holy Water 3. Living for Love 4. Hold Tight / Ghosttown 5. Bitch, I'm Madonna Honorable mentions: Body Shop, Wash All Over Me, HBC, S.E.X., Best Night
  7. And thank god it wasn't. It really falls flat compared to the other tracks of the album. It will be a great live moment but the song itself is just boring as hell, regardless of it's version. The album version is less cheesy imo.
  8. 1. Illuminati 2. Bitch, I'm Madonna 3. Best Night 4. S.E.X. 5. Holy Water 6. Inside Out (Demo) 7. Unapologetic Bitch 8. Iconic (Part 2) 9. Veni Vidi Vici 10. Rebel Heart 11. Joan of Arc (Acoustic) 12. Body Shop 13. Devil Pray 14. Hold Tight 15. Ghosttown 16. Messiah 17. HeartBreakCity (New Vox Demo) 18. Living for Love (A better mix between the glorious Demo 3 and album version) 19. Wash All Over Me Disc 2: 21. The One That Got Away 22. Beautiful Scars (Demo) 23. Graffiti Heart 24. Borrowed Time 25. Queen The two sides perfectly showcased through appropriate and cohesive sequencing, nearly no Avicii and the superior version of the songs included. The standard edition doesn't exist.
  9. Still hate the demo. I'm glad she went for something that was a bit more timeless. I think the demo version just sounds "thin" and distracts from the meaning of the song, just like the dance version of Wash All Over Me.
  10. I'm back after quite a long hiatus. I have to admit that this album really left me speechless for a while. I barely knew what to say because I really loved it to bits. It has it's weak spots but even those are better than anything that came after 2005. 1. Ray of Light 2. Like a Prayer 3. Rebel Heart 4. American Life 5. Confessions on a Dance Floor 6. Music 7. Madonna 8. True Blue 9. Hard Candy 10. Bedtime Stories 11. Like a Virgin 12. MDNA 13. Erotica
  11. Queen is mediocore and melodramatic #justsayin The song that should have been replaced is the awful version of Beautiful Scars.
  12. How do you rate song a half star on iTunes? Not judging you but that's so clicheed of you, sorry.
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