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  1. We Italians do it better!!! n1 even in Italy. http://www.yourmtvtop20.mtv.it/ Ghosttown video first in itunes Italy (about 1 week).
  2. This album is incredible, Iistening to it on spotify (is dead???), skipping only, I'm sorry for a lot of people in this forum, Bitch I'm Madonna (I can't appreciate it and every rap part- I hate rap). Listening to some tracks in youtube, I found this: Some people, their stupid teories and people folloowing them must be erased by the face of earth.
  3. I'm listening to it now. It's a beautiful song and I love it.
  4. I don't write a lot, because I know Madonna only from 2011 and I want to know her more reading your comments, but surfing in Internet I found this site:Vigilant citizen, and here there is an article speaking about the smog Illuminati. Read this and comment.
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