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  1. Sure, I believe she is committed to making a song for a movie that can be a huge flop. Well, it's asking too much to ask for reason on the internet.
  2. So much BS, the movie is still in pre-production stages, no cast announced. Surely Madonna is gonna commit to make a song for a movie she hasn't even seen, count on it.
  3. As a producer I can say that a music video can be easily put together in a few days of hard work in the editing room, but what makes Madonna videos take a long time to be ready is the VFX and more specifically face and body "corrections" something she has been doing heavily since the Confessions era. Before it was just a smoothing filter to give that overall smothness to her face but in GMAYL and GGW she started going for a full face job which consists is very detailed tracking, masking and smoothing her face frame by frame which takes a few weeks to complete, surprisingly this wasn't used in TUTR, only the usual filters. If you watch closely the GGW video in HD there are a few "face correction" errors that make her mouth be out of place for a brief moment. And something else makes her videos take a long time to be ready: she is very demanding and the video won't be released if it's not to her taste, many different cuts are made until she is satisfied.
  4. Looks like the difference amongst CD covers is a silver or golden hue for different versions.
  5. And afterwards the kid will go to Youtube and watch Erotica, JML, Blonde Ambition, The Girlie Show and MDNA Tour. Makes perfect sense.
  6. Filming took place friday and saturday with Madonna, a 2 day shoot is the standard for the main star in a music video and it has been Madonna's standard for a while.
  7. Isn't it mildly upsetting that Madonna and Avicii don't follow each other on IG and that they both were in Ibiza at the same time and didn't meet (as far as we know of course) ?
  8. No we don't but the comeback I and the other guy wrote about is regarding A HIT, write your own comeback text and F off.
  9. Two news from july and august 2005 as evidence that for a november release we should have solid album info, however, this is not a rule. I believe Madonna will take part during the mixing of the record: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Madonna-s-Comeback-Single-5518.shtml http://www.madonnalicious.com/archive/july2005.html
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