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  1. Hasn't that piece of red yarn frayed off yet?
  2. "Laugh to Keep From Crying" shows Chrissie Hynde's influence on Madonna. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jop2JdEh_lU
  3. I remember people talking about this video in school and at the pizza place. ..like the corners of my mind....
  4. No better remixes than the ones for Secret.
  5. I'm not your bitch don't lay your shit on me. #unapologeticoldthreadbumpinbitch
  6. I like the remixes of "Rain" so much that the original single sounds like it's in slo-mo.
  7. This picture was taken just inside the front door of Madonna's house in Rochester, Michigan.
  8. Sandra's signature song used to be "Fever," and she performed it for years, and stopping when Madonna covered it. Madonna was like, "Listen, bitch, I'm snatching your girlfriend, and your song!"
  9. This song didn't have any impact on me until the footage from "I'm Going to Tell You a Secret" when her dad and stepmom see her perform it live with the jumbotron image of Jesus.
  10. I loved when she worked the early "You Thrill Me" lyrics into "Erotica." It was a nice nod to those who knew the history of the song. But the most incredible performance I have ever seen was when she performed "Let It Will Be" on the Confessions tour. It was primal, shamanistic, and unlike anything I've seen her do. A true performance artist.
  11. So much hate for "Dear Jessie" on this site! It reminds me of Prince's "Starfish and Coffee," and thought she picked up on his influence because they were dating at the time. I disliked the song they did together, "Love Song," on first listen, sounds like a boring demo. I think Like a Virgin, True Blue and Music have two or three good songs, but a lot of filler, throwaway tracks. Confessions really holds up well, and I listen to songs from it at the gym all the time.
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