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  1. last year i've listened LFL everyday.
  2. for me is even bigger and better than HU LFL becomes my all time favourite only after LAP
  3. This is the BEST ERA by far. Is like all the most iconic eras in one.
  4. OMG!!!!! the GT video and day after this amazing performance of BIM!!!! i'm totally destroyed. Now i officially can say... THIS IS MY FAVOURITE ERA OF ALL TIME, period, and i have the feeling there's a lot more to come before the definitive tour that RH tour will be!!!
  5. i love the video since the first time i watched it, and after watch it in full HD in a 42" LED TV, OMG i don't have the words btw the BTS video on tidal said part 1, there's part 2 yet?
  6. at the multiracial postapocaliptic family in the end, dog/wolf included so I Am Legend
  7. hahahaha trolldonna this is too much for a man to take!!! all this countdown just to watch it on VEVO, AMAZING VIDEO!!!!!
  8. the countdown is finished in my computer, and that fucking.... @madonna's stream should start soon... STAY TUNED again!!! in yours still one hour left??? i just can't anymore
  9. OMG only with 2 teasers and a couple of photos i´m already know this video will be EPIC and superior to all her Akerlund's videos (AL director's cut doesn't count) i'm so ready for this!!! well i was (today waiting for that countdown in that crap app web site) but still i am and will be tomorrow for the premier
  10. Love the tracklist!!!! i can´t wait to hear the finished versions, specially WAOM and Body Shop (now explicit, wtf!!!) and No Two steps behind me and Back that up, (the only demos i don't like) I need the SUPER DELUXE version NOW, hope contains new songs and NO remixes i only bought the itunes deluxe version of MDNA, but now i'll totally buy this 25 (!!!) track CD version too (i've preordered it in itunes since day one) Hope for this extra tracks (in no particular order) 1.Never Let You Go 2.Beatiful Scars 3.Nothing Lasts Forever 4.Addicted 5.Borrowed Time 6.Freedom or 6 totally new and unheard songs would be great too ala Ghosttown or not leaked demos like Autotune Baby
  11. thanks to the moderator for keep this SPOILERS FREE i can't stop to listen LFL on repeat for hours i need a video, remixes, an extended version and a live performance... and probably will become one of my all time lead single favorite
  12. ALBUM COVER MATERIAL Loving both Q&A, totally focused on music no the usual bullshit Grammy´s performance YAAASSS Brit maybe? I think it's confirmed now there'll be a video for LFL i need a break , it is too much to handle, and now the amazing Inside Out (BS album vibes meet Diamonds and remixed by NIN) No more leaks please!
  13. OMFG!!!! I'M DEAD I JUST CAN'T ..... QUEEN!!! Love the Demos, and now this ... im slayed THIS 6 SONGS ARE GEMS!!! lyrics, vocals, production IS THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE OF MUSIC ALL IN ONLY 6 SONGS, and there are 13 more!!! Fucking love the album cover timeless and already iconic best choice for the album title i need a video for each song and a live rendition of LFL with a choir NOW i'm dancing in a different way for hours it's too much to handle.. like all the rumors together, the EPs (now 6, then more in February and finally all in March), the double album (19 tracks!!!!), the surprise release in Itunes, valentine's day single. reggaedonna in UB Illuminati is awesome, edgy and unexpected BIM is crazy and surprasingly i love nicki on it Ghosttown Devil Pray feat. LUCIFER LFL is the love child after an orgy between LAP, NRM, RM, Vogue and D&D i'm the truck
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