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  1. WE KNOW NOTHING!!!! And i love it!!!!!!! i´m so ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. i'm recovering after read she rehearsed I'LL REMEMBER, would be the first time ever!!!! i love that song and i need it live in my life
  3. i absolutely love Borderline, especially the album version and is her fitst proper video
  4. for me is even bigger and better than HU LFL becomes my all time favourite only after LAP
  5. Barcelona maybe?? great venue and audience, 2 nights too.
  6. TAB, ROL and LAP..... like a whole new section /extended encore whit Holiday, too much to handle, please this need to be true i'd prefer NRM instead ROl although, but at least for Australia and Asia ROL would be better i think
  7. I love Liz, Great review and amazing pics ( specially the dick Tracy one)
  8. Totally agree, D&D is THE highlight for me and my most awaited performance to watch Love this live version of Ghostown, don't care about "lyrics doesn't fit thematically " Would be great if she do different ballads or guitar versions every night, first JOA, then WAOM, Inside Out and why not some oldies like TAB, YS or I'll Remember
  9. hearing the audios again true blue and then D&D i just can't, i don't know if i'll can handle that live, loving all the second section so much fun and emotion same with LFL with LIB, tbh if LFL would have been the album or brit version, i'd need to leave the arena straight to the hospital
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