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  1. We love your username, AND your pic. :wow:

    1. bumholegeorge


      Thank you matey .. Appreciate the sentiments, for sure.... 😀👍

  2. Yup... Im getting out of here too... Whilst I don't echo comprehensively all of what Across the sky has stated.. There is an insidious element here that I was warned about before registering, that is distinctly obtrusive and counter productive to the justified musings of other members... Having primarily sat back sat and watched how things ran here for the first few weeks, it becomes very clear, very quickly that there is a collective here who want things their way, all the time..... Expressing any perspective that doesn't sit with the paradigm that this collective thrive within, appears to get you spat on from a great height, hit with their diatribe, ridiculed, or in the case of "Cmoody" yesterday, called out and humilated publically. That exchange, that was then followed up with support from other members was wholly inappropriate. Interesting to note that I`ve yet to see anything posted by these members that actually brings anything productive, constructive or amiable to this forum. Thank you to all those that I`ve engaged with here, that have conducted themselves with civility.. I know some of you are on other forums, so I`ll no doubt catch you again......... As I donated to this site yesterday, which im still happy to have done, hopefully those that deserve it will obtain some benefit from it.. Ciao......... .
  3. hahahahahaha.... now that is a problem ya need to overcome..........
  4. hahaha.. I take ya point kim....... Repetition is reductive..........
  5. Jeez.... seems like ya can`t trade in the grey areas here.... There`s an almighty split right down the centre.. It feels like its either gotta be black or white on almost every premise....... Too many people here take the high ground too quick at was are perfectly reasonable postings, even if they are in the wrong thread....
  6. So if TV isn't relevant.. why do we have so many peak career artist's all clambering to get onto those schedule's When I stop seeing Rhianna, Taylor Swift , Katie Perry, Ed Sheeran, Etc etc the list is endless, promo-ing on those kinda shows and with sustained impact to their sales n popularity, I will take your point....... But for now we`ll just have to take opposing corners...
  7. Its not to do with money Junkie.. Its about being up front and centre and re-igniting interest for the long-term, primarily with the come n go fans ... Its clear that in recent years her audience has become that of mainly hardcore fans ... Irrespective of peoples perspective on the kinda promotional shows she could do, they have an immediate impact because of their collective mass audience, all in the same place at the same time.. You only have to go onto iTunes 20 mins after a performance on a show like BGT or XFactor to see how those performances translate into physical sales of not only that song but of the back catalogue n greatest hits etc. .. I completely agree that a few extra quid from sales is not the main objective, but what it does do that online media doesn`t is get a mass response from the right demographic at a time when people can act on it and purchase. And that presence has all kindsa positive side effects when it comes to maintaining an awareness for her music in the minds of those who mighta strayed.... Do I wanna see her have the kind of impact again now that she`s had so many times before across a broader spectrum.... Definititey.. Being on top gives ya more opportunities to take more chances, push buttons and be experimental and that's the Madonna that inspires me.....
  8. Absolutely, she should secure tv appearances on certain shows......Got nothing to do with getting over it...... Its about exposure and keeping yaself in the headlights.....keeping the album on the mainframe of charts for longer than a few weeks... A bit of longevity.. And just because no one else is promoting that way... which is a complete broadstroke cause they absolutely are......Doesn`t mean that going back to basics as another tool in the strategy won`t pay dividends.........
  9. I have something that could cure that.. Why don't ya come on over and listen to my Madonna Palylists and ill get the tequila out.......
  10. Well, people are bound to revert to historical content, me included, all the time nothing new n concrete is out there to discuss. Some of us are new here and haven`t had the opportunity to read through the past 2 odd years of posts on the subject.. Its a bitch, but better that posts are being added rather than nowt hitting the boards.. keeps thing's ticking over... So add something new n productive to the discussion rather than critiquing what`s being said by those who wander off topic during the wait for new info.....!
  11. Absolutely agree..... Im hoping for more cohesion with this album....... Her best albums are the ones that flow seamlessly, with a less eratic choice of track listing n direction.... Whilst the debate for HC and MDNA will go on till the end of time, its clear that the emphasis this time around needs closer analysis and a return to leading the crowd and not emulating it.. Although I concede there were still touches of genius on both of the aforementioned albums. Despite my lack of enthusiasm for MDNA, It still has 3 of my all time favourite M tacks from her on that album in Masterpiece, Im addicted, n Love spent.. Kinda Ironic that for me personally she got it so right with those tracks, yet It was the first album (in its entirety) of her career that I couldn't connect with. But, putting a positive spin on it.. I do think it brought on board some younger fans that didn`t have M on their radar before, so maybe it served the exact purpose it was intended too eh..!.....
  12. I think G O will have had to re-think his strategy after MDNA.. Is Madonna really gonna sit back and not push for the best possible means of exposure this time around .. I don`t believe that she`s no longer interested in chart positions and sales...Ultimately , anyone who records music, wants it heard and appreciated by as many people as possible. Plus, they need it to be in order to secure future interest in tours..... I don't accept for a second that she would allow or chase a repeat of the MDNA marketing structure.. She sure aint stoopid. One mistake, is one mistake too many...... She has to much at stake to let G O not push this album hard n fast.. If indeed it was his idea and not M`s the last time around......
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