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  1. I would like totally die. I was talking to my sister about it and my mother overheard and said "When?! I'm going with you" :/ She hasn't been here in a while and we, Australians as people, under the Queen of England and dictatorship of Tony Abbott, deserve a full tour of all our glorious cities: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart. I'm from Perth and would explode if she came here. Not holding my breath. Stadium is currently being built and I go around saying how the Govt of WA is building a stadium for Madonna's visit... and let me tell you I managed to convince a few gays h
  2. I would have loved 'Rebel' album and then 'Heart' album. I think that shows thought behind the whole release. Currently I'm not seeing anything futuristic when it comes to promotion. Guy and the rest of the bitches need to GO! I think she is the easiest gig for Guy. Stop saving children and shit. Stop skiing. Stop wasting time in Brazil. Stop going to ... that shitty poor part of USA she went to... just stop and fuck the music scene like you did... long ago. I'm sorry but MADONNA name doesn't cut it any more. The music is there, its solid and brilliant... but the general population is retarde
  3. You know how Pope Franq is a big time celebrity now? It would be so cool if he showed up on stage during LFL performance. OK, so that's pretty ridiculous. But, it would be apocalyptic if someone other than some singer showed up on the stage with her.
  4. I know :/ That would have been perfect. 'Rebel' and in a month 'Heart'. Perfection. She needs to change her team. They have been good so far but lack fowardness.
  5. The Vatican! The singing 'Like a Virgin' nun infuriated them.
  6. I think she knows the game. After all, she's a business woman. You don't get to be worth $1billion just by accident.
  7. I would like someone to penetrate me while Ghosttown is playing in the background. Is that sad?
  8. I like to read people's opinions on this forum but I'm having trouble because of some insects penetrating the thread for no reason. Crystal, you're too hot to be doing this shiz
  9. So interesting. Not many artists today go to this length to talk about their album process. I do wish critics would read these interviews before they start judging the songs and music. They would get a better understanding where she was coming from during the process.
  10. Its brilliant. It will be one of those albums that will be on repeat from the first to the last track. The lyrics are simple yet effective. The only thing I'm confused about is the look she is going for with this If she doesn't come to Australia on the next tour I WILL BURN MY MUM'S BRAS!!!!!
  11. Bitch, Im Madonna is a complete mess. Ridiculous. Remind me of the Hard Candy track. It lacks a lot.
  12. She may drop a completely different album in March. The leaked song we've heard seem so different from one another.
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