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  1. Push the ceiling ;) 

  2. The Power Of Good-Bye (Luke Slater's Filtered Mix) should have been the one used on the album and released as single instead of the original !! It's a fan favorite madonna remix and I remember petitions from Madonna fans to Warner to get them release this version as a single.
  3. The Power of Goodbye - Luke Slater's Filtered Mix is Madonna's best remix of all time!
  4. Don't worry then.
  5. I am. How much?
  6. Nothing Fails was only a double A-side in Europe though. I'd have gone with Nobody Knows Me since that one already had remixes ready to go. It was just a matter of chucking them on a single in their own rights but thank goodness we got them commercially released on the Nothing Fails cd singles.
  7. Can't wait to get my hands on this Record Store Day 12". Nice to see such a beautiful and exclusive item get reissued for the worldwide market just like last year's one.
  8. The Revolver 12" is still cheap on eBay so prices have probably plummeted right back down. Thank goodness I bought the Hard Candy vinyl last year and MDNA vinyl in 2015 as they were in every record store I went to!
  9. Wtf how has MDNA & Hard Candy vinyls suddenly become rare overnight? I have both but am surprised considering I've seen them both in nearly every record shop I been to.
  10. Oh dear, I fell for it to then saw it was my own thread and remembered :(
  11. Rewatched S&S and her vocals weren't actually that bad.
  12. Her vocals during Drowned World Tour were pretty bad but thankfully it got made up for on the RIT.