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  1. On OZ radio today, the radio presenter was talking about the Coachella performance and how so many old people love Gaga, as compared to other artists.
  2. They only do it because they hate her fake bitchy personality where she pretends to love her fans, act all sweet inside and have a tormented childhood but she treats her fans like dirty insects, is a fake 2 faced bitch and was a popular bitchy girl back in high school (as opposed to her so being so called "bullied" at school). Oh and she always steals Madonna's ideas and gives no credit while passing them off as her own creation thinking she's a legacy genius and yet still gives M shade. I don't know what to think. Not a major fan but do enjoy some of her songs.
  3. Push the ceiling ;) 

  4. What are you guys going to do about the younger generation liking today's mainstream stuff?
  5. Now now little children, if you don't behave santa is going to come and spank you all when the song comes on ;)
  6. I never even heard of Aretha Franklin to now. Plus the days of having people as iconic as Madonna are long over. You guys need to move, get with the times and stop living in the past wishing it was happening now.
  7. Still looks better than Gaga.
  8. Oh wow
  9. I went to Rebel Heart (it was amazing) and all the buzz only kicked in the second she landed in OZ. I really want to see Adele now but all the tickets are sold out now. Didn't care about it at first but now the hype makes me want to go just to feel like I'm a part of it all. Ed Sheeran, oh gosh, hate that vile stench with a passion. His last tour was pretty massive here to but not Adele big.
  10. Did Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour meet the buzz of Girlie Show? Oh and Girlie Show buzz surpassed Michael Jackson? O.o
  11. Is it like Whitney's tour OZ during her peak?
  12. I'm surprised Perth gets shows tbh especially about the fact we get more than Adelaide when Adelaide is much closer and easier despite venue being crappier and A LOT smaller population. The country is really eating up Adele at the moment. Sydney has lots of posters EVERY WHERE!!