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  1. Don't Stop is one of my favourites. I would have preferred it as a single over Bedtime Story any day (even though Bedtime Story gave us some fab mixes, great video and did its job in some places).
  2. But there's only so many times Madonna can sell out shows based on her name alone. We started seeing the decline with MDNA and RHT. It's not like she's Michael Jackson where she can sell out 50 shows in a few days (even Drowned World Tour didn't reach this far) but without at least another moderate size hit or album sales, she's going to be selling less and less shows, coupled with her notorious reputation for late starting times and high prices doesn't help either. I just think it's pretty sad when a large portion of the general public don't know she has new music out or is even still singing. I even met a girl who had thought she had retired ages ago! It's more upsetting that she's putting a lot of effort, heart and soul into her albums and it's only us fans that are lapping it up.
  3. Jessica Simpson is so dumb

    Then which do you prefer, today's or 1999/2000?
  4. Jessica Simpson is so dumb

    It's true. Compare Baby One More Time or anything from 2000 with that Rockabye song or a new Selana Gomaz or a Chainsmoker track. Anything from 1999/2000, you can visualise being at a beach or the CBD where as today, its just EDM and noise.
  5. Jessica Simpson is so dumb

    But music back in 1999/2000 had a cool, old school magical vibe to it. I think what you said applies to now more than ever.
  7. So it's been cancelled? Aaaaaarggggh what a disgrace.
  8. bhahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahhahahahahahaahhahahahahahahhahahaa
  9. I think it's the worst movie she's ever done. Madonna looks beautiful but the story line was tacky, the music was horrible, the men were old and ugly, and too much sex!!
  10. What about Donna Summer? She had an impact on Madonna to.
  11. Erotica please.
  12. I hate the staging but loved the visuals.
  13. I do have a soft spot for it because it was the first time and only time I had ever seen Madonna live! So it brings back special memories to a different time in my life.
  14. It was just the editing. It didn't do the show justice. A Madonna show isn't meant to be watched like that but then again, I'm not really fond of the Rebel Heart Tour apart from some great parts throughout the show.
  15. It got omitted everywhere except NSW and QL.