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  1. My dream is to call 000 and have you pick up
  2. God Control is an amazing track. I wonder if there were any more house outtakes for madame x. Luckily we got Ciao Bella as an added bonus.
  3. BAhhaaahahahaahahaahahahahaahahhahahaahaahhahahhahaahahahahahahahahahaaaaahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaaaahaahaaahahaahhaaahahahahahahaahahhhahhahaaha join the club.
  4. I wish she would move to Malaysia and record her next album in Malay language.
  5. North Korean people have been executed just for - watching foreign movies, - listening to foreign music, - trying to escape, - family members commiting crimes - owning religious books - making international calls North koreans have to worship Kim Jong Un as god otherwise they will be killed. They have no knowledge about the outside world.
  6. Donald Trump, please come to Australia, we need you to lead us. I’m sure the Americans here won’t mind as long as we return him back asap in healthy prime condition. Unless people here are reluctant to let him go
  7. I pray to Saint Kylie Minogue up in the skies that she gets the UK out of this mess hehe
  8. LOL still find it funny that most people on here don’t like Bitch I’m Loca and Faz and agree it had no placd on the album
  9. Ciao Bella should have made the standard edition. That horrible Faz whatever its called song and Bitch I’m Loca aren’t even good enough to be b-sides. Deserved no place on the album. Should have been left in the vaults. I rather have more Medellin remixes as bonus tracks and have Ciao Bella and Looking for Mercy on standard.
  10. Bhahaahahhahahahaahahahhahahahhahahahahhaahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahhaah
  11. Rediscovered how good this song is.
  12. Wow Star quality, only our queen could ever pull of a performance like that. The visuals, the charisma and vocals.
  13. I Don’t Search I Find is madonna’s biggest hit in Malaysia
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