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  2. So it's been cancelled? Aaaaaarggggh what a disgrace.
  3. bhahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahhahahahahahaahhahahahahahahhahahaa
  4. I think it's the worst movie she's ever done. Madonna looks beautiful but the story line was tacky, the music was horrible, the men were old and ugly, and too much sex!!
  5. What about Donna Summer? She had an impact on Madonna to.
  6. Erotica please.
  7. I hate the staging but loved the visuals.
  8. I do have a soft spot for it because it was the first time and only time I had ever seen Madonna live! So it brings back special memories to a different time in my life.
  9. It was just the editing. It didn't do the show justice. A Madonna show isn't meant to be watched like that but then again, I'm not really fond of the Rebel Heart Tour apart from some great parts throughout the show.
  10. It got omitted everywhere except NSW and QL.
  11. Watched the live stream and the editing and audio is horrible!! Very cringe worthy to watch. I'll prob stick to the YouTube fan videos thanks. It's like MDNA Tour DVD Part 2.
  12. It was a perfect era. Such a shame the general public were not interested and all that effort didn't really pay off. She hasn't done this much promo since COAD in 2005 (and even that was less), the album had a ROL meets COAD vibe, the tour was one of her best and she looked like she had enjoyed herself a lot more than the last couple of tours. There was a degree of intimacy, warmth, connectivity, happiness, storyline and the massive effort being put into her album that the last couple of eras lacked. The past couple of eras seemed rush, quick two second promo, not much effort being put into the recording of the album, distant, not much connected to the album and rushing straight to tour, and cold. You can tell she really seemed a lot more connected and fond of her current work Such a shame about the horrific artworks used for the singles, the single selection and the mishandled promo.
  13. Awesome. Even though I completely hate the S&S Tour, I must say the figures are very impressive. It puts the like of others to shame.
  14. Rebel Heart Tour premier on Australia TV was scrapped in favour of forgettable TV shows :( They even played Elton John for fucking crying out loud and now they pulled the plug on Madonna for a couple of TV shows that no one watches.