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  1. But many people are dying, are in critical condition in hospitals, and has a higher death rate than the flu. Plus the possible recession that will follow from people losing their jobs. The virus isn’t something ‘minor’ that people are making a big deal for nothing. people are worried because it can be life threatening and put them in hospital on life support. Even the young and healthy. And its very very easy to catch and infectious.
  2. This is why the 10/20s is a rubbish decade. I tried to make the world go back to the 90s but everyone here insists on moving onto 2020 and this is what happens.
  3. Madonna tried to warn us about the virus from her Eurovision performance. And she had Gorona at the back of Madame X i wonder if this is a secretly planned way to reduce the world population.
  4. I’ve also decided to limit myself in readinf Corona news, even tho its everywhere. I figured updating about it 24/7 isn’t going to you any good, just makes you anxious more.
  5. Oh i must have misinterpreted your post then. But i fully agree with your posts x
  6. Yupp. Many young people also suffer from those health conditions. Not everyone that is hospitalised will die either. Healthy young ppl can die to but they really are the minority of the case. Over 80% of people recover without hospilisation.
  7. I doubt humans would get wiped out by this virus. Most people who get it often recover. By that point, at least a treatment will be available.
  8. IKR. He doesn’t represent American people either. Through the way Americans have called him scum bag and human trash or waiting for him to catch it for trying to secure the vaccine for US people only. They are indeed corredt.
  9. I don’t think Aus will ever get to the point of Europe as we are very isolated, scarcely populated and don’t attract as many tourists/foreign visitors as Europe. Europe is very dense and highly populated with lots of foreign tourists. I don’t think our numbers are too significant, even untested. Border closing is what is needed.
  10. Oh no i’m sorry to hear that. Wow, who knew even sharing a condo/apartment could be so risky.
  11. I take backmy 2010s is an evil decade. I should have appreciated thr 2010s as who knew this virus would later creep around the corner in 2020 to sweep the world. 2020s is a bigger evil decade. At least 2010s didnt have such virus, only in Wuhan towards the very end. Oh please can we go back to the 80s and 90s
  12. I’m sure famous people, loud music and bright laser lighting will scare the virus away hehe
  13. I know. Just saying i'll prob be in the mild case if (i certainly hope not) get it..
  14. Thank you I’m 24/25 years old. It can’t be corona for sure. I’m sure its stress/anxiety related sickness.
  15. That’s right. I’m fatique and developed a wierd feeling in my throat. Can’t be corona as there’s only like 20 cases in my city of over 2 million people plus i’ve been avoiding busy places with lots of people. My city is very sparsely populated. This is the worst time to get sick, i always get sick at the worst times when things are due so soon or during the peak of these outbreaks. It’s just incovenience.
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