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  1. Well, a lot of you hate Hard Candy but I absolutely adore it and think it's one of her best albums to date. It still sounds fresh now.
  2. I loved all the single artworks and the physical releases they came in. I enjoyed most of the remixes to.
  3. OKAY that's something we both can agree on.
  4. NO way. ROL slays Music's ass by a billion miles. Gems like Swim, Frozen, ROL, TPOGB, Little Star, NRM as opposed to shite like I Deserve It, Nobody's Perfect and Impressive Instant. I don't think so.
  5. I only like that song on the DWT. It needs those visuals to make it work for me.
  6. What happened to Spotlight?

    I love Spotlight! Technically, it is a b-side from the True Blue sessions LOL. Such a shame it never got a full single treatment worldwide. How cool would it have been to have gotten different single artworks for the track, remixes and instrumentals. I think it would have also fitted nicely in the BA tour.
  7. I think it's her worst album ever. It's the only album from M which I dislike, including the front cover. Sorry but the only songs I liked were the 3 singles.
  8. Rebel Heart ♥ Tour DVD / Blu-ray

    My only complaint was they simply couldn't have included the audio of TAB on the Japanese CDs, perhaps even replacing LAP as the bonus track!
  9. Take a Bow from the Japanese release

    My biggest peave is they should have added the audio onto the Japanese CDs. Heck, even remove LAP and have TAB on instead.
  10. I like all three of them but album version hands down. Radio Remix is too glossy to listen to at times so it's my least favorite.
  11. Madonna new album in 2018

    I'm already dying for new Madonna music. By the sound of her quotes, the album is going to be completely different to what she has ever done. I want her to start recording now and release it in 2018 :(
  12. Not according to the sales of the album. If it's shit, why have so many people bought it and why is there huge interest in her from the media?
  13. Don't Stop is one of my favourites. I would have preferred it as a single over Bedtime Story any day (even though Bedtime Story gave us some fab mixes, great video and did its job in some places).
  14. But there's only so many times Madonna can sell out shows based on her name alone. We started seeing the decline with MDNA and RHT. It's not like she's Michael Jackson where she can sell out 50 shows in a few days (even Drowned World Tour didn't reach this far) but without at least another moderate size hit or album sales, she's going to be selling less and less shows, coupled with her notorious reputation for late starting times and high prices doesn't help either. I just think it's pretty sad when a large portion of the general public don't know she has new music out or is even still singing. I even met a girl who had thought she had retired ages ago! It's more upsetting that she's putting a lot of effort, heart and soul into her albums and it's only us fans that are lapping it up.