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  1. I loved it when it came out to but I don’t recall it being panned by the media. In fact, I’ve heard praises and constant radio support by OZ radio.
  2. Jitterbug

    Troye Sivan

    Don’t like him. Voice is so thin and boring stage presence and fashion appearance. Can’t he do a Madonna and reinvent himself? Overrated.
  3. I guess some people out of this forum would put Madonna on that list to.
  4. Jitterbug

    Justin Timberlake thread

    There's been like no buzz surrounding his Superbowl. Even Caca had more buzz
  5. Jitterbug

    Appreciate Holiday DWT Montage

    The absolutely highlight of the show <3
  6. Jitterbug

    WTF...now the demise of CDs?

    Not bothered much about the demise of CDs to be honest. I stream all my music on Spotify now and I have boxes and boxes full of Madonna CDs and box of other artists CDs taking up space in my house.
  7. Jitterbug

    Free Spotify Is Trash Audio

    Never saw the point of spotify or streaming. Like if i want to listen, i can go on Youtube to listen and even watch videos.
  8. True but they should have gotten that right during MDNA and RH. Instead, she surrounds herself with intellects with brains the size of a peanut who barely know how to work a computer and are professions in abandoning Madonna's album campaigns the very second a single flops like some sort of plague and continue to act like it's still 1995. Add on the fact she has no proper company to back her up. Add 2 +2 = disaster of course. Now we got to worry about her streaming figures. As fans, we have some sort of power to give her a boost but her streaming aren't high enough to give her another hit nor does she have as much streaming power as Taylor. Taylor's new single seems to be doing well in some places like Bieber and Katy Perry (maybe out the US).
  9. It's sad that Madonna and her team still have not caught up with the digital downloads, let alone streaming. Her streaming numbers aren't high enough to give her another smash hit so this could potentially work against her, cutting out a whole market.
  10. Jitterbug

    Take a Bow from the Japanese release

    My biggest peave is they should have added the audio onto the Japanese CDs. Heck, even remove LAP and have TAB on instead.
  11. So it's been cancelled? Aaaaaarggggh what a disgrace.
  12. Jitterbug

    Songs that you hate.

    Are you all serious about 90's music being rubbish? That time was so amazing for music, many young people show off they lived through the 90s and is referred to it as the cool decade. So much better than the rubbish today.
  13. I hate the staging but loved the visuals.
  14. I do have a soft spot for it because it was the first time and only time I had ever seen Madonna live! So it brings back special memories to a different time in my life.