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  1. Kmart Mango - Gaga obsession continues...

    That hair was from her Breast cancer treatment. Just saying..
  2. Kmart Mango - Gaga obsession continues...

    Remember Kylies performance with Justin timberlake at the award show?
  3. Kmart Mango - Gaga obsession continues...

    In My arms was a massive hit in Europe while a flop in OZ.

    Dua has a bloody horrible awful voice. I can't wait to people stop caring about this skank
  5. Kmart Mango - Gaga obsession continues...

    Looks like Kylie is trying to appeal to the teens/kiddies again like X, Aphrodite, KMO and now this. Looks like she's getting her core demographic mixed up again.
  6. I was working as an usher/security last night at Optus Stadium at Ed's show and have to say, the first half was kinda enjoyable thanks to the visuals but after that. My gosh, it felt like it was going to go on forever and ever. The visuals became dull and the songs were some of the most boringest I've ever heard.
  7. Kmart Mango - Gaga obsession continues...

    You must be from the US so yes. But Love At First Sight was also a pretty big hit in your country to. Rest of world, she's had more than just the Fever singles. She was a local star up to Fever but Slow was a massive hit in Europe and OZ, Red Blooded Women, I Believe In you and 2 Hearts was fairly big to, In My Arms was a big hit in Europe (not U.K.) , Asia and huge in South America where it was rerelease with Spanish singer Alex Whatever his name is. I remember holidaying in Vietnam back in 2010 and she was voted artist of the month on MTV Asia. They kept playing Kilo's speech every 15 min on tv. This was during the success of ATL. All The Lovers was big in Europe and OZ as well. However, from KMO her career went into shits tuning out shit such as the Christmas albums and the pointless side projects and attaching her name to any garbage out there so she's become a laughing stock recently. She's so local right now but shame since she doesn't suffer from ageism, she could have fallen through the cracks and scored herself another moderate size hit if it weren't for career damaging move she's recently done.

    Yuck. Bland and generic as most things these days.

    I've always been writing in my exact same tone since the day I joined. 0.o

    Well I just hope you don't think Kylie looses sleep over what you think about her or is going to quit just because you said she should. Plus we are all entitled to our own opinions. Some people here are allowed to Kylie, believe it or not.

    Saying this, I'd be concerned if anyone here thinks their words have the power to influence Kylie's career or stop her from continuing on with her passion. It'll be like me telling Rihanna or Madonna to stop singing or making music because I didn't like her.

    It's simply a fun princess pop thread. I doubt Kylie give two shits or lose sleep about what a bunch of 20 or so Madonna fans in the Kylie thread on an unofficial Madonna think about her. She has sold millions of records around the world, has appeared on many magazines over the years (not just the old middle aged ones) and has all the money in the world (more than most of us will every make in a lifetime) so why should she stop and throw away her love and passion of music along with her job just because of a bunch of us? Every star has haters so just laugh with the rest of us. If anything, Kylie would prob stick her rude finger at everyone here and go out of her way to piss all of us off. It's like telling me to quit my passion for Madonna because of a bunch of haters on some other forum telling me to do so. Why should I? So if anything, she ain't losing sleep over a bunch of us.

    Maybe a ‘outstanding international contribution’, international woman (given the movement started from this years sexual preds) ? Can we make sure that if she has a sidekick they are well aware we don’t call Britain England, quite the insult to three other countries of a union - especially from a American who should be well versed in education of how his country came to being and where from lol. I would expect Madonna to solo the stage like the queen she is Brrrrrrr eat the forbidden fruit Kylie ;)

    When I go out I wanna go out shopping PMSL Yes just YES!