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  1. Why hasn't there been another superstar like that in today's day and age?
  2. I think if Youtube was around back then, she would have still been massive but the only thing is if she was starting off today, she would nowhere be near as massive as when she first started out, there was noone like her back then. Nowadays, with anyone being famous in 5 min thanks to Youtube, it would be a lot harder to reach that 90s status she had.
  3. Oh someone leaked it before I did. LOL
  4. Warning Signs leak. Sometimes Madonna eats Indian food to you know ;)
  5. I have the full Pharrel demos of Incredible and Ring My Bell. Should I leak it?
  6. How did you know it existed in 92 though?
  7. Is there anyone here that had waited since 1992 to hear this demo?
  8. I was right all along. It was an early version of Erotica with Sex Book lyrics.
  9. Nice leak. Personally, I find it just okay and can see why it was reworked as it isn't very good but it's still interesting to hear something from the Erotica era!
  10. Spanish Eyes would have gone nowhere in OZ/Japan. It would have been an Oh Father/Dear Jessie pt 2.
  11. I was very young when Hung Up and I remembered hearing that every 5 min on the radio. Same as Sorry. I heard Get Together a couple of times as well as Jump.
  12. I think Brisbane had it. The other cities but some did except for 1 which had 2 posters but they gave me 1 the day it came out and the other they kept on the back wall with other posters of other artists which I got just before the tour came to OZ. It's a shame as she is a superstar and should be treated like one. I thought people were willing to pay extremely high prices to see Madonna and shows would sell out in minutes but I overestimated that. She had that power back in 93 as $200 would be equal to $500 in this day and age.
  13. *Sigh* I wish it was still like that here. Nowadays, all we get are a couple copies of Madonna's latest album shoved under the M section in music stores and that's it. Maybe 1 or 2 radio plays if we are lucky.