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  1. And the lack of unreleased material and demos on her recent reissues are just disappointing. The recent reissues have been very disappointing
  2. Why do you always dodge my questions about streaming
  3. I don’t like sports Being forced to watch it while working as an usher was painful enough :0
  4. I saw Madonna walking in Southern Cross today
  5. Thanks I graduated from uni end of 2019 majoring in marketing and public relations. Couldn’t find a job in that area as it’s just soooo competitive. I would apply for jobs in the Uk or US etc but I’ve never travelled or lived outside of Australia before so I would be too scared to leave my comfort zone of Australian soil. But I think every country is having the same problem anyway especially post covid. Being a youth sucks in this day and age. I’m part of the youth unemployment problem as I don’t have much work experience and getting into the corporate world is so hard so applying for anything even remotely close, like call centre jobs and admin etc.
  6. Oh I’m also living with family in Melbourne hence not paying rent or bills
  7. Oh another goodish thing about Scomo was simply the fact he sat back and let all the premiers take the leads in regards to lock downs and closed borders. He also closed international borders which is a good thing otherwise we would have still been in the US-UK-Canada numbers. Tony Abbot was against closed international borders, lock downs and preventing people from leaving the country! I want labour back. Sadly, even labour didn’t the Newstart rates back in 2008 either.
  8. Yeah I hate liberals (except for our beloved lady Gladys hehe) I guess it’s also because I’ve always been living at home with my parents that ive never struggled or had any issues even on the old Newstart rate so the new payments increases was just a huge bonus for me. I had saved up lots of money from the Newstart rate so the new payments really just accelerated that. Just sucks that Melbourne is so hard to find a good job for many people (and even Sydney to).
  9. I like him simply because of the far generous government payments we receive hehe I’m not paying rent and am able to live like a king in Melbourne and splash on everything as well as save a huge amount of money each time without going to work so I’m happy. Thanks Scomo
  10. Booooo I finally liked not having news shoved in my face on FB feed. Was nice not having to read the conspiracy theories or non sense click bait news for once. Oh well, the good times always have to come to an end.
  11. Yikes I hate to imagine. Would of been added to the USA-UK listed in terms of world hotspots for covid levels.
  12. Well she spent far too long obsessing about what the Queensland, Western Australia (and now Victoria) borders were doing when she should of been just focusing on her own state. Yet I never heard a peep from her about NT, South Australia or Tasmania... go figure.. I think her tactic with Sydney was good though. Allow the economy to keep running while tackling each covid case individually and now its been eliminated.
  13. It could be worse. We could have Tony Abbot where we would have been in the same boat as UK/US in terms of covid numbers. As he’s against closed international borders and lock downs.
  14. BahahaahahahahahahahahahahahhaababaabababaahhaHahahhaHanAngahahahahahahahahas She should rule the entire world. I voted for her as US President as she has a massive following over there where she lost just by 0.01% to Biden But she’s girly She can easily rule the world the world is missing out on the greatest thing that has ever happened to humanity
  15. Gladys Berejiklian is the real true hero of Australia. She should be PM - or she should be rule the entire world. The only true uncorrupt premier that truly cares for the people
  16. I love to see how the conspiracy theorists are coping now they can no longer go rant about their absurd theories on the comments section hehe they must be so mad pulling their hair
  17. Because I have an opinion, I’m automatically a troll? You need to stop shading me everytime.
  18. To resemble a cross, using a bent sceptre. Many religious people will find that highly offensive as if he’s making a mockery.
  19. Look it up. I don’t think he was ever truly holy. He looked like he just wanted money and fame, pretend holy. carrying a bent cross, representing blasphemy. Look it up on google. Even Pope Francis doing it. Some religious people believe they are really Satan worshippers in disguise.
  20. Well all the popes are corrupt anyway. If you look at some pics, you will see the Pope carrying a bent cross. Resembling blasphemy. They’re all in it for the fame and money anyway.
  21. And to think ideally humanity will learn their lesson but move on. But sadly, that’s nothing more than a wishful fantasy.
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