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  1. Because I have an opinion, I’m automatically a troll? You need to stop shading me everytime.
  2. To resemble a cross, using a bent sceptre. Many religious people will find that highly offensive as if he’s making a mockery.
  3. Look it up. I don’t think he was ever truly holy. He looked like he just wanted money and fame, pretend holy. carrying a bent cross, representing blasphemy. Look it up on google. Even Pope Francis doing it. Some religious people believe they are really Satan worshippers in disguise.
  4. Well all the popes are corrupt anyway. If you look at some pics, you will see the Pope carrying a bent cross. Resembling blasphemy. They’re all in it for the fame and money anyway.
  5. And to think ideally humanity will learn their lesson but move on. But sadly, that’s nothing more than a wishful fantasy.
  6. He looked friendlier and didn’t look as preachy in condemning people as the new one.
  7. Wasn’t John Paul II a nicer pops that was more accepting and open minded?
  8. There are buildings in America with Gladys holding a gun in that same outfit with those same pics
  9. Just saw this and felt extremely sick to my stomach seeing this. Maybe the govt thinks there are benefits to this hence slow approach, if at all. and sorry for spamming ur notifications again. Didn’t mean to >< ill multi quote instead
  10. Sydney and Melbourne is def big and crowded in Australia. Don’t want you to assume I’m implying they are little country towns when they are not. Or confusing them with Adelaide, Perth and Darwin lol I love Sydney and Melbourne and Brisbane way more than Shitty Perth or shitty Adelaide lol yes they do have majority of Australia’s population which is small compared to many places. But that’s what makes it liveable and has given aus an advantage in beating the virus. I’m just talking on a global scale. Anyway, I don’t want to hijack this thread.
  11. When the virus is gone, I dream about living in London one day. It’s been such a dream of mine since I was a kid. Such a beautiful place. The buildings, the nightlife, the shopping, the accent etc
  12. It’s also waaay harder to manage the virus in the Uk than in Melbourne because the UK (esp London) is a much more global city and more crowded than Melbourne. Easier for Melbourne to do lockdown and eliminate the virus as we are isolated and very scarcely populated as compared to many big cities around the world, but in London, the fast pace, more global city that attracts waaaay more foreign visitors and tourists than Melbourne, becomes much more difficult to manage. We could get away with lockdowns more than many other countries can. There’s only so much lockdown can do when it does
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