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  1. It’s nice every once in a while to do a complete media detox with no media or music for a few days refreshes your mind
  2. Hahaha no I try not to pay attention to the media as it’s always doom and gloom
  3. https://www.pedestrian.tv/news/gladys-berejiklian-dan-andrews-halloween-costume/amp/ Two Gals Dressed Up As Gladys Berejiklian & Dan Andrews, AKA 2021’s Best Halloween Costume @Jazzy Jan
  4. Oh I see. Do you physically go into the cbd often to shop etc
  5. You don’t see the druggies lurking around the cbd starting trouble :0 i have to be on a look out when walking through the cbd, especially on Elizabeth street near Flinder station, where Subway and that 24 hour Donut place next to Coles is.
  6. What do you think of all the druggies lurking in melbourne cbd now and that it feels dead.
  7. I prefer having women in power to. I think they make better leaders
  8. Gladys Berejiklian Gladys Berejiklian Gladys Berejiklian @San
  9. And the lack of unreleased material and demos on her recent reissues are just disappointing. The recent reissues have been very disappointing
  10. Why do you always dodge my questions about streaming
  11. "Great song and video"

    You really have a problem with me don't you? Have you seen your doctor recently? 


    1. Creepy Insane Person

      Creepy Insane Person

      Do you really think I’m gonna be scared of you and bow down to you and worship you like a god? I rather cut my wrist off and stab my eyes with a knife then be scared of you...

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