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  1. There was a time (though it's getting harder to remember outside of a historical context) when members of high office would have to resign over things like this. it's obvious from his character and the response from those around him that he said it. This is also notwithstanding the endless corruption allegations. He's an absolute horror show but what's more concerning is that the boundaries of acceptable behaviour just continues to be eroded away. it was uncomfortable under Cameron and embarrassing with May but this is another level of shit. And he's not the worst of it either, his cabinet is filled with some of the grimmest lowlifes ever to speak publicly. I love the UK, sadly it's becoming unrecognisable under these people. And where is the opposition? It's so disheartening. At least the Democrats actively opposed Trump, Boris is being allowed to run riot.
  2. they're all great we've been spoiled. however god control is one of her all time best.
  3. question, is this beautiful track the first Madonna "humming" moment we've had since when? (hear: 3:34) i can't remember the last time we had a hum.
  4. what happened to the full Apple music interview?
  5. Given what she's producing almost 40 years in, the work and dedication and what we've been given as a fanbase, and this is the calibre of post from some people on here. I get that Eurovision was poor, I get that sometimes her team sucks, I get that there are times when she is too stubborn for her own good, but when she puts on a good performance, one that has no obvious problems or things to complain about, we reduce the conversation to critiques on her body? Some of you really don't deserve her, I said what I said. It's cringeworthy and painful to log in here somedays and see some of the "advice" directed her way, god forbid she ever read any of it. With fans like some, she doesn't need haters.
  6. oh lord, gotta love 2019 where the SJW word is law. Despite the shit, the draggings and the accusations, I'm glad she did this because I know her intentions were right.
  7. don't want to lessen the importance of the video and it's implications but I can't get past how beautiful she looks in this shot
  8. Not that it means anything because the art is the important thing and this is likely the most important video she's ever done but I genuinely have a feeling she might walk away with Video of the Year at the VMAs this year. I honestly can't believe how important, brilliant, terrifying and tragic that was. You just can't snub that, and Twitter/blogs etc are absolutely applauding her.
  9. I'm so in awe of her, this era has been such a treat. I didn't think at this point in her career she'd give more than she did promo wise than Rebel Heart but here we are, 4 fantastic videos with concepts, looks and a vision, her best album in years and multiple interviews. She's such an inspiration truly.
  10. I think she needs a whole new management strategy (or a whole new team but that's another discussion) to re-assert her position in the UK. She still has a lot of love and fans here but I think people are confused, tuned out and mostly unaware. Radio play or lack of it is an issue but it's not the only problem here by a long way.
  11. indeed she likely isn't, my point was more that I do think the situation is salvageable is she wanted it to be.
  12. eurovision has really hurt her here. you're only as good as your last good performance really. that said, it's all to play for, she has a brilliant album under her belt she just needs to get out there and promote it and reconnect. it's madonna, it's never really "over" but she has ground to make up here
  13. i've been doing! and yeah fair enough, but maybe lets wait and see if she actually does rather than spend two weeks ruminating in the pits of despair? it's just a lot every single day.
  14. The saddest thing about this forum at the moment is that it's actively starting to ruin the experience of a new madonna era. i appreciate we all have opinions but acting like her career is about to end over something no-one's seen or had any confirmation over is just the height of obnoxious drama seeking. Logging on here at the moment is really unpleasant and she's just released her best album in years, something's off.
  15. hey i agree it's a stupid decision but what are you gonna do about it? waste your time complaining? she doesn't hear and if she could she wouldn't care.
  16. if she does it, it's not the best decision but some people here are acting like it'll kill her career if she does future again lmao. perspective doesn't hurt once in a while, it's just a performance.
  17. if this counts as 48 on metacritic, and if the mojo review is 80, she's still gonna balance out at a 70. If there are more reviews still to come and if they're all 70+ she could pull it back to 73/74
  18. Hate them for this, but it doesn't take away from the level of what she's achieved this time around. It hurts that it counts for aggregation sites though, she and the album deserve so much better than people that are this pathetic but such is life, reviews are just opinions and sometimes not even really that.
  19. This. "people tell me to shout my mouth, that I might get burned" People need to realise that she's unafraid of backlash at this point, it's time the fans joined her in the trench because she's not going to stop.
  20. i find it difficult to put rankings, numbers or grades to her work but what will say is that between probably 1986-2005 what M did better than any other artist (certainly within popular music) was tell a story with her albums, they were as close to literature as popular music can get. No one did the creation of an album and the crafting of a complete body of work better than Madonna but that started to slip a little with Hard Candy, there were elements of it but it was mostly a collection of good pop songs. MDNA though I feel it is underrated as a collection was the nadir of this aspect of her talent because other than the late second half of the record, it was literally a handful of dance tracks that she sang over and sounded a little detached from. RH is a curious one because there are several stories to be told but it's uneven and uncohesive. That said, the stories on offer are deeply compelling and with more streamlined production, a more careful eye over what made the final tracklisting and no leaks hindering her ultimate vision, it could have ranked among her top tier works. I think the difference between MDNA and RH is that she had something to say. Madame X is a revelation because she has once again, recorded a great novel so to speak. This ranks alongside erotica, bedtime stories, ray of light and confessions because it is a body of work, a statement and it's uncompromised. In short, it's a true Madonna ALBUM.
  21. you're giving the general public too much credit, pretty much every #1 of the last two years has been trash bar a few exceptions. In this climate, god control is too good to do well. radio is filled with rubbish, i'd like her to get that believe moment but having an album this good is way more important to me, it could be debut at #178 and it's still a masterpiece, i don't care if the public are too dull/dumb/dreary to get it.
  22. They have good chemistry, i remember their last encounter in 2012. Harry gets it, he's intrigued by her.
  23. If she can achieve 7 or above from pitchfork (not out of the realm of possibility since they gave Mariah's last album 7.5) and carry through on that trajectory with a couple more, she could touch 80 on metacritic.
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