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  1. She is an absolute MASTER of aesthetics. This video is a fabulous mixture of classic and modern Madonna. Anyone else pick on the scene where she's caressing herself against the television screen (Take A Bow anyone?) Beautifully shot, just seriously stunning and she looks wondrous. She's truly morphing into that Dietrich vault of beauty untouchable. Her face is a sheer structure. This of course is nothing new but what is incredible is that it's only getting MORE obvious with age. Terrance is an interesting choice of co-star. I liked their odd chemistry. No need for comparisons ("this is her best video in a decade" hock) Madonna cannot be compared to Madonna. It stands alone. How at 56 she is still taking the artwork of herself and morphing, crushing, rebuilding and refreshing it I'll never know. She's another level of consciousness that's for sure. The Madonna Fortin tribute actually gave me chills. Madonna reflecting on mortality must be a tricky one.
  2. Honestly no one gives a fuck about the fall anymore. Like OMG move on. She must think these interviewer's are so basic. I couldn't sit through it.
  3. This era is just kinda surreal. She literally looks 30 here
  4. I really like Taylor, I actually think she's quite talented. I'm here for this collaboration. I mean lets face it, she can't go any lower than Miley.
  5. The LFL instrumental is so dramatic. LIFE. Like the phoenix rising.
  6. Looks glorious. The judgement needs to be curbed a tad when it comes to her face. It's usually the same people calling for her to stop "messing with her cheeks" and the "botox" who appear to get this shattering reality check when she does exactly that and...whaddya know, looks like a naturally ageing woman who takes good care of herself. She does look tired and it's because she's giving it her all right now. Do people want that and a 25 year old face? Go to a Taylor Swift concert and chase your tails for some brain training. Madonna's doing just fine.
  7. Loved what she had to say about Joni Mitchell. She's so open to different interpretations, she's so wise.
  8. Part 1 of the interview, not the best quality unfortunately *EDIT: Better quality https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyWb9zHZUX4
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_21WLTO3jTQ Interview will be up soon I hope!
  10. Me and my dad watched it together. He loves her haha. She looked beautiful and seemed really at ease <3
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