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  1. So basically we can't "own" music anymore?
  2. Well, there's a reason one of them is a creamy smooth pop icon goddess, and the other needs to be googled to remind oneself, "what was that song of his again?"
  3. zizibello


    What I love most about this song is that these are perhaps the most visually and symbolically rich lyrics in a Madonna song ever!
  4. Unapologetic Bitch and Messiah
  5. Well, I'd be on board if M was gonna make more videos and release new remixes and stuff - but obviously that won't happen. What pains me is that we won't get any new music till, say 2018 at the earliest (though 2019 would be more reasonable an expectation). So we'll have to go through 2-3 years of no new M music. That kinda sucks, because I grew up expecting a new song virtually every year, and since HC, the super long breaks between albums just creates a sense of sadness. I literally look forward to leaks of abandoned songs/demos for the sake of hearing her voice on something new. So yeah, I'm all for the new album ASAP!
  6. It kinda sounds like a gay porn fantasy. Guy going all threatening him, and then they begin having "hate/threat sex" with Guy shooting a load on the french guy's face.
  7. Every single day. I've made a workout playlist of it (and some demos). And since I workout 6x a week, it's inescapable. (I make it a point to have Holy Water on repeat when I do squats on Leg Day)
  8. zizibello


    At least we get great music once her heart is broken
  9. zizibello


    I just got into a stan war on my Facebook because some twit was going all "Drake was repulsed and shit" The minute I "won" the argument, he blocked me and deleted his comments. loser
  10. zizibello


    Now Drake can finally sing this at Karaoke and mean it - "I kissed a girl, and I liked it"