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  1. Favorite Opening Line?

    So many of my favorites are already mentioned. To add to it all --- "When I was very young, Nothing really mattered to me..." "I wanna kiss you in Paris..." "And you can dance, for inspiration..." "I don't expect my love affairs to last for long..." "The madness of love and what we'll do for it..."
  2. YouTube reaction videos

    I doubt he'd even know what to do with the cock
  3. Na! You're the cuter one, my delicious Greek God (with French Undertones)
  4. Yes, and he is wonderful, and outshines Armie Hammer, and all.... but that still doesn't change the fact that he looks like an ostrich
  5. I'm sorry, but he looks like an Ostrich!
  6. Unapologetic Bitch all the way! If it was released with a banger video, it would have been bigger (and infinitely better) than Cheap Thrills
  7. YouTube reaction videos

    Right? Especially from the deliciously sexy @spotlight with all his sexy greek/frenchness
  8. YouTube reaction videos

    Exactly, this is why I wonder if Sisley is "special". Then again, maybe she's just another Millennial whose vocabulary comes from Twilight and Hunger Games, and whose idea of 'art' is ... well.. (f)ArtPo(o)p .. And now that Valentine's Day is over, I wish I had a hot man give me as much attention as @spotlight gives Ayush... lol .
  9. YouTube reaction videos

    Is Sisley "Special"?
  10. M does take her time to warm up to the Audience. I can't speak on her behalf, but in my experience, every time I perform on stage, I ignore the audience and focus on my character and the emotional motivations required in the scene. Obviously, acting and putting on a theatrical live concert are miles apart, but if we look at most tours, the opening numbers usually tend to be choreography heavy (barring DWT - but the audience interaction there was NIL, and then she burst out into Impressive Instant) - perhaps it's done purposely so that she can 'warm up' to the audience and get a feel of their vibe while being able to focus more on her choreography. Just an assumption/implication/suggestion - I could be completely off! And regarding Josephine's boob -- I wrote about it in a national news portal here -- my editor loved it -- http://www.vagabomb.com/Madonna-Exposes-Fans-Breast-Onstage-It-is-No-Big-Deal/
  11. Knowing that will keep me happy... even when I'm old an arthritic and losing my marbles
  12. In all fairness, she flashed me a dazzling smile during the Holy Water Ramp Walk and the LAV number. She took time to 'forgive me', but by the Rebel Heart performance she graced me with a smile, and during Holiday, she gave a smirk. God, that woman drives me wild!
  13. Madonna 101

    I always start with The Super Bowl followed by Truth or Dare. I then play by ear and see how they react. Some people fall for the big dance hits, while others get hooked by her beautiful ballads. I once showed a Metal Fan the Candy Perfume Girl performance from DWT and the metal section of Sticky. A beyonce super fan submitted to M's epicness because I showed her the MDNA LAV/Love Spent performance -- She actually said, "Beyonce couldn't ever do that in a million years". I got an opera buff interested in M by showing him clips where her singing voice shines.
  14. Random Tweets about Madonna

    Beauty and the beastess I wonder if M turned to Guy O after the performance and yelled at him "Look what you made me do!"
  15. That's how I felt during the RHT Paris show, when I kept going all "I LOVE YOU MADONNA" and she shot me Demonna eyes because I was interrupting her emotional speech