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  1. Like A Prayer from the tours ranked

    1. BAT - Iconic in every sense of the word 2. Tie: MDNA/S&S - I just can't put one on top of the other 3. RHT - I saw it live, so it has a special place in my heart 4. RIT - Not my favorite, but I still love it!
  2. Patrick Leonard thread

    I fell off my chair, laughing my tits off
  3. Album version wins. TGS was lovely, esp the harmonizing. Although I love the "Just my Imagination" bit, I always wonder what it would be if she did the spoken bridge in the live version. Single Mix is just blah. Like Human Nature's edit where the "I'm not your bitch" line is cut-off - waters down the song's beauty and punch!
  4. Chronologically: Physical Attraction Pretender Where's the Party The Look of Love Spotlight Promise to Try Back in Business Why's it so Hard (Girlie Show version) Inside of Me Sky Fits Heaven I Deserve it Easy Ride Future Lovers Devil Wouldn't Recognise You Falling Free Holy Water Bonus Tracks: Latte, Across the Sky, RH and WAOM Demos
  5. Dear Madonna,

    Dear Madonna, As much as we're craving new music from you. Just be. Just enjoy your life and do the things to make you happy. A Happy M = A Happy Fan Base. xoxo A Gay PS: New music would truly truly truly be appreciated
  6. Dear Madonna,

    I love you for this!
  7. I was watching the video with a friend whom I've directed in a play. She said "OMG! It's freaky how she's just like you!" ... I shed a tear of joy
  8. Favorite new songs on compilation albums?

    I love them all ---- except "One More Chance" (I find it too whiny - M rarely whines)... and "It's so Cool" (because It's so Cringe")
  9. Bedtime Stories - 23th Anniversary

    Along with Erotica, Bedtime Stories singles had some of the best videos in her entire career. It's like she took the art of music videos to a whole new level between 1992-1995
  10. In which tours should M have sung Bad Girl?

    Bad Girl is my favourite ballad of all time! It's heartbreaking that M hasn't allowed this gem to shine courtesy an epic live performance. That being said, I really hope when she does perform it on tour - it's given a special showcase moment (like LAV/Love Spent on MDNA, or HBC/LDLHA or even La Vie En Rose on RHT)
  11. Moments like these make me feel so thankful for being a Madonna fan!
  12. I remember being completely blown away! It was as though a nuclear warhead of Goddess proportions hit me straight in my heart - AND I LOVED IT! After loving her since the age of 5, I finally got a chance to see her live during the RHT. London and Paris (first shows of both cities) In London, I was kinda far (good seats, but not exactly the floor), and when she descended from the cade in ICONIC, I was a crying mess. It was only until Burning Up did I manage to recover and totally absorb the fact that I'm here in the presence of a Goddess. Breathing the same air as her, and sharing each and every second of her two-hour romp with her. I swear to god, my skin was tingling for a whole week. Tho not exactly near the stage in London, I was amazed by how she radiates such divine energy. I didn't once need to look at the screens above - I could see her shining through ever so clearly. I could see every expression, every curl of her lips, every wink of her eyes, and contortion of her Michelangelo-like sculpted body (with new Botticelli curves) - with crystal clear vision! She held the entire 02 Arena within the palm of her hands - and my heart dangled dangerously upon the tip of her middle-finger's nail - and she made me love it all the more. In Paris, my friends who got me tickets, surprised me by getting me standing tickets so that I could be close to the heart. I wanted to camp outside Bercy all day, but unfortunately couldn't. So instead of being right next to the heart, we were about 4 rows of people away from the heart. It didn't matter - it was still FUCKING CLOSE! I thought London had prepared me, but boy was I wrong! The minute M took her first waltz towards the Heart in Holy Water for a brief second, we made eye contact and she winked my way - I died! I literally DIED!!! Even though, it was just for a second, I could see her skin was immaculate and had this milky radiance to it. Almost as though even her sweat would taste exquisitely delicious. Her dewy lips when curled into a smile could out sparkle even the Hope Diamond. And those eyes! Those jewelled twinkling stars that can mesmerise even the largest iceberg to melt into a puddle of water. When they look upon you - you're sucked into her world of 'turkish delights and so much more' (I couldn't help myself) We made eye-contact at least 6 times after that. During the end of LDLHA when she's about to lift the stairs, she winked at me and I went all "YAAASSS KWEEEN". During the first LAV verse, she pointed her finger at me in "Yeah you maaaaaaade me feel", I metaphorically came in my pants. During the tequila shots of the medley, she flashed a quick smile before she spun around and downed her shots. I kinda pissed her off because she was giving her speech in Paris about the attacks and stuff, and twice I interrupted her by going "I LOVE YOU MADONNA!!!!" - she made a face that reminded me of the Pajama Party during the Bedtime Stories era, when fans wouldn't let her finish her reading of "Miss Spider's Tea Party". She forgave me afterwards with a playful acknowledging nod during Rebel Heart. It truly is a divine experience to see M live up close and bask in all her epic glory!
  13. I think YCD is flawless... However, it wouldn't hurt to include Causing a Commotion and a fabulous remix of Open Your Heart
  14. Fanmail limits you. It makes you feel like resting on your laurels. It's a very Whoriah and Reductive thing. I'm more than happy M doesn't read Fan Mail... the love and applause she gets from performing et all is the best kind of appreciation.
  15. I was watching Never Been Kissed (the old Drew Barrymore movie) with this twink that I'm kinda-sorta-not-exactly-dating. He kinda found it cool how they incorporated 'Like a Prayer' into the movie in this flashback scene (skip to the 40 second mark) I know it rarely happens, but I absolutely love it when M's songs get randomly featured in movies that have nothing to do with her. Let's make a nice long list of movies and TV showswhere her songs are featured. Singing competitions and similar are excluded, and not movies where she's officially singing the theme song Glee covers also excluded So apart from Never Been Kissed, these are the ones I remember off hand Devil Wears Prada - Vogue Devil Wears Prada - Jump FRIENDS (Season 1 Finale) - Take a Bow Despicable Me 3 - Into the Groove Ugly Betty - Jump Ugly Betty - Miles Away Ugly Betty - Candy Shop