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  1. YES

    I'm like super embarrassed by it because of many reasons - one being they filmed at the most unflattering angle possible, an didn't use all the slides I created, and another being that ... oh fuck it.. *hides in embarrassment*
  2. YES

    I did an entire Ted Talk dedicated to how much she impacted my life! I don't think I would have survived my childhood and teens if it wasn't for her!
  3. Appreciate Holiday DWT Montage

    Wow! I have never seen this before!!!! Was this promoted the same way at Holiday DWT??? I wish they used the Live version of the song -- It would have given the montage more 'life'
  4. Personally, I've always felt these three would be apt songs for M to cover - especially with her lower range which is lush and beautiful ---- 1. Landslide - Fleetwood Mac The lyrics are very M, as well as, she could totally work it in her tours when she's rocking her guitar. M would milk the emotions beautifully and she would get standing ovations post every performance! 2. The Sound of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel I can so imagine singing a heart-wrenching version of this song in the same vein of 'Falling Free'. Another cover that, if performed live, would lead to standing ovations 3. Ride -- Lana Del Rey I know, this may surprise many, but every M cover has surprised the world. And I know M would totally own this song - might even take it to bigger heights than Lana could!
  5. YouTube reaction videos

    Can we please flush Sisley?? I can't deal with her ignorance and idiocy anymore!
  6. Performance vs Performance

    Holy Water (Rebel Heart Tour) v/s Candy Shop (Rebel Heart Tour)
  7. Was MJ a big of a star as Madonna?

    At the end of the day, MJ diddled children and was a disgusting creep. At least, Madonna truly did her best to "heal the world"
  8. Madonna Rewind: Beautiful Stranger

    I read somewhere that M really hated being directed by Brett Ratner during the shoot of this video. Anyone care to expand on that?
  9. Random Madonna Discussion

    Hot guy from Papa Don't Preach has turned into quite the silver fox
  10. Performance vs Performance

    You Must Love Me (Sticky & Sweet) v/s Don't Cry For Me Argentina (MDNA special in Argentina)
  11. Was MJ a big of a star as Madonna?

    M def has better art in her collection
  12. I loved seeing this all over TV at the time. I remember a lot of my friends (at the time) that weren't into M really enjoyed this. It led to me showing them the DWT DVD and turning them into loons. Has she ever released any other official tour montages? (RHT and MDNAT don't count because both the DVD's / BluRays are montages of a bazillion shows edited together)