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  1. I'm Gaygasming all over the place!!! Need to replace my box of tissues IT IS FUCKING EPIC!!!!!
  2. A part of me hopes it's not Madame X, primarily because of a super camp awful cult classic in Bollywood --- https://i.ytimg.com/vi/KTFFYjkT5ns/maxresdefault.jpg
  3. I think this is the Maluma song?? https://www.ascap.com/repertory#ace/search/workID/340998318
  4. um... what is this??? https://www.ascap.com/repertory#ace/search/workID/330723623
  5. Well, in all fairness, in the past, she performed this and said it would be the lead single from her upcoming album And some time later, this was released as the first single off her upcoming album --- And it was perfection! As were the following singles!!!
  6. What I love most about this song is that these are perhaps the most visually and symbolically rich lyrics in a Madonna song ever!
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