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  1. The cover for the single was the first time I remember buying an M single and being like WTF, who designed that? The photo used was just awful and had nothing to do with the movie or theme of the song. So out of place...
  2. I think she probably wanted time off to invest into her failing marriage. Wasn’t Sean in jail for a significant portion of this tour due to assaulting the photographers that regularly harrassed the “Poison Penns”
  3. As an avid collector the day I finally owned an authentic Erotica Picture Disc was one of the happiest in my life ;-) I still pinch myself that I actually have one.
  4. I’m always surprised to read people want remastered versions of ROL or LAP. They both sound perfect to me, just play them loud ;-) i really dislike the remastering done for Celebration in 2009. Just bad...
  5. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    These new issues may not make it to FNAC, the Kylie Fever white vinyl didn’t and she’s quite successful in Europe too.
  6. The performance was great but vocals were not great. For this era i thought the Oprah show vocals were great, and also the vocals at Septimo de Callebria. The worst ever vocals must must be the Jonathon Ross show for American Life...

    So good that in Europe it made it onto two WEA various artists hits compilation CDs... "Hits 5" and "NRJ'
  8. Madonna "Riding The Rails" from Dick Tracy??

    The cassettes are all very interesting. I'm wondering if the True Blue one is a full album original line up, perhaps early versions too, maybe even with each time you break my heart.... we should crowd fund the purchase of them for the fan community!
  9. Madonna songs that finally CLICK.

    https://www.discogs.com/Madonna-Music-Unreleased/release/6121277 this DVD is out there on other Madonna file sharing forums ;-)
  10. Madonna songs that finally CLICK.

    Cyber raga and Time Stood Still. Due to the recent leak of their early versions I've given them both a lot of play and have rediscovered Time Stood Still, and have a new appreciation of Cyber Raga
  11. Favorite official remixes from Ray Of Light' singles?

    The frozen drumapellas were promo only??!!! The best ROL single mix is the Nothing Really Matters Vikram Cybercut
  12. Which half of MADONNA do you prefer?

    I thought the question was going to be Pussy or Tits
  13. You'll see - DWT. How impressive were those vocals?

    Somebody somewhere must have a pro shot version of this! It's well overdue being leaked
  14. Seymour Stein And The 'Embarrassing' Deal He Made With Madonna

    I'd agree, I think that's what was embarrassing; that she was not tied in for longer so could renegotiate a deal at a much better terms
  15. What About: D&D's Flamenco Breakdown

    I always liked this part, but remember the total disappointment of buying the 7" single thinking I was going to get the version played on Atlantic 252 long wave radio (my favourite UK station of the era), I was all ready for the Deep Deep Deep Deep breakdown and got the guitars! The confusion! Anyways about 15 years later I discovered the Radio version I'd loved was David Morales Radio mix. I still think that's the best one!!!