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  1. I thought the question was going to be Pussy or Tits
  2. Somebody somewhere must have a pro shot version of this! It's well overdue being leaked
  3. I'd agree, I think that's what was embarrassing; that she was not tied in for longer so could renegotiate a deal at a much better terms
  4. I always liked this part, but remember the total disappointment of buying the 7" single thinking I was going to get the version played on Atlantic 252 long wave radio (my favourite UK station of the era), I was all ready for the Deep Deep Deep Deep breakdown and got the guitars! The confusion! Anyways about 15 years later I discovered the Radio version I'd loved was David Morales Radio mix. I still think that's the best one!!!
  5. The sticker says "stickered stock only" in small print, which to me implies a following unstickered edition is coming which will not be colour vinyl.... the strangest thing for me is how unannounced this pressing has been. I love little surprises and I'm delighted that Warners/Rhino see merit in repressing her back catalogue.
  6. The Rescue Me Houseboat Mix Edit is just an early fade of the normal mix, which was available on the UK 12" inexplicably faded. The full mix would have easily fit on the record.
  7. In the UK Atlantic 252 played Deeper and Deeper (David's Radio Edit), i remember my utter disappointment buying the 7", giving it a spin to discover it wasn't the same edit. A year or two later i bought the German CD, and still didn't find the mix! Of all the promos i ever got, it was this one that made me feel most satisfied ;-)
  8. The 7" Edit of Physical Attraction which was released on PRO-S-2023 to promote the double A side Burning Up/Physical Attraction 12" maxi is an edit of a different mix to the one on the 12" and album. I'd suggest it's an edit of a Reggie Lucas Only version with the full length longer one being Jellybean's (his mixes of this era always have an airy reverb). The edit is also used on the You Can Dance single edits, and as the bside on the Japan CD Single Collection box set.
  9. Does anyone know why the promo posters, and displays carry the album artwork with an altered colour scheme? Was there a last minute change to the palate or what??
  10. Any chance of a rip of this in WAV?? I've heard rumour of this version but not managed to track down a copy...
  11. Anyone got a WAV of this, even from cassette source?
  12. Are they different pressings? Or is the made in Europe one being sold stateside?
  13. I got two this morning after queuing for over an hour with my disgruntled partner (for the second copy!), two people in front of me also got one each so in Edinburgh in one store they had at least four copies.... But very happy to get at face value, the quality of printing etc is far higher than the awful Rhino album reissues from a few years ago. Love it!
  14. This looks like the Westwood One 3 vinyl set has made it to CD, hopefully from the actual masters rather than a vinyl broadcasr over fm radio, although this release is highlighting that its FM quality which i think is like a 96kbps mp3?