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  1. When we wake up she told us to make the best of our lives, take care of each other and the world around us. i was really touched when she spoke about Malawi and her work there. When she discussed improving and opening new schools she added that girls needed education which got a big cheer from the crowd. at one point some idiot shouted “get your tits out” to which she quipped “I did that already”! she sounded disgusted about the idea of the unplugged suggestion. She retorted about being very much plugged! such a great experience and one I won’t ever forget.
  2. I dont get the general disdain for this project. I prefer Greatest Hits albums to give us the versions we heard on the radio, so the radio edits were the right ones to use. I was disappointed with Celebration that it used the album versions! I already had all the albums. I want a career retrospective similar to the Japan 40 CD box from 1995 which includes all the single edits and remix edits. It annoys me that an artist like Kylie can do this for a back catalogue on CD (time capsule) and itunes; yet Madonna who actually defined this genre is still not represented. I am a huge collector of Madonna and find it a travesty that i cant buy Open Your Heart (Remix) on CD or download it! Any way back to GHV2, "the second coming" is a better title and tie in to TIC. And a new song would've been nice. The 2CD promo remixes made up for it though with the rare Bedtime Story dub and the Wiflfag new remix. Ive got sone really fantastic collectibles from this era, maybe as a collector the vast array of international promos made up for the lack of new content.
  3. it's got to be the Cassette/Vinyl version by Jellybean. I was so happy when the instrumental of that version leaked in digital WAV thinking that the vocal one would soon follow; sadly not. It would be great to get this mix in pure digital, something of the echoey flange synth sounds gets lost when ripping from cassette or vinyl.
  4. I'm in Block 004 Row K. Does anyone know where the cross intersection will be? i.e. which rows will be cut into? It appears in some venues that there are nine row to the cross, which is seven rows deep? Any thoughts? I'm soon excited after seeing the stage pics for Montreal
  5. Thanks for the info, I've just pre-ordered! I love that mix! I spent a small fortune on a 1987 "Hit It" Warner promo CD to get that one in digital, it will be interesting to hear it with up to date mastering. Hopefully not overly compressed/LOUD. I think this is the first time on CD (anywhere, not just UK) for quite a few of these tracks.
  6. I've tried to rip the audio from both of the DVD versions and the 5.1 audio for Dick Tracy has the sound effects in the centre channel so cannot be cleaned, and the vision quest soundtrack is stereo so same problem.
  7. Several years ago I ripped the mono tracks in each of the european languages on the DVD, the german dubbed track one had less sound on top of ITG compared to the English track. Sadly I didn't keep it and I think it was dolby compressed anyway. I've also had an attempt at removing the sounds on Vision Quest using spectral layers but it didn't work out, again only a lossy dolby stereo track from DVD.
  8. I love this track and have done since release, I remember reading in Smash Hits at the time that Madonna had something to do with the original. Just in case you didn't know the Steve Silk Hurley Dub with Madonna can be found here on CD: http://www.discogs.com/Was-Not-Was-Somewhere-In-America-Theres-A-Street-Named-After-My-Dad/release/1016608 The full 12" Steve Silk Hurley vocal mix can be found here on Vinyl and cassette versions only of "Now Dance '92" (there is an equivalent CD release but it had the radio edit which was Kim Bassinger) http://www.discogs.com/Various-Now-Dance-92/release/566373 I have these releases so can verify that they are definitely the Madonna vocals, it is especially noticeable as her when she says "you can't put your finger on the truth" and also "mmm, let's go to bed"
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