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  1. Hey Jan. How are you? Hope you and your family are all ok. I just wanted to say thanks for your messages and kind words. Much appreciated. Xxx

  2. A remarkable woman,a talented politician. I truly thought and hoped that she would become the next US president. I admire her tenacity,her ambition,her keen intellect. Americans will come to wish that she had gotten the keys to the white house. They will look back and say "What the fuck have we done?.
  3. What a despicable practice! People struggling with their sexuality need support and help,not some quack trying to push a "cure" onto them! Pity there isn't a cure for people being an ignorant cunt!!!
  4. What the fuck is going on? What is wrong with people in the world today? That poor woman's husband now has to break the news to his 2 young children,that their Mother has been murdered,and for what??? May she rest in peace. May the piece of shit that did this rot inside a cell for the rest of his life!
  5. Somebody else's son,somebody else's daughter dead and for what? People went to a nightclub to go dancing and enjoy themselves and didn't come home. What will it take for the U.S government to radically reform their gun laws and amend the constitution? How many people have to die needlessly before something changes? How has the NRA been allowed to attain so much power and influence? My heart hangs heavy for those men and women who lost their lives,and I send my thoughts and prayers to their families and friends. Hopefully this cowardly act will inspire the change and reform that is so desperately needed.
  6. That is heartbreaking to read,that poor little boy will now grow up without his Mother,and for what? Such a tragic waste of life.
  7. My heart and prayers goes out to those poor people who were killed and to all of their families and friends. Has anybody claimed responsibility for this latest attack? Right now more than ever,people from all backgrounds,races & religions need to come together and show the vile fuckers who have carried out this cowardly attrocity,that people will NOT be terrorised.
  8. I agree with Sir Suedehead! Living For Love deserved to be as big a hit as Hung Up.. Deffo the best lead single she's done since then too.
  9. Another great track that could've been given a kick ass video. I'd have loved to have seen Madonna in New Orleans in 19th century Gothic horror, trying to save her soul from Satan.
  10. Nothing will change until the constitution is amended and a US President has the balls to take on the gun lobby.
  11. Great song,love how she mashed it up with Love Don't Live Here Anymore.
  12. I see no reason why she can't release 2 or 3 more singles throughout the course of the tour. My picks would be; Single 4:Hold Tight. (October Release). Single 5:Joan Of Arc. (January Release). Single 6:Rebel Heart. (March Release).
  13. Queen would make such a dramatic end to a concert, Madonna being killed onstage and being carried off in a coffin,as the male voice boomed out "May God bless you all!". Would be a bit of a bummer though!
  14. Nobody can justify killing a beautiful creature like that lion,the fact that this piece of shit paid to do it is beyond reprehensible. The owners of the park should also be punished for allowing it to happen in the first place.
  15. Mine goes something like this; Side One. 1. Living For Love. 2. Ghosttown. 3. Devil Pray. 4. Hold Tight. 5. Nothing Lasts Forever. 6. Joan Of Arc. 7. Inside Out. (Demo Version) 8. Heaven. Side Two. 1. Rebel Heart (Avvici Version) 2. Beautiful Scars. (Demo Version) 3. Wash All Over Me. ( Piano Version) 4. Borrowed Time. ( Avvici Version) 5. Heartbreak City. 6. Best Night. 7. Messiah. 8. Queen.
  16. That's one shady ass rat! You all know it's got it's homies there chillin in Madonna's bathroom, listening to the leaked version of Rodent Heart on it's mini iPod! Having a lovely little vay cay in M's bidet!!!!
  17. At last we found Madonna's hacker!! It was that pesky rat all along!! Time to burn it's furry little ass!!!!
  18. There is a god!!! I love it when hypocrisy like this is exposed. There is a God...and her name is MADONNA!!!
  19. Grrr! What the deuce!!! Where the fuck is our Ghosttown video? Would anyone mind if I kill Madonna?
  20. On the issue of a double album,it would've been great to release the first volume (Rebel) in March as she did and volume 2 (Heart) in November, would've been a great way to bag some Christmas sales and further promote the tour. Oh well,never mind.
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