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  1. I subscribe to Spotify because i enjoy the immediacy of just clicking a button and listening to my favourite tunes and because I think it's good value for money. I feel guilty sometimes because record stores are slowly becoming a thing of the past. I used to love going to my local store and browsing the racks for vinyl. This was back in the 80's though when my Madonna fandom was just beginning. Like A Prayer was the first LP I bought.
  2. Paul Wade

    George Michael thread

    ^ I completely agree. The poor man has been dead a week and his boyfriend is airing,what should be private business on Twitter. I just know at some point he'll do some tacky interview with a magazine or newspaper. Whatever George's demons were in life,let him rest in peace now that he's gone.
  3. Paul Wade

    George Michael thread

    All of my childhood icons are dying! Such a beautiful man. A soulful voice,an amazing songwriter. I hope he was pain free and surrounded by people who loved him. Such a loss. May he rest in peace. You Have Been Loved. Xx
  4. A remarkable woman,a talented politician. I truly thought and hoped that she would become the next US president. I admire her tenacity,her ambition,her keen intellect. Americans will come to wish that she had gotten the keys to the white house. They will look back and say "What the fuck have we done?.
  5. What a despicable practice! People struggling with their sexuality need support and help,not some quack trying to push a "cure" onto them! Pity there isn't a cure for people being an ignorant cunt!!!
  6. Paul Wade

    Neneh Cherry

    Loved Neneh. Back in 89,Buffalo Stance was giving me LIFE!! Manchild was an amazing tune too.
  7. What the fuck is going on? What is wrong with people in the world today? That poor woman's husband now has to break the news to his 2 young children,that their Mother has been murdered,and for what??? May she rest in peace. May the piece of shit that did this rot inside a cell for the rest of his life!
  8. Paul Wade

    Mass shooting at Florida gay nightclub

    Somebody else's son,somebody else's daughter dead and for what? People went to a nightclub to go dancing and enjoy themselves and didn't come home. What will it take for the U.S government to radically reform their gun laws and amend the constitution? How many people have to die needlessly before something changes? How has the NRA been allowed to attain so much power and influence? My heart hangs heavy for those men and women who lost their lives,and I send my thoughts and prayers to their families and friends. Hopefully this cowardly act will inspire the change and reform that is so desperately needed.
  9. Paul Wade

    Your top 10 Prince songs!

    A genius like Prince can't be contained to just 10 songs! He wrote so many classics. My list goes like this; 1. Controversy. 2. 1999. 3. When Doves Cry. 4. Purple Rain. 5. The Beautiful Ones. 6. Kiss. 7. Under The Cherry Moon. 8. Sign Of The Times. 9. Thieves In The Temple. 10.Gett Off. 11.Cream. 12.Diamonds and Pearls. 13.Sexy MF. 14.My Name Is Prince. 15.The Most Beautiful Girl In The World. 16.I Hate You. 17.Musicology. 18.Cinnamon Girl. 19.Black Sweat. 20.Fall In Love Tonight.
  10. Paul Wade

    Prince Dead at 57

    WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING? First Bowie in January,now Prince! Totally shocked and gutted! He was one of the few artists who deserved the title of genius. I feel like all my childhood heroes are being taken from us. Will somebody go and lock Madonna and George Michael up please! 2016 has been a total ballache so far,taking all of these amazing artists from us far too soon. RIP Prince,Gone But Not Forgotten. Xx
  11. Paul Wade

    Barbra Streisand

    What's Up Doc is a classic. Can we talk about how hot Ryan O'Neal was back in the day? Plus was Beyonce ever caught and convicted of murdering The Way We Were?
  12. Paul Wade

    David Bowie thread

    Totally gutted. Alongside Madonna,he was my favourite artist. A true innovator and one of the few people who genuinely deserved the title ICON,thanks for the music Mr.Bowie you will be missed. Now let's all go and buy a copy of Blackstar and make his final album No1 this week,it will be a fitting tribute.
  13. Paul Wade

    Coldplay thread

    Barney on the off chance that you do get arrested, I'll come and bail you out. I'll give all the policemen there a good blow job. I'm a giving kind of guy like that! Xx
  14. Paul Wade

    New attack in Paris

    That is heartbreaking to read,that poor little boy will now grow up without his Mother,and for what? Such a tragic waste of life.
  15. Paul Wade

    New attack in Paris

    My heart and prayers goes out to those poor people who were killed and to all of their families and friends. Has anybody claimed responsibility for this latest attack? Right now more than ever,people from all backgrounds,races & religions need to come together and show the vile fuckers who have carried out this cowardly attrocity,that people will NOT be terrorised.