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  1. Hey Jan. How are you? Hope you and your family are all ok. I just wanted to say thanks for your messages and kind words. Much appreciated. Xxx

  2. maluma is hot as fuck!!!!! I hope she is tapping his ass.
  3. I'd loved to have seen Mariah's face when she found out that Madonna was playing the Billboard Awards too. I bet some dishes got broken that night.
  4. Kiefer Sutherland? What the actual fuck? How can the woman who gave us Like A Prayer and Ray of Light to name but 2 pop classics not be on any playlist?
  5. Unfortunately Madonna's days of instant top ten hits are over,as much as it pains me to say that. This is due to the fact that we live in an ageist society,who don't see acts like Madonna as "relevant to the youth market". I'd rather she released an album of top notch material and had a No1 album,than chase some trend that will be forgotten 6 months from now and had a top ten hit. At least she can take some comfort from the fact that she's had 63 top ten singles in the UK.
  6. Is Madonna still in London? I'm in London myself now. Does anybody think it would be rude of me to drop by her place and ask her to give me a cheeky listen to her new track?
  7. I'm so excited that we know nothing about her new material. Takes me back to the old days. I remember hearing Like A Prayer on the radio just 2 days before I went to buy it! I can't wait to see what she has in store for us.
  8. Sorry I'm a little late to this who,what,when and why? Where did any of this come from? I've looked on the net and found nothing about Madonna giving any kind of performance! I hope it's true. What an amazing way to start the new year!
  9. Am I being overly optimistic to say it will outsell The Immaculate Collection? Lol
  10. Seeing as the theme for Madonna's next album might be Magic,M should have her next reinvention be that of a magician,have Gaga as her assistant and make her disappear!
  11. I'd like to see Madonna give her twist on the Greta Garbo as Mata Hari look. What do you guys think?
  12. A remarkable woman,a talented politician. I truly thought and hoped that she would become the next US president. I admire her tenacity,her ambition,her keen intellect. Americans will come to wish that she had gotten the keys to the white house. They will look back and say "What the fuck have we done?.
  13. What a despicable practice! People struggling with their sexuality need support and help,not some quack trying to push a "cure" onto them! Pity there isn't a cure for people being an ignorant cunt!!!
  14. What the fuck is going on? What is wrong with people in the world today? That poor woman's husband now has to break the news to his 2 young children,that their Mother has been murdered,and for what??? May she rest in peace. May the piece of shit that did this rot inside a cell for the rest of his life!
  15. Somebody else's son,somebody else's daughter dead and for what? People went to a nightclub to go dancing and enjoy themselves and didn't come home. What will it take for the U.S government to radically reform their gun laws and amend the constitution? How many people have to die needlessly before something changes? How has the NRA been allowed to attain so much power and influence? My heart hangs heavy for those men and women who lost their lives,and I send my thoughts and prayers to their families and friends. Hopefully this cowardly act will inspire the change and reform that is so desperately needed.
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