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  1. Greta Garbo and Monroe Taylor,Crawford ,Diamggio Sidney Poiter and Josephine Oozing glamour in a magazine. Dandridge,Horne and Harrlow Jean Picture's of a beauty queen. Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire. Ginger Rogers danced on air. They had style they had Grace. Rita and Mae gave good face. Lauren, Katherine,Lana too. Bette Davis we love you. Brando,Clift and Jimmy Dean. Hanging out on the scene. Ladies with an attitude Fellas that were in the mood. Don't just stand there Let's get to it. Strike A Pose, there's nothing to it. VOGUE!!!! Just rewrote the Vogue rap for fun. Add your own versions. Who would you include.? If she wrote Vogue now what stars of today do you think she'd include?
  2. Rocco in drug bust by cops

    Ooh can you imagine feeling the full on wrath of DEMONNA when she found out that Rocco had been arrested? She must've gone NUCLEAR on both Rocco and Guy's ass!!!! Tear em both a new asshole M!!!!😠😠😠
  3. A remarkable woman,a talented politician. I truly thought and hoped that she would become the next US president. I admire her tenacity,her ambition,her keen intellect. Americans will come to wish that she had gotten the keys to the white house. They will look back and say "What the fuck have we done?.
  4. Spice Girls thread

    Hey Barnes. No I've never been to see her,looks like it'd be a good night though. X
  5. Spice Girls thread

    I totally agree with what she said about bowing out on a high. The Spice Girls had their day in the sun,time to move on. I think it's always better to leave the fans wanting more. She looks great in that Love photoshoot. Plus,she's from my neck of the woods so I think she's great.
  6. Favorite Madonna song of ALL TIME

    Ooh this is like Sophie's Choice! I'm going to have to choose Like A Prayer. It was the first Madonna single I ever bought way back in the spring of '89. So many memories attached to the song. Not only that,but it is pure pop masterpiece.
  7. Madonna and Mapplethorpe

    What a missed opportunity. I loved the documentary about him,and Patti Smith's book Just Kids which features Mapplethorpe a lot is amazing. I can understand why he might've intimidated Madonna earlier on in her career,he was a very provocative photographer and I don't think she'd have had the confidence to allow him to photograph her. Now if he hadn't died,I think between the years 1989 and 1992 Madonna was by then the Queen of Controversy and the 2 of them,had they collaborated would've no doubt made some amazing work.
  8. Beautiful track,very atmospheric. It reminds me of Mer Girl in that respect,such a simple song,but very evocative. Would've killed for it to be a single.
  9. Madonna For A Day

    The day she fucked JFK Jnr.
  10. Nick Jonas: chasing that pink pound

    I'd love to see Madonna on that show. Because she's so fit,you know by the end of the episode she'd be carrying Bear.
  11. In a word NO! I know people think that this song is catchy and infectious, BUT SO IS HERPES!!! MDNA should've gone like this; 1. Masterpiece. 2. Gang Bang. 3. I'm Addicted. 4. Love Spent.
  12. What a despicable practice! People struggling with their sexuality need support and help,not some quack trying to push a "cure" onto them! Pity there isn't a cure for people being an ignorant cunt!!!
  13. The day Madonna retires is the day she dies. She has so much creative energy,I think she'd go crazy if she wasn't working on something. Her career is the one aspect in her life (besides her children) that has always been there for her and has never let her down.
  14. So the film IS happening

    I could never understand why Madonna didn't make a musical,there are so many hit Broadway shows she could've adapted to the big screen,or she could've written one about someone she truly admires. I've always wondered what a musical about Martha Graham or Tamara de Lempicka would look and sound like. Or she could even draw inspiration from her own life. Just imagine a musical set in early 80s New York,with characters like Basquiat,Warhol and Keith Haring. I'd pay to see that.