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  1. Oh yes there's been a ton of footage filmed I agree with you about that.
  2. That could be true but I think she filmed God Control first because she wanted it out first but she went with Medellin & Crave instead.
  3. Absolutely brilliant. Madonna and Mirwais have really delivered here, no wonder she was posting instgram raving about disco this song is 6 minutes of euphoria. I love how it starts unexpectedly, it's steady with the choir and chants pulling the listener in with her political analysis of the world .....and then BAM that brilliant wake up call like an advert to life and then the door of disco is opened...it's an invitation to politics on the dance floor and the beat is pure gold. It makes the speakers bleed.
  4. It must be it makes sense now with her athenmic message throughout the song of wake up and I remember that was the message written on the theratre it said "we need to wake up".
  5. I was like that. Then I heard it. It doesn't disappoint it's a real highlight. 10/10 the best Mirwais and Madonna can get it could sit alongside Music any day it's infectious as hell.
  6. Is it a mis print? I've not seen a DVD advertised as part of the album anywhere else…
  7. True but I guess they are so distinctive of Vogue in its style.
  8. It reminds me of Vogue the clicks and the strings.....it's got such a 90s house beat to it. It's everything LFL was stripped of in that respect. (Demo to release)
  9. Well things certainly changed it was the first video she shot so obviously she wanted it as lead but it changed.
  10. Eurovision has been done to death. But you are right. The song is amazing and would of worked for the audience. It's instant love. But Madonna is in artist mode not for the masses mode.
  11. It makes the speakers bleed. It's pop music at its best. The end.
  12. Now that WOULD be a treat if she did. But I think we will have to wait until the end of the month as I think she will release it with Pride.
  13. Hang in a minute there sugar lips this is different RH was leaked months before Madame X has been distributed throughout the world and sold as a product in its finished entirety. I will still buy the album. I will still stream the music every single day next week for the Queen. I won't share links on social media with anyone to discourage the public buying the album. Yes I've caved to listening to 2 tracks because Madonna is my addiction and my cravings are dangerous.
  14. I agree she is still the Queen. She never wasn't.
  15. God Control is certainly disco eurphoria.....I think it must be that one I haven't heard any of the others but I think there's elements of disco in a few songs. Mirwais has worked his magic. God Control make the speakers bleed.
  16. Happy? I'm ecstatic. This is Madonna at her best. I adore the full range of flavours she has produced from what I've heard thus far on the album it's so varied and vast but these moments of eurphria diSco are lush.
  17. It's brilliant. I had high expectations when I heard the 2 Ms were back in the studio together and I am blown away. Madonna has just added yet more delicious music to her incredible catalogue.
  18. God Control is epic. The chants the choir the insane disco beat. I can't wait for this video. IDSIF has the backing music from Vogue and is very 90s housey.
  19. It was also WB that chose 4minutes Madonna wanted Candy Shop....Madonna has admitted she is crap at picking singles.
  20. It is odd it seems to me the stronger contenders for singles are still on the album unreleased. Its obvious Madonna wanted God Control as a lead she shot it first but I understand the campaign has been to build on her streaming profile and I totally understand that. My only gripe is Eurovision but we have done that to death why take a song like Future with the amazing gems on X such as God Control....but I guess we live in different times in 2019.
  21. I have still bought album and stream all next week for her but I did cave but only for God Control I'll wait for the rest in Friday. She is an addiction.
  22. Wait till you hear God Control and you'll know what I mean. I don't mind Future but it's meh standing next to the other songs on X.
  23. It's just brilliant. I just don't understand why she choose that bloody Future over this it would of been incredible at the Eurovision the lyrics and the chanting are all brilliant. Its better than everything she's put out promo-wise from X so far.
  24. Okay I've caved after reading so much hype around the song on here and I am blown away. It's an insanity fantastic song. Only Madonna could mix politics and disco. 10/10 easy.
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