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  1. It's not. General election by the end of the year.
  2. Yet again she is making decisions based more on her political survival than the national intrerest
  3. I agree about your 3 options the way I see it is by the time the end of this ridiculous extension we will be in the same boat as we were on March 29th. I highly doubt the Queen will step in her constitutional position could be compromised and it would be bad PR all round the Queen and the PM get on and that's what works for Britain but I'm sure she is disgusted behind the net curtains of Buckingham palace at all this dragging through the mud.
  4. The extension to June 30th includes the European elections and if we are included in these in May it will be of enourmous embaresment. I know the prime minister doesn't want the UK involved in the up and coming elections but on paper we will still be for all purposes part of the EU. I just hope we don't have to be involved in these it will be a waste of time and effort all round.
  5. A calculated move to distract from the content most of the speech was just attacks on Corbyn anyway she only really discussed 2 policies. I work in the public sector and we continue to be run on a shoe string as usual under a Tory government. I hold UKIP very much accountable for all that propaganda and selling false facts to sway a leave and cause this torment.
  6. This demo will go down in history amongst fans as far as I can see as the most loved demo of any Madonna song!!!
  7. It's a shame Madonna is knee deep in tour prep as a weeks worth of promo...an assault on the radio as some TV spots to lap up the huge buzz of BIM this week/next week could get the song potentially into the top 20 and have some impact on the songs downloads and dare I say it.....some AirPlay stateside! God imagine if Fallon was this week.....
  8. Without some radio surpor next week in the states, it will drop off.... I can't see another week of 15million views. I just wish Madonnas team had the video ready to drop on the Monday instead of delays.... This looks like the only chance she will get of a song in the BB100 and those few days of streams has cost her a decent place on the chart.
  9. The video lost a few days of streams as it was dropped mid-week....so maybe it could of gown her a Top40.....
  10. NUMBER 84!?!?! That's brilliant just imagine what it COULD of reached if her team made sure it was dropped at the start of the week.....instead of the middle!!!! Those days lost could of gurenteed her a place in the TOP 50!!!!!!!
  11. In a perfect world but I can't see the VMAs giving her a moon man over the likes of Swift or Cyrus. Maybe it would be different IF she shows up and performs....
  12. BIM will see Madonna returning after a decade to the VMA nominations. Not a chance in hell of winning but it will be nice to see the mistress of music videos back included!!
  13. The videos great and even Adam Lavine makes a brief appearence! There's cameos all over the place and Rocco and David are in it. Have to watch it again to see if Lola and Macy are in it. It's my least favourite videos from RHera BUT I hope it gets the attention it deserves.
  14. What? I said I'd like to see her headline Glasto next year (as part of a promo tour...that is this thread!?)....we already know the albums out next year... What's the issue?
  15. Glastonbury. That would be epic....Madonna headlining it next year would be amazing promo for the new album and tour. The press for it would be on same level as Super Bowl.....plus she has "almost" agreed to it before.
  16. Rocco has posted pics Malawi on his IG aswell, so I think it's certain she's in Malawi.
  17. Well there's no doubt whatever she releases in Febuary after it, will be number1. I can't see Madonna going up against Perry after her Super Bowl.... But that might be too "early" it could be March before we get a single.
  18. But is Katy releasing anything after her Super Bowl?I agree she will be everywhere, and if she releases new material after it nobody stands a chance chart-wise.
  19. I was discounting the minutes she wasn't alone on the Bowl stage. I wonder if Katy will have as many people on her Bowl stage?
  20. 2 things are certain about 2015. The album will be released. She will launch a world tour. Dates, styles, venues, singles, promo is anyone's guess.
  21. Nothing offcial. But I think the behind the scenes stuff will be very active in December. A music video shoot, setting up promo and finally, finishing the album.
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