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  1. Confessit

    Is MDNA tour her best ever?

    It was her most magnificent tour to promote her least magnificent album. That always felt so ironic to me!
  2. Confessit

    Is MDNA tour her best ever?

    It was spectacular. In terms of staging it’s the one of the best tours ever produced period!
  3. The visuals and staging were out of the world though so although I crave a band like the girlie show, MDNA was spectacular so made up for it.
  4. That’s so bizarre if the musicians are there anyway getting paid. Why not use them to make it sound better !? I hope the sound is authentic and real when she does her residency, if she’s slowing things down and it sounds like RHT (which really is just glorified playback) then I hope she’s has killer sound otherwise it will dim the impact.
  5. Do you think some of it was the scaling down on the budget for RHT? Compared to MDNA obviously it was produced at a much lower cost ?
  6. Just a side note how do Madonna concerts nowerdays compare with others using a real band or just playing it though a computer ??
  7. I have to agree there’s zero excuses for it. She brought the bad press on herself no doubt about it.
  8. That’s what puzzles me I mean the MDNA tour was her most lavish so much going on so I understood some of the lates with so many things technically that could go wrong. But not the RH tour. It’s ironic because we are always hearing how she is a stickler for being on time, interviews and appearances and people she works with are always commenting how religiously punctual she is. I don’t think it’s fair when your charging her prices to be late and effect people’s travel I do think the lateness has effected her footfall. That said I am grateful she still gives us amazing shows with unrivalled energy.
  9. I loved Holiday! The DVD doesn’t need do it justice the impact on the stadium at the end was so wonderful everyone singing and dancing! I understand it was very paced and chilled compared to her other finals but we all know she is getting older. I loved it.
  10. I heard that too perhaps not for a one off but her shows for most of the tour were incredibly late.
  11. I felt sorry for her for the video crashing ! The whole late start thing on the last 2 tours for me in inexcusable.....she never ever used to be so god damn late. Everyone else manages it but rocking up hours late is terrible for the fans who have paid a small fortune to see you, and rude. Such a shame as her live shows continue to get mass praise across the board (when her music nowerdays is left out in the cold) yet her terrible late starts are tarnishing her incredible reputation she has built over the years.
  12. Confessit

    Her next tour

    This is a Hot debate. Some fans think the contract is finished others think she has one more tour. One things for certain she has one more album to deliver.
  13. Confessit

    Her next tour

    I think even at this point she could still sell out global arenas as she did with RH but at her prices, the late arrivals on stage and no chart presence it is becoming increasingly difficult. I think the residencey idea will take place after his album. I think they’ll be one last album/tour cycle to complete the LN contract.
  14. Confessit

    Her next tour

    Depends how her new album is received and if it has the impact RH didn’t. If she could have another hit single she would sell more tickets but the RH tour did struggle especially in cities she has always traditionally played multiple nights. Time will tell.
  15. Madonna only stated touring more than her usual 4 months after she signed the mega bucks deal with LiveNation. She never wanted to burn herself out and she moved rapidly onto the next project after she wrapped her tours. I doubt we would of got the amazing projects we did so soon if she had of tours for double or triple her contenpories always toured in the 80s and 90s.