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  1. The promo campaign for Ms new album

    200 millon people watching, tons of press coverage and the number 1 twitter trending the following day.... ....it’s a no brainier to launch her back to Europe. I think it would have a better impact performing a first single at the Eurovision than the VMAs or EMAs.
  2. Could work! But I think May is too early for the album to be ready I don’t think she would release a single without the whole thing being completed. Part of me wants this though because I do think scoring a hit in Europe is possible......America it would take a miracle or a featured artist. So bring it on!!!
  3. Cyndi Lauper: Madonna is Not Eloquent

    I agree with her but let’s not take it out of context, Madonna wasn’t offering to suck dicks for votes which is what Lauper wasn’t keen on.
  4. I agree but I think she is savvy enough to know the press will all roll with it so why not use it herself as marketing.
  5. The promo campaign for Ms new album

    I wonder how Madonna feels about it as much as LN but I agree with you the demand in tickets isn’t as strong as when she originally signed and she was having global hits then in 2009. But I have high hopes this time round as she must want something different as she put a lot of effort into RH lots of appearances but no cigar.....so I think she will look at the release strategy more. Plus no bloody leaks!
  6. The promo campaign for Ms new album

    Really? I’m sure they would have her she would be perfect for it.
  7. Madonna once ruled literally the roost in Europe but since leaving Warner’s she’s been wiped out. If she took her lead single to the Eurovision it would warm Europe back up to her and everyone would know she had new music out! It would be incredible exposure.
  8. The promo campaign for Ms new album

    Do you think the new music will be ready in time for May though?
  9. The promo campaign for Ms new album

    Glasto 2019 would be amazing. I didn’t realise we would get the music this year which looks likely as she’s recording it right now so I’m guessing she will be on tour next year. But Glastonbury is the biggest and most significant music festival in the world with a global following and if she played the converted legends spot it would a perfect opptunity to bring her to the masses again, something I feel she’s become somewhat distant from in recent years. My guess is the album will be out this summer so I think the VMAs is extremely likely.....a huge opener with the lead single!
  10. The promo campaign for Ms new album

    The video needs to be ready to launch as soon as the song drops.....the leaks and the iTunes preview destroyed LFL having that big reveal week! I wouldn’t say TV is beneath her, if anything it still gives her exposure the radio doesn’t so it’s a place people will hear she has new music out and listen to the new music. Ellen was small time and it was a surprise she wasnt on the week the album was out ! Id love her to do a few gigs to launch the album I think an awards show performance is highly likely depending on when she releases it will be either the VMAs or the EMAs.
  11. The promo campaign for Ms new album

    Is it that easy just to hire someone in though? All roads lead back to the major record companies don’t they? I’m naive to it but if she could I wish she would but isn’t that what her manager is suppose to do!!
  12. It would give her a massive audience that’s for sure.
  13. The promo campaign for Ms new album

    That’s what worry’s me even if the music is brilliant like you say she has little to no support from the record company. I agree with you about touring, she is selling out less now (fewer dates in city’s) because she hasn’t been impactful on the charts, a hit single this year would be the remedy over night but it seems she has no team just Guy O.
  14. I have a feeling she will release in conjunction with her big birthday. I think she knows the press will run with it so why not...?
  15. The promo campaign for Ms new album

    She signed on for 3 albums MDNA and RH were released through Interscope so this album will be the last. Unfortunately your right. The trouble is it isn’t a traditional recording contract it’s a distribution deal which doesn’t come with the same amount of perks she got at WB in terms of radio deals and marketing. But who knows what she’s planning I think she was very aware of RH not impacting and wants this album to do better. I think she can still have a hit and it looks like she’s hiring in some very successful current people to work on new music.