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  1. I thought it was pretty good. I was expecting epic reference to Jackson and Madonna but she did Gaga. Some good vocals and a good mix of songs, it was no where near the level of staging Madonna brought, but it was enjoyable still. I don't think it's nessacray all this hate talk, she didn't reference anyone else and it felt authentic to her, end of!
  2. If it wasn't for SuperBowl Madonna wouldn't of scored her 38th Billboard top it gave her somewhat a commercial resurgence!
  3. Diana Ross was listed as the biggest selling female selling artist until 1993 in Guinness book of records until Madonna took the title. Her sales were enourmours in the days before Mariah, Whitney and Madonna cane and smashed it.
  4. I think born this way will be the main song along with bad romance. But the halftime show is no time for getting political, I can't see the NFL allowing it to become a gay rights event.
  5. I'm shocked at how she's gone about dropping this as a lead single, forgetting for a minute how average the song/video are she hasn't done any promotion. She avoided the VMAs and hasn't appeared anywhere to promote it, I don't get it? Its like she's sneaking out a new album in less than a month. No TV, magazines or anything she's still in the studio finishing the album!! Very odd indeed.
  6. I think it will be a top ten in most countries for her including America. But for a lead it's a dud compared to her huge songs/videos that she's out out.
  7. At the end of the day the fact this very topic is literally off the record speaks volumes! Gaga does have an impact here in the Madonna fandom! To want someone to fail or thrive in it they have to first of had an impression on you in the first place.....let's not forget Madonna made a career out of it! Im not saying Gaga hasn't stolen and blah blah blah in past, but sometimes I think some fans just want her to fail because she has enjoyed similar popularity that Madonna did (not as iconic or legendary). Just my opinion, but i take it for what it is, an average song from someone who we know can do a lot better.