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  1. Iconic moment Madonna looked so beautiful she really kept it together and when Courtney got in front of her she totally dropped the attitude, funny that?
  2. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    What an interesting read! Yes I think your right with all of that! It still surprises me to this day Like a prayer didn't sell more, it had massive singles and videos throughout 1989.
  3. Britney was absolutley massive for a lot longer than Gaga, she had massive album after massive album.
  4. Supposed Singles ?

    Sounds like a very cool concept.
  5. Haha perhaps but Madonnas legacy cannot bet be erased. Gaga is just another wannabe.
  6. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    I know what you mean but Madonna has fallen in and out of favour throughout. What was fascinating about the ROL/Music era 1998-2001 is that she was commercially and critically strong as well as her popularity being high. It was like the late 80s again, I do believe had she of enjoyed some hits and commercial success in recent years her popularity would be higher. But in recent years she's become more of a celebrity than artist in the popular arena.
  7. Yes she did do some back tracking but I don't think she was trying to erase she reacted under the comparisons but it is clearly EY backing track.
  8. Supposed Singles ?

    How high is a fantastic song could of been a hit with a great video. I didn't realise it had a rumoured video?
  9. That's abit harsh. I highly doubt Gaga ever wanted to erase Madonna, she was constantly talking about Madonna with her first album and openly said Born this Way was inspired by her. And I don't think she wanted to replace her either how could she? I agree she has used Madonna as a blue print but in just about every article written about her Madonnas name isn't too far behind, her activity is hardly sly it's obvious.
  10. MDNA Skin U.S. Launch (2nd thread)

    Another promo clip so much promotion for this skin range I love it!!
  11. MDNA Skin U.S. Launch (2nd thread)

    This is fan made though, right ?
  12. I dont think it would of become the biggest selling greatest hits then. I think in 1990 a universal approach was necessary. I just don't think a double-CD as a second edition would of worked in 1990.
  13. It was nice that she went heavy on the 80s songs for Celebration, making it much more of an essential collection of her career. But in 1990 she had to refelect on her mega hits.
  14. I agree he really supported the project and is and always has been a huge Madonna fan and has always spoken about her positivity in public. I was expecting him to distribute Loved but guessing it won't be him now.