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  1. Madonnas always been good to Japan for years.
  2. MADONNA REWIND: "Hung Up" on CIN

    Music and Hung Up are without doubt 2 incredible successes but I think Hung Up wins as a single. After all it has its place in the Guinness book of records as going to number 1 in the most counties....45!!!!! And it's her biggest achievement digitally by a country mile.
  3. I agree I'd love to see it the same way Blonde Ambition was filmed and has never seen the light of day!
  4. True but would it if flowed or looked too random on playback?
  5. I agree but I don't think Madonna wants that side of her documented on film forever.....that emotional and revealing side I mean. She spoke so brutally honestly about some aspects of her life. Im not surprised she's not putting out the whole thing.
  6. MADONNA REWIND: "Hung Up" on CIN

    You are right her lead singles have always packed a hard punch.....but her last 2 leads LFL and GMAYL are in the low positions if you was doing a top ten of Madonna lead singles.
  7. MADONNA REWIND: "Hung Up" on CIN

    Warners really went for it with her following the disappointment of American Life. 2005 was another mini peak for her globally. She was literally everywhere the promotion was exceptional now that's how a pop star delivers an album!!!
  8. I agree although anything that came after American Life in the states would of flopped due to the pulled video. Nothing Fails was global number 1 potential.
  9. FairPlay! I just thought the use of that write up does make it sound like there's a difference but I guess she's cut the very end of Heartbreak City.
  10. Okay fair enough! It will be excalty the same then.....but thats not what the write up suggests.
  11. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    OMG that picture is awful! Why not just use a real picture of her! Her skin is amazing for a woman almost 60! These airbrushed shots look like a cartoon.
  12. In the official write up on Madonna.com it says a version of the film previously debuted on Showtime in December. A version......That would lead me to believe there will be some differences between the DVD and the TV broadcast....
  13. Well considering the cut songs on the TV broadcast from Confessions and Sticky and Sweet were included on the DVD LDLHA could very well be included !
  14. Why does everyone think Love don't live here anymore won't be included ? She sang 2 lines from it lasted 30 seconds and it will form part of Heartbreak City.....so i understand it not getting a credit on the list on songs.
  15. That's very true! Although for me and I'll get shot down for this no doubt I feel the mature but funky sounds of Ray of Light should of come later on, but she seens to of reversed time with her sound and approach.