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  1. Micheal Jackson. History should of had that duet! I think looking back maybe she regrets it not working out.
  2. Well I think she just might do it. I never would of imagined she would go to a Truth or Dare anniversary. These days she is celebrating everything and I love that!
  3. I think she cares but not as much. Look at Icon and how that's gone. It's become one of the worst fanclubs. Her website is not as good as it used to be either.
  4. It would of been the duet of all time.
  5. Was she really bashed this much? Only in America for the anti war video (yes it finished her career in the states forever) but she remained popular? I know there was a huge backlash to American Life but that album still had huge hits in Europe and the VMA moment was incredibly celebrated so she brought it back I thought. I don't remember so many people going after her like they are now....
  6. It feels likes she's at a point in her career she's been the most criticised. Or is it just me?
  7. I didn't like Madonnas blow up the white house comment either but calling her an asshole is extream.
  8. I think that's a common occupance with Madonnas collaborations. Love song both Prince and Madonna has produced so much better solo, it was fairly limp. MATM Britney and Madonna again so much stronger apart, and her vocal just sounded slapped on to a song totally about Britney. 4 Minutes. A great song but again sounds more Justin featuring Madonna she doesnt even sing the lead line and it's all but forgotten now. GMAYL. Fun song but one of her worst ever leads, and the song that has divided the fans the most it seems! None of her duets have lived up to the hype.
  9. I know! Its like Jodi Foster being a republican🙄
  10. She looks so hot ! Shame his stupid reaction spoiled this I still don't get why he would shame her so pubically like that.
  11. She was the first headliner pop female that's for sure. Its become americas Glastonbury in terms of international press and celeb attendance.
  12. Such a classic song. And it's still her biggest selling single in the U.K.
  13. I agree with every word of this! The tone of the comment by the fan was off. I understand Patrick's somewhat direct response.
  14. Beautiful words from Patrick.
  15. That's right. But Madonna did push for the iTunes preview I remember reading from Guy O it was her idea but I wish she'd of least left out the lead single.