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  1. I think the lack of charting was as much to do with the fact Oh Father was very left-field for her at the time. Her singles had always been far more commercially viable than that and as great a song it was never single material in my opinion.
  2. Beautiful song gorgeous melodies and lyrics! Id take this over Masterpiece any day of the week!! Which sounds like a demo.
  3. WIFLFAG was a missed chance. The album track is gorgeous and as much as I like the Ritchie video, I think it's become rather forgettable, and she was robbed of another decent hit following on the tails of dont tell me... The dance track mix is so throw away.
  4. But it was a big hit for her stateside?
  5. I agree. I think ROL and Music considering they are very hot on the electronica sound of the day, sound so fresh even today. Erotica and LAP I think have aged a lot.
  6. Wow no Like a Prayer in your top 5?
  7. Pete burns covered it with dead or alive but I think he must of got permission as it was released on a tribute album. He was a huge Madonna fan.
  8. I agree unfortunalty the decline stated with GMAYL and she's not fully recovered from it.
  9. I agree with you in essence. But i do think the direction 2003 took was a direct response to American Life falling so flat commercially. Had IT of landed successfully (Putting artistic value to one side) like ROL and M that came before it, I doubt MATM would if happend. It was a rash decision, last minute vocal and Madonna came close to pulling out the video ! For me personally I don't think Madonna would of volentered herself for MATM had it not of been for the commercial situation she was in the summer of 2003. I doubt she would of been signing into the groove on GAP adverts either. But I agree street cred and popularity have always been at the heart of Madonna, hence why she retained such a hold on the mainstream for 20+ years in music. Britneys popularity at the time I think was an obvious factor for Madonna wanting to do the duet, but I absolutely agree she was and is maternal towards her.
  10. I thought secret garden was her favourite song from Erotica.
  11. I always find it facisnating how mega this single was for her in America compared to the rest of the world were to date its become just another Madonna song. Reminds me of Hung Up. Absolute mega hit single for her everywhere but America!
  12. It's the shortest of all her eras. MDNA was the SuperBowl and that's about it. For me it was one of her most forgettable albums that lead to one of her most memorable tours.
  13. Yes I agree actually she certainly really loved Briney...... it just felt that Me against the music was somewhat a fleeted attempt at street cred following American Life. That moment was such a wasted opptunity, it could of been huge a collaboration between the Queen and Princess, instead it got lost and today is forgettable.
  14. I agree. The power of a performance indeed! Without its glorious submission on the GS, I doubt it would of received the same amount of love.