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  1. A beautiful album and a beautiful tour that I was lucky enough to go and see!
  2. I still listen to this album as if it came out yesterday. Happy 1 year to Madame X!
  3. That’s what they named best album? More so than Madame X, Titanic Rising, Norman Rockwell, Magdalene? That’s definitely a choice...
  4. Does anyone else think Dark Ballet is a nice companion to Dear Jessie? The structures of both songs are very similar. Or am I completely wrong? I love listening to them both one after the other, starting with Dear Jessie.
  5. This album deserves to be nominated and I hope (but have 0 faith in Grammy voters) that she’ll at least get one!
  6. Any citi card members get a link for exclusive merch? It’s only 2 items I may cancel my order but I needed up purchasing the tour print.
  7. Swallow madame x deserves nominations, but I don’t think it will get one.
  8. I’m still listening to this album everyday from track 1 to track 18. It’s really a stunning and unique piece of work.
  9. I voted for Faz but Bitch I’m Loca has been growing on me a lot I, love the verses.
  10. I picked Batuka. It makes me so happy to see her happy and celebrating all these beautiful women and sharing in their culture and music.
  11. I’m trying to decide between Batuka and Dark Ballet, but they’re all really stunning.
  12. A wonderful and beautifully shot video! I already loved the song, but the visuals just really had something to it.
  13. I kinda like them, but they all sound the same to me
  14. Omg the video looks stunning! And that wig!!
  15. @Shane that’s so cute! Your mom knows what the best songs are
  16. They really are! I like the Blonde when I’m feeling the political / freedom fighter side and the Frida when I’m feeling the more experimental side. I haven’t tried using the super deluxe cover yet.
  17. Anyone else switch up the cover art on what ever listening service you’re using? I’m feeling the standard cover at the moment.
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