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  1. A beautiful album and a beautiful tour that I was lucky enough to go and see!
  2. I still listen to this album as if it came out yesterday. Happy 1 year to Madame X!
  3. That’s what they named best album? More so than Madame X, Titanic Rising, Norman Rockwell, Magdalene? That’s definitely a choice...
  4. Does anyone else think Dark Ballet is a nice companion to Dear Jessie? The structures of both songs are very similar. Or am I completely wrong? I love listening to them both one after the other, starting with Dear Jessie.
  5. This album deserves to be nominated and I hope (but have 0 faith in Grammy voters) that she’ll at least get one!
  6. Any citi card members get a link for exclusive merch? It’s only 2 items I may cancel my order but I needed up purchasing the tour print.
  7. Swallow madame x deserves nominations, but I don’t think it will get one.
  8. I’m still listening to this album everyday from track 1 to track 18. It’s really a stunning and unique piece of work.
  9. I voted for Faz but Bitch I’m Loca has been growing on me a lot I, love the verses.
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