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  1. Lol oh those are actually cute
  2. I bought the bundle. I need a new M shirt anyway and it comes with free stamps or something.
  3. Cover art... poster... what ever that is it's a monstrosity.
  4. Madonna Purim 2017

    She looks gorgeous
  5. I'm wearing Naked right now and I think it smells fantastic.
  6. When I read it, that was one of my initial thoughts, but the more I thought about it, the more I just saw it as her knowing and doing anything she could to create the album and music she wanted to create. Strictly in the sense of the screenplay, had Dan or Jellybean (I think that's their names) allowed to to take control of her own music/career without imposing their own views/agendas, telling her she needs to "do this and do that", she possibly would have stayed with them. I wonder which draft of the script this is... and should it be filmed, what could change
  7. I can send you a copy! What's the best way to get it to you?
  8. I found it on a screenwriting Reddit forum with the right director, and perfect actress I think it could be a really good film. It reminded me a lot of What's Love Got To Do With It
  9. I just read the script and it's actually really really good! From page one it shows Madonna has always been the number one person in charge of her career! If anyone wants a copy of the script, I can send it!
  10. I've been listening to the audio all day. I am so in love!
  11. Omg thank you! I'll buy it when it's officially released, x2
  12. Somewhere batfan is still wondering if we'll get the full show...