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  1. TXIII

    Loca Please World Tour 2019 discussion

    It must be an error, didn’t something like this happen awhile back?
  2. TXIII

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    I’m watching the tour right now and she is singing Deeper and Deeper, it’s all so glorious! I absolutely loved this tour so much!
  3. TXIII

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    So my shirt finally came in and I actually really like it!
  4. TXIII

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Oh, I did not know that. Good to know.
  5. TXIII

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Has anyone that got the bundle with the shirt received their’s? Hopefully mine comes in today
  6. Lol oh those are actually cute
  7. I bought the bundle. I need a new M shirt anyway and it comes with free stamps or something.
  8. Cover art... poster... what ever that is it's a monstrosity.
  9. Omg and that one fan singing over that billboard snippet. Good times. I love this album and I loved this era. It was my first one with all of you and I've enjoyed it immensely.
  10. TXIII

    Say goodbye to the Rebel Heart Tour

    This tour was so beautiful. I couldn't believe she was coming to San Antonio. I got great tickets and seats with a guy I had just started dating at the time and I had the time of my life. I'm not for the Rebel Heart era to end but it's inevitable. At least we all have the bluray/dvd/cd & Tears of a Clown (which will hopefully be included) to remember this album, tour, and the nights we spent with amazing people and Madonna herself.
  11. TXIII

    Post actual SHOW START TIME thread

    On my ticket it said 8pm - Opening Act
  12. I have no idea. We just bought stuff from the merch table and walked outside to get to our car and these two guys were fighting. It was ridiculous
  13. The girl in the pink was making me and my date laugh (in a good way). We kept hearing her screaming out of excitement all the way in our section. Did anyone else witness the fight outside after the show? M would have been disappointed.
  14. TXIII

    Post actual SHOW START TIME thread

    She came on late last night, but I was prepared for it. The women next to me kept saying "It's just disrespectful..." But once they show started they have no cares.
  15. At 57, Madonna remains a goddess of pop for the ages talented, intelligent, imaginative and determined not to stagnate. The rebel heart beats strong. http://mysanantonio.com/entertainment/concerts/article/Madonna-makes-crowd-wait-but-doesn-t-disappoint-6750157.php