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  1. 4 Minutes and Give It 2 Me were HUGE and were on heavy rotation in Mexico, they are still played to this day.
  2. Hard Grammy is Madonna's best album and you will all DEAL
  3. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    Andrea Riseborough appears in a Black Mirror episode and I didn't know it was her until the credits started rolling, no wonder her face was very familiar, you know, the W.E. chick.
  4. I'll Remember You'll See Nothing Really Matress Physical Attraction Hung Up in a normal non ruined version.
  5. Collaborations that never happened

    Wasn't there a possible Drake collab? I feel like Best Night/Nothing Lasts Forever were suited for his style.
  6. The remix was one of the first Madonna songs I listened to before I was a fan, I was at a shoe store waiting and MTV was on, I saw the video and I was like wow Madonna is such a cool lady, how old is she? I went home that day and downloaded the song and was in all my workout playlists after that, then I became a fan 3 years later! Still in my top 20.
  7. Masterpiece vs. Ghosttown

    I prefer Masterpiece more because I identify with the lyrics
  8. My fave is Girl Gone Wild, I love the aesthetic. 4 Minutes is very good too but a) she looks made of cgi while Justin looks normal b) if you pause during the acrobatic thing she does at the end you can see something weird going on her chin which kinda ruined the video for me
  9. Erotica has no big known hits, at least as known as Vogue, Like A Prayer, Virgin, 4 Minutes etc...as for her debut album... Holiday is the only song with relatively big streams and it's still almost tripled by Material Girl her top 20: Like A Prayer 79,282,430 4 Minutes 58,147,631 Material Girl 56,804,749 Like a Virgin 53,661,135 Vogue 48,790,954 Bitch I'm Madonna 42,305,672 La Isla Bonita 42,286,482 Hung Up 41,437,423 Gimme All Your Luvin' 27,035,908 Holiday 24,877,053 Celebration 24,320,738 Living For Love 22,543,747 Into The Groove 22,148,043 Revolver 22,086,457 Frozen 21,817,093 Papa Don't Preach 21,436,749 Ghosttown 19,642,611 Music 19,340,308 Girl Gone Wild 17,132,613 Ray Of Light 16,049,630
  10. It's been a while since RH got more weekly streams than HC. 4 Minutes is her 3rd most streamed song week after week. I put it there because it was released during the LAV era, if I separated the stand alone songs like Crazy For You, Who's That Girl, Beautiful Stranger etc, the list would look very lumpy, so I just put them in the closest/most fitting era.
  11. It passed Rebel Heart this week. Total 11/19/17 Streams gained this week Like a Virgin 158,075,012 1,349,509 Rebel Heart 157,539,099 539,392 Like A Prayer 106,066,758 629,635 True Blue 103,036,116 722,801 Hard Candy 93,089,019 620,885 Confessions On A Dancefloor 87,775,434 611,489 MDNA 77,354,462 196,427 Ray Of Light 66,652,112 357,116 Madonna 59,639,321 404,492 I'm Breathless 52,039,304 351,613 Celebration 46,663,353 95,131 Music 43,604,678 261,804 American Life 30,712,189 151,464 Bedtime Stories 26,883,774 181,335 Erotica 18,791,692 123,327 Evita 17,668,742 101,238 The Immaculate Collection 7,591,315 41,418 Something To Remember 6,887,848 31,647 Grand Total 1,160,070,228 6,770,723 A little breakdown: Total 11/19/17 Streams gained last week Material Girl 56,804,749 567,099 Like a Virgin 53,661,135 404,800 Into The Groove 22,148,043 154,056 Crazy For You 14,343,469 150,969 Dress You Up 5,663,973 45,274 Angel 1,736,308 8,736 Love Don't Live Here Anymore 1,513,782 7,197 Over and Over 760,756 4,064 Stay 486,067 2,450 Shoo Be Doo 483,168 2,487 Pretender 473,562 2,377 Grand Total 158,075,012 1,349,509
  12. Make your own mashups

    Thief Of Hearts VS Mylene Farmer's Psychiatric, House galore! https://rave.dj/wYpf1y_GUGqRWg Rescue Me vs Je T'aime Melancolie https://rave.dj/96nCIVB2omOIcw Hung Up + Deeper and Deeper https://rave.dj/DKJ_cMbvyLsoRw
  13. Make your own mashups

    You can use this site to make mashups in less than 2 minutes, it's quite fun if you have some free time, some of my own (that actually came out decent) https://rave.dj Revolver + Mylene Farmer's Degeneration https://rave.dj/W5ZN3Mn9LKawoA Give It 2 Me + Hung Up, I love the ending on this one!! https://rave.dj/mbouFlphwAniMg
  14. Madonna Instagram Thread

    tarinskillets liked my reply to madonna's comment in her recent picture where I said Hard Candy was her best album, I like to think Madonna saw it too.