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  1. I love Mylegend Farmer, my second fave after Madonna.
  2. M14 producers wishlist

    I love the production of Tove Lo's new single, Disco Tits, Madonna would slay this IMO
  3. Janet Jackson's GH is top 5 on iTunes!
  4. It's missing Madonna's Quebec 2012 gig: 70,569 / 70,569 $8,098,292
  5. M14 producers wishlist

    I was thinking of Feder, a French producer.
  6. I'm so glad Erotica is getting the praise it deserves, I don't think I've heard a song or an album that gives the vibe this album gives. A risky career move that gave her more in the long run, IMO.
  7. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

    She also did some of the GMAYL choreo, was I the only one who caught it? lol
  8. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    Rumor has it JT will headline the next SB Halftime Show..... 4 Minutes is his second biggest hit according to Mediatraffic so here's to hope...
  9. Didn't Madonna call her when she was in rehab? It was some time ago. Also I recall Demi reaching out to M last year no?
  10. Re-Invention World Tour: Favorite performances?

    The whole circus section is fun, and PDP, the rest can choke, her worst tour IMO, oh and Vogue.
  11. Favorite CD arts from Madonna's studio albums?

    Music and Hard Grammy
  12. Justin Bieber - The King Of Po(o)p

    And they say Janet Jackson has no impact.
  13. MADONNA REWIND: "4 Minutes"

    4 Minutes was Madonna at her coolest. I was in the last year of high school and the song was everywhere, I wasn't a fan of Madonna then but my then girlfriend would sing the song all the time, everyone liked it. The video was on heavy rotation in Mexico and the parts of Madonna dancing were used to sell ringtones during commercial breaks. I was thinking "why is Madonna still selling sex? Isn't she an artist from the 80s?" One of her best least singles and best songs of Hard Grammy.
  14. Material girl video absent from YouTube. ..

    Hollywood and Human Nature are also Gone.mp3