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  1. It sucks Her last good video lbr:
  2. Mylene's stages are way more complex and expensive than Kylie's by miles... She sucks at performing but the budget is there.
  3. I think it's the other way. I think her staging and props are amazing but all she does is walk and do armography so it all falls a bit flat. 2009 in particular, I loved thos skeletons she had in the background, plus 2013's tacky robots
  4. I LOVE Sans Logique (or Sans Follicle, that's how I call it) I think it's one of her best songs overall. The whole album is great actually.
  5. I think she tried to break the English market with the English version of Que Mon Coeur Lache but no one cared, deservedly so, that version sucks, lol. I also recall she said she's intimidated by American crowds so she never tried to break it again.
  6. Reaching the peak is still respectable, when was the last time Madonna did that in France? Her albums still sell like hotcakes, Interstellaires sold 300k +, Madonna, in comparison, sold 50kish Mylene said in an interview in the 90s that the only similarity she sees is thay they are both musicians, dancers and strong women
  7. Her chart runs are HILARIOUS post C'est Une Belle Journee Stolen Car is like 1 - 70 -150 - OUT
  8. I think Avant and PDS are brilliant albums, they have some duds yes (Looking For My Name, Nobody Knows, Redonne Moi) but I feel she kinda lost it after Monkey Me, IS was a bit of a return but some tracks are way too produced.
  9. Mylord got a new number 1 this week..... Libertine, lmao. It reached the top spot after the reissue of some of her older singles. It is the first time it reaches no.1 so she's extending her no.1 record...sans streaming of course http://www.chartsinfrance.net/charts/singles.php
  10. Her single reached no.1 of course but it's nowhere to be seen on iTunes already, queen. It will return once the physical is released. She's the artist with most no.1s in France with 16, although literally every single post 2008 is forgagaten except Oui Mais Non
  11. Yeah my first fave album was Point De Suture at first, then Avant, then Inna and now its Ana lol, there was a moment where Bleu Noir was my most played album. I think it happens to everyone lol Also, J'attends is beautiful! That electric guitar outro is glorious.
  12. My top 10 as of now is.... L'amour n'est rien... Comme J'ai Mal Je T'aime Melancolie C'est Une Blle Journee Stolen Car Souviens Toi Du Jour Sans Contrefacon Toi L'amour Fuck The All Pornographique