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  1. Cassowaries may be my favorite animal, proof of evolution right there.
  2. I do believe Ghosttown and BIM are late career classics, specially Bitch I'm Madonna.
  3. Madonna needs verga pronto, the S.E.X. answer makes me think that.
  4. One day she releases a beautiful music video for an emotional ballad only to jam her panocha into a guy's face the next day. Queen of pop
  5. She was probably tired of hiding her messy side while attempting to chart, now that she knows she is a flop she can pop that puzzy on night time tv without any worries!
  6. Is it one of those shitty fan art pics she keeps uploading?
  7. Idk where to post this but this is Madonna's current FB profile pic Edit: LOL seems like it's been answered already
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