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  1. Tracy Young won the Grammy for best remixed recording.
  2. Fabia Rebordao (Madonna's fado singer from the Madame X trailer) came to Mexico to perform in my city last night. I knew before hand so I arrived early and sat front row. What a talented woman! She got a standing ovation by the end and we exchanged smiles the entire show cause I was clapping like a madman the whole time i wanted to approach her later but I wasn't able to get close after the show. I can see why Madonna chose to work with her, that woman is a damn talent. I am glad I got exposed to fado music thanks to Madonna!
  3. Mating anthem, love it, makes me wanna throw the little class out of the window.
  4. As long as Give It 2 Me and I'll Remember are included I am a happy man.
  5. What is this aggressive Bruce campaign I'm hearing about...
  6. Making a film? What was the question for that? Hopefully which projects she has scrapped
  7. On the bright side of things I love Future now, I was indifferent to it prior to her performance but now I love the air of doom it has combined with dancehall which is usually a feel good sound
  8. The shitty version of the voice, everyone gets mocked so she will fit right in.
  9. And here in Mexico I heard Hung Up and Don't Tell Me this weekend out in the real world. It was a lovely experience.
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