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  1. Cassowaries may be my favorite animal, proof of evolution right there.
  2. Thief Of Hearts VS Mylene Farmer's Psychiatric, House galore! https://rave.dj/wYpf1y_GUGqRWg Rescue Me vs Je T'aime Melancolie https://rave.dj/96nCIVB2omOIcw Hung Up + Deeper and Deeper https://rave.dj/DKJ_cMbvyLsoRw
  3. You can use this site to make mashups in less than 2 minutes, it's quite fun if you have some free time, some of my own (that actually came out decent) https://rave.dj Revolver + Mylene Farmer's Degeneration https://rave.dj/W5ZN3Mn9LKawoA Give It 2 Me + Hung Up, I love the ending on this one!! https://rave.dj/mbouFlphwAniMg
  4. Anything new by Coldplay.... Despacito, good God Shakira's Me Enamore
  5. Never forget: Seems like someone got tired of waiting for the Bedtime Stories tour
  6. Her melodies and lyrical content are amazing, it's like poetry (of course not every album, she has her share of trash). I've become a fan of hers this year so maybe it's hype speaking. Of course Madonna shits all over her with Ray Of Light, Music and Bedtime Stories, but Mylene does rival some of Madonna's work. I wish she toured America (theaters just like Kilo)
  7. Mylene does have an amazing body of work, some of her albums are better than some of Madonna and that's OK. Anamorphosee, Innamoramento and Avant Que L'Ombre are masterpieces, Madonna still wins, overall.
  8. Monkey Me would have been a good EP consisting of A L'Ombre Ici Bas Tu Ne Le Dis Pas Nuit D'Hiver A Force De Je Te Dis Tout The rest is a mess
  9. I hate most of Bleu Noir, Oui Mais Non and Diabolique Mon Ange are the only songs I enjoy.
  10. My fave song of her ever has to be Je T'Aime Melancolie, the 2001 mix version is just so good. It was my wake up song for 2 months. Good times. My top 10 is always changing because I'm still exploring her music but as of now: Je T'Aime Melancolie California Comme J'Ai Mal Sans Contrefacon Libertine Stolen Car A L'Ombre Porno Graphique Fuck Them ALL QI Then I feel bad for leaving out gems like Que Mon Coeur Lache, Maman A Tort, Et Tournoie, half of Innamoramento, L'Amour N'Est Rien, Oui Mais Non, C'Est Pas Moi, ugh what a queen
  11. California is way better than L'Amour Naissant but I feel the latter is better suited for an opening track than the former.
  12. L'Amour Naissant is her best opening track! Also Mylenium is her best closing track.
  13. Well the whole Avant Que L'Ombre album was tailored with me in mind, it's just so good.
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