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  1. Madonna is working on new music.

    I cant wait for new music.. #1 or not.. im just glad she is releasing music i can relate too. Radio may snub her and billboard may change their rules to block her albums from charting but ive always been in it for the long haul. Im glad she still has somthing to say..
  2. Express yourself Dress you up Theif of hearts Vogue Take a bow Crazy for you Live to tell Ray of light Music Borderline *love them all.. equally.. and 10 is just too small a list... lol
  3. More more more... how do u like it ?
  4. No album will be released for atleast a year or longer. Im nkt holding my breath..
  5. She said in the interview she wont know who the president will be when the album comes out. So its gonna be a lil bit before we get new music..
  6. Billboard "Greatest albums of all time"

    I fixed it. I saw this list and was upset.. but a list by billboard doesnt tarnish what she has done or each albums impact.
  7. http://www.billboard.com/charts/greatest-billboard-200-albums They have taylor swift in the top 5 and adele is #1. Madonna made #179 ?!! This is the greatest albums of all time!! Smdh.. Billboard has no credit!!
  8. Maybe she is waiting for her retirement to release them. Other artists may juice their catalog but madonna has held off. Maybe when she retires ahe will then turn to the dvds or unreleased music. And if that is the case.. i can wait.. i want new music first before anything else!!
  9. Theif of hearts would have been a huge hit. I always wondered why she didnt release it as a single.
  10. Grammy's 2017

    Allison krouss has the most grammies. I beleive it is 26. Betonce had 21 but im sure with tonights win and coming years she will overtake her
  11. Grammy's 2017

    But... i do like metallica.. what were they thinking performing with her!!?
  12. Grammy's 2017

    And they couldnt even just drop gaga during her leap into the crowd!! Fuck.. missed opportunity!!
  13. Grammy's 2017

    Thats right adele.. start that shit over.. kill it!! Damn.. loving this.. thought it was part of the show cuz she said she was going to stop if a performance went wrong.. and for george michael she started it all over!! I love that woman.. only adele!!
  14. Grammy's 2017

    Has bey lost her damn mind? Wtf!!?
  15. My mother originally hated evita. I remember bringing evita home on vcr and my mom was like whats the other movie called cuz i am not watching your madonna movie!! But ever since its been on cable she watches it and rewatches it!! I asked her why she was watching it.. and she said its a really good movie!! She said she was wrong to dis the movie because she didnt like madonna so much. Now she sings all those songs from the movie better than i ever did. My point is madonna will always be measured and treated differently because she is such a huge star in music!! People are gonna be harder on her for her movies because of the success of her music. The problem with my mom was she thought she was a tramp.. and didnt wanna watch a movie with madonna having sex in it. All she knew was what she read. Couldnt even get her to watch it. But now she has it on dvr. Smdh..
  16. I wish she also made comedies.. i think she has a great sense of himor. Wish she had made some funny movies.
  17. What will 2017 Bring

    I think an album.. but maybe we could have both.. maybe she will do a musical.. the one where she said she lay in bed as old dying diva and had flashbacks... now that would be awsum if she made it..
  18. which new artist is dominating the decade?

    Id say taylor swift or adele..
  19. George Michael thread

    They were filming a tv movie about his life.. and he was helping with it. Im hoping he gave them enough info to do it well. It will be the only bio with his help. RIP GEORGE MICHAEL.
  20. I read the script and wasnt pleased. Why would a madonna bio stop just before like a virgin? Id like to see her rise to her first album but i also wanna see her take on the big boys .. the choices she made to create her own road.. the shit she got for standing up for women and gays.. i wanna see that.. i dont need to know dan gilroy liked to drink and wasnt as driven as madonna. I wanna see a movie that illustrates her paved road and how all females now follow her recipe for success. Id like to see that. I dont care whos dick she was sucking.... i wanna see the part were she even had to fight hollywood and her peers..
  21. I would love to read this.. plz send to me... send to pm..
  22. Is there a link to the script.? Id love to read it.
  23. I had always wished for a new album release with all videos. Wanted that even before beyonce did it. I think having a video with every song wether it was a strong single or not would have been huge for her. Other than that im okay with everything. I love every one of her albums. Heres hoping i may get a full album with all videos for all songs!! What a treat that would be!!
  24. Madonna 2016 Billboard Woman of the Year

    Congrats madonna!! Well over due!!