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  1. johnpaul911

    Amy Winehouse (the artist)

    Is that her.. lol
  2. johnpaul911

    Justin Timberlake thread

    I think he will be okay. Each album is different. Being a madonna fan. I quite like the change up. Not just the same old same old...
  3. johnpaul911

    Justin Timberlake thread

    Definitly more entertaining than gaga's train wreck!!
  4. johnpaul911

    Justin Timberlake thread

    If he didnt have a good relationship with prince and prince also didnt like to be a hologram then it all should have been scrapped!! Atleast the prince part!!
  5. johnpaul911

    Justin Timberlake thread

    Overall it wasnt bad. I thought it was pretty good. Alot better than i thought it would be. Good for justin.
  6. johnpaul911

    Justin Timberlake thread

    I didnt like the prince duet/cover.. it seems forced and it should have been scrapped.
  7. johnpaul911

    Justin Timberlake thread

    I like the new album. Def have to listen to it over a full week to appreciate the whole album. Ive been listening to it a couple times a day and its pretty good.
  8. johnpaul911

    Grammy's 2017

    Allison krouss has the most grammies. I beleive it is 26. Betonce had 21 but im sure with tonights win and coming years she will overtake her
  9. johnpaul911

    Grammy's 2017

    But... i do like metallica.. what were they thinking performing with her!!?
  10. johnpaul911

    Grammy's 2017

    And they couldnt even just drop gaga during her leap into the crowd!! Fuck.. missed opportunity!!
  11. johnpaul911

    Grammy's 2017

    Thats right adele.. start that shit over.. kill it!! Damn.. loving this.. thought it was part of the show cuz she said she was going to stop if a performance went wrong.. and for george michael she started it all over!! I love that woman.. only adele!!
  12. johnpaul911

    Grammy's 2017

    Has bey lost her damn mind? Wtf!!?
  13. johnpaul911

    which new artist is dominating the decade?

    Id say taylor swift or adele..
  14. johnpaul911

    George Michael thread

    They were filming a tv movie about his life.. and he was helping with it. Im hoping he gave them enough info to do it well. It will be the only bio with his help. RIP GEORGE MICHAEL.
  15. johnpaul911

    Which tours have you seen live?

    Confessions and rebel heart
  16. johnpaul911

    Prince Dead at 57

    Me too. Him and Madonna.. Got em on auto repeat. My bf wants to strangle me...
  17. johnpaul911

    Prince Dead at 57

    Loved his music.. He was found dead in minnesota studio. He was battling the flu. http://hollywoodlife.com/2016/04/21/prince-dead-sick-sudden-death/
  18. johnpaul911

    Barbra Streisand

    Anyone find out why the ria lowered her usa sales total?? She used to be like 12 million ahead of madonna
  19. I think the industry has to do away with streaming.. It won't solve ppl downloading the music for free but it won't hurt her sales... In my opinion streaming hurts overall sales of all artists.
  20. I'd love to see her star and direct a musical.. Record a full soundtrack.. Then follow it up with an album (also all videos for all songs) and tour.. I think madonna said she had an idea for a movie about an aging diva in bed.. Remembering her life in flashbacks
  21. If he did an album of sad ballads like he's used to making. He could come back huge. He has a huge following on adult contemporary radio and with the right songs he could capitalize on the emotional ballad market. For me it's the music he made. Not cuz he did anything flashy. I'd buy his album.. And I'd like to see him live..
  22. johnpaul911

    Will it end in 81 dates???

    So this tour is definitely the last under live nation? What about the albums?
  23. johnpaul911

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD

    I think Australia will be the choice to pay her fans back over there..
  24. johnpaul911

    RH Blooper and Mistakes

    Please tell me there is video for that.. I'm laughing just thinking of her doing it...
  25. johnpaul911

    RH Tour Pictures!

    Stunning!! Queen!