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  1. I think the industry has to do away with streaming.. It won't solve ppl downloading the music for free but it won't hurt her sales... In my opinion streaming hurts overall sales of all artists.
  2. I'd love to see her star and direct a musical.. Record a full soundtrack.. Then follow it up with an album (also all videos for all songs) and tour.. I think madonna said she had an idea for a movie about an aging diva in bed.. Remembering her life in flashbacks
  3. Who knew 105 million views. Still rewriting how a female can be relevant... Love her soo much.
  4. It sounds more pharrel than madonna but I do think its a good track. I just love my body shop
  5. Body shop gets better with each listen.. I love that madonna does different sounding songs.. That's why I have been a fan for so long.. She changes and you never know what is coming next..
  6. My bf does not like madonna but even he is starting to hum it in the car... Bitch has only 3 weeks till we see her in Pennsylvania. I have madonna on in the car non stop. His fave is unapologetic bitch.
  7. Grafitti heart is growing on me.. But that's usually what happens.. After so long I can't tell you my favorite on the album.. Each song grows on me..
  8. As long as they care to make her appearance a topic after its been done and over.. I say she got what she wanted... Free press.. And drake can kiss my ass..
  9. I deliver phone books almost 7 days a week(I'm currently in Alabama) and The album is on loop with both her best ofs..
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