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  1. yay for a video!!! BTW, who's this? She needs to be added to Jacket's and mine gif thread.
  2. That was the third image for me. Right behind the Drake kiss.
  3. I think she'll perform Iconic too. I really don't think she'll perform SEX. Maybe HW. Maybe. There'll be probably 8-10 RH tracks. If I had a pick, it would be: 1. LFL 2. DP 3. GT 4. UB 5. BIM 6. RH 7. WAOM 8. JOA 9. Iconic *** VVV or Illuminati interlude
  4. I wouldn't quickly jump into that conclusion. Out of the 20+ demos I heard first, I prefer only five of those over the album versions. Oddly it seems that three of them are the same for a lot of members: 1. Rebel Heart 2. Wash All Over Me 3. Beautiful Scars I also prefer Hold Tight and Inside Out in their demo versions but that does not seem to be what many think. However, the three mentioned above have been pointed out by many as "preferred" in the demo form.
  5. So, do you, Sir, have the facts and the truth? Do tell.
  6. The 00's Music American Life COADF Hard Candy MDNA RH
  7. The 90's I'm Breathless Erotica Bedtime Story Evita Ray of Light
  8. Have you seen the videos? It's her and obviously it's witchcraft.
  9. P.S.: I also thought that the uptempo version of WAOM was the perfect tour opener. "In a world that's changing... I'm a stranger in a strange land..." Imagine the chills... but you're probably right. If we get that song at all, it will be on the sit-down guitar section in the second/third quarter of the show....
  10. I noticed it too. She's still just a kid in my mind! They grow so fast...
  11. Some blogger wrote this about her Saturday Night AskAnything video: "Whatever Vaseline-coated soap opera camera lens they used to shoot Madonna is really working for her face. Even the blur tool in Photoshop is like 'How???'” But seriously! How is this possible?? This is her in 1996!!!!! Here she's supposedly portraying Eva Peron at age 15. Let's forward to 2006 and she looks 10 years younger! And now this!!! HOW DOES SHE DO IT??? I mean, she looks younger than she did in 1990!!!! What do you think?
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