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  1. There are really good things in the ACA including the pre-existing condition clause and the law is actually helping many people. But for the average person that didn't need the ACA, which was the majority of Americans, the ACA didn't help and in many cases it made things worse. And yeah, small businesses with only 15 employees are not required to provide healthcare, however, those that did now have to pay more and may not offer it in the future anymore. I know small business owners that pay an exorbitant amount of health insurance for their employees and they will not hire anymore because t
  2. Bingo! The public option would be closer to socialism since the government would be running its own health insurance agency. As it is now, the government AND the public are on the hook and the big insurers are raking all the cash.
  3. Regina George in sheep's clothes. It would be socialism if the government was just re-distributing wealth but the way it works now, the big insurance companies are profiting obscenely from it. It's not 100% capitalism though because there's no market freedom, it's imposed by the government. So, yes and no.
  4. Yep, small business were hit the hardest. A lot of people are paying more for less. Of course, there are those that benefit too. The biggest winners were the insurance companies themselves. They have more people paying their premiums plus the government paying it too now and they pass the higher costs to their current customers. Insurance carriers have it made in America. Obamacare was a dream come true to them.
  5. In the end, all of you (that can vote) will either vote for Hillary or someone else but Trump. I'm all...
  6. IKR! This was Hector in these last few weeks.... in the end, it all got flushed.
  7. BTW, is anyone streaming the Opening Ceremony live? I really don't want to sit through NBC's coverage with its one hour delay and infinite commercials? How can you stream the Brazilian/Spanish/Australian/British coverage? Any help me would be very appreciated.
  8. Y'all It was a Nickelodeon show in the early 90's called Fifteen. I just wanted lighten up the mood in this thread. Ashley grew up to become Taylor Swift.
  9. Don't you know that Brooke is a Republican through and through?
  10. Brooke: Eat it! Ashley: You tried. Kelly: Shush.
  11. Your opinion is different than theirs, fine. It doesn't make you smarter than anyone though.
  12. So, despite Zika, polluted water, violence, poorly constructed Olympic village, etc... who is looking forward to the party the Brazilians are going to throw?? And how can we stream the opening ceremony live (since NBC will delay its broadcast)?
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