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  1. I very aware that Trump will try to decimate Obama's legacy and progressive advancements. But will that make America a Russian-style democracy? No. Is America suddenly under the control of white supremacists? Hell, no! That's hysteria. Things will change and it may be harder for the LGBT community to advance some of its agenda. If he does a bad job, he'll be out in 4 years and probably will help the Repubs lose the Senate (they are not losing the House anytime soon). The presidential electorate is in favor of Dems. They lost this time because of arrogance. They will not lose next ti
  2. Wow. You grossly overestimate the power of the President. Unlike other democracies, America has very strong checks and balances that would prevent him from accomplish what you described. You need a Xanax. The world is not ending.
  3. Sorry but we would all be rolling our eyes if people were petitioning to impeach Hillary had she won. Democracy worked. People have to deal with it. Wanna protest? Go ahead, it's your right. Impeachment? Get a life.
  4. Yep, this was an election for the Democratic Party to lose given the changing demographics and, boy, did it ever lose... Most of the establishment Dems got there by some sort of Clinton connection (they have been there forever...) and so no one was willing to challenge to coronation of Hillary. It's clear to see now that Sanders would have beat Trump easily in the Rust Belt. Dems picked the wrong candidate, the only one that could have lost to Trump. This election was lost not because more people voted for Trump. They didn't and this graph totally proves that. The election was lost because of
  5. Hillary: Go home, I don't want to talk you tonight...
  6. In America? Really? He was called a xenophobe, racist, white supremacist, rapist, chauvinist, tax evader, bigot... by all networks, newspapers and online media ALL THE TIME.
  7. On a more serious note, this vote is sooooo American. Americans in general cannot tolerate being told what to do. The polls and pundits were so sure that she would win. The media lost its credibility by giving overblown attention to every accusation towards the Orange One and not doing the same with Hillary. For a while, it just felt like there was not way he could win. This is BrexitΒ². P.S.: Foreigners, if you want your candidate to win in America you need to vocally support their opponent in every way you can. America loves to act like a rebellious 16 year old.
  8. That's in the bag for them for sure. I never thought the Dems would retake the Senate. Not happening.
  9. Who's calling these races?? I'm watching CNN and they have not called any of these states.
  10. On Hillary carrying Michigan and Wisconsin...
  11. She's catching up on Michigan. I'm still not convinced he's got that one already.
  12. He's not getting Michigan. This is not over yet.
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