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  1. Almost no mention of Allepo in any major news outlet in America. And our Nobel Peace Prize winner seemingly turned a blind eye, Evita, on the matter. Now, the question is how long will Trump blame Obama for his foreign policy fiasco. Oh, but Hollywood will reward immensely a movie showing all of today's atrocities twenty years from now. Meanwhile the script is writing itself right under our noses... Heaven help us all.
  2. Ooh, I have consciously avoided this thread for a while because I figured things would calm down but... Oh, well... That's some truth tea there @Pud Whacker
  3. Wow! He spoke everything I've been trying to say but, of course, with much more eloquence. Thanks for sharing that.
  4. It has been! Thanks for engaging in the conversation.
  5. Oh shut up. Your hyperboles and overuse of the exclamation point (!!!) are just tiresome at this point. No one is defending Trump here. Do you want everybody to just repeat: Trump is a racist!!! He hates women!!! He's the new Putin!!! America is racist!!! Is that what you want? What's the point? Dude, you're not helping your cause.
  6. Well, I guess the feeling is mutual. I will start by saying that I'm probably not the only one frustrated with they way you have been discussing this election in this thread. I don't think you understand how you come off to others by the way you post. But, you are entitled to express yourself in whatever way you want so be it. I will, however, disagree with pretty much everything you posted here. Starting with this: As if those racist, sexist, homophobic people don't belong to right political sections. There are racist, sexist, homophobic people in the left too. Maybe the major
  7. KJ, I was not contesting the fact that there is a historical legacy of racism in the rust belt. My point was quite the opposite. My main point was that no one would be calling these blue collar folks racists right now if they had voted for Bernie Sanders (which is not inconceivable). I illustrated below how the voting went in three of the four states that "turned red" for Trump to show that these folks for the most part didn't have a problem voting for a Democrat in the past (especially for Obama). If the racists are a majority, then this majority elected Obama. Now, if they are the mino
  8. As you have mentioned, these folks in the Rust Belt are going through a tough time for a while now just like the African Americans, Latinos and other minorities have been for decades. But the kicker is that if they complain about their disadvantage (not being more educated and therefore not getting better jobs) they are reminded that because they are white they will never completely have it as bad as a racial minority. You see, they still have white privilege to help them. So, should they be content with their current economic situation because other folks have it worse? Doesn't that sound abs
  9. Racists, homophobes and xenophobes have been voting since voting began. Your idea that only now they suddenly decided to vote is flawed in my opinion. Trump won because of the blue collar vote in the Rust Belt (Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania in particular). Are you implying that these are the racists, homophobes and xenophobes?
  10. People with a college degree are incapable of hating and discriminating, right? They learned in college all about privilege and triggers. They could never.
  11. Yes, you have the right to be suspicious. The whole world has no clue what this guy is going to do. However, I thought your histrionics were more than a little OTT and I thought a bit of sarcasm would go along with it. My sense of humor just couldn't let it pass. But I'm not here to offend anyone. I did find snippets of your post to be ridiculous. Does that make you ridiculous in my eyes? No. People are more than their opinion on a certain subject. Don't take it personal. I honestly hope you can calm down. Things may get worse for a while but America in not doomed.
  12. Demographics have changed a lot for these last 12 years and Trump only won because he ran against Hillary Clinton. He will probably end up having less votes than McCain and Romney in the end. So, unless he improves his numbers next time, he will lose. The blue collar democrats that overwhelmingly voted for Trump had previously voted for Bernie Sanders. Hillary married the man that signed NAFTA, that was just too easy for Trump AND Sanders to exploit. Could he be re-elected? Yes, if he does a good job in improving the economy because in the end it's all about the economy. My point was that
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