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  1. I have the same opinion. At some point after his first disastrous debate with Hillary he must have realized that he could actually win this because even after completely bombing that night he was still doing well on the polls!
  2. MM, I apologize for singling you out somewhat. At one point in my life I was as passionate as you about political things. I was in college and on everybody's face about W's Iraq war snafu. Ultimately, most people didn't listen to me because I was talking at them and not listening to them. I guess your rhetoric reminded me of myself and I maybe unconsciously wanted to help you. Who knows? What I know is that your opinion CAN change people's point of you if they are willing to listen. You just need time to figure out what works best for you. I have to admit that I have become somewhat
  3. The right hated him from the beginning and hated him even more after he used executive orders to bypass an obstructionist congress and house. The progressive wing of the democrats became disenchanted with his less than stellar performance championing their agenda. Regardless, his approval is extremely high after 8 years in power. I personally think he was miles and miles better than W. Politics here are hyper-polarized so anyone in power is going to be hated. I continue to think that Hillary lost because of Hillary. Obama would have easily won a third term against any of the 16(?) Republ
  4. See, I work with taxes and EVERYONE that CAN use the tax system to their advantage does it. It includes all politicians, celebrities or anyone that can afford a tax planner. He probably saved millions in taxes because the tax code favors his type of people. If I were to protest, I would protest against the legislators that created such a monstrosity of a tax code that allows people like him to get away with it. I don't like to bark up the wrong tree.
  5. You are correct in that I partially don't agree with your point of view. But I'm not sure you understand what I don't agree. I will try to clarify it. I completely understand and respect your disdain for the Trumpster, he is vile. What's to disagree there? Is he going to "save" America and "make it great" again? I wouldn't bet on it. So we do have something in common. However, I am not going to inundate my Facebook, Twitter, Madonnation, whatever, with over the top anti-Trump rhetoric because I believe it's counterproductive in our current environment. He was elected even though I di
  6. Quoting Fox News to counter a liberal argument is not a subtle way of concealing a right wing agenda. There's neutral and then there's Fox News quoters.
  7. Still barking up the wrong tree, I see. So, claiming that our media is biased (either way) is now a sign of being a Trump supporter?
  8. I'm guessing that what @XXL was trying to say is that either party will protect the interest of the rich elites and corporate interests that have banked their campaigns. In the end, the ringleaders will still call the shots regardless of who's "in power."
  9. This. The ones that panic in an emergency situation are usually the ones that perish...
  10. When you're on the fence, you can see both sides. And before people go all... No real injustice has happened yet. He's not even president yet. I'll save my energy to when it's really needed.
  11. Bingo! BuzzFeed's decision to publish unverified memos alleging that Russian operatives have compromising personal and financial information about President-elect Donald Trump has set off a fierce debate about the ethics of the decision and the responsibilities of journalists. On Tuesday night, BuzzFeed published a 35 page document compiled by a former British intelligence operative. That publication came shortly after CNN revealed that a two-page synopsis of the document's contents had been included as an annex in the classified materials presented last week to Trump and
  12. All of this hoopla ultimately will only undermine the already frail credibility of the American media. It is alarming. The timing is once again suspect. I don't know if it is real or fake at this point to be honest. And I at least try to be well informed, the masses will just pick a side. The loser is the press. Why can't we have a single news outlet in America that doesn't reek of bias from either side of the political spectrum?? The US media created him and now it can't control IT.
  13. Systematic racism is not the same as racial bigotry. Lumping both under the same moniker creates confusion.
  14. Your brain on a plate? To eat? Sorry but I'll pass.
  15. So... could the Russian hacking of the DNC server have been an inside job then?
  16. Truth P.S.: Is Hey You really your favorite song??
  17. I think Spazz is the only Putin fan here. I've never met any American that is a a fan of Putin but I don't know all Americans, of course. Either way, Trump's Secretary of State pick is very concerning IMO. In reality, world geo-politics for the last century have been centered around the control and management of oil resources. O-Lo® - the Orange Lord - is clearly treating politics as business. His pick is a totally cynical manipulation of the political system. He IS draining the political swamp and filling the corporate swamp. This guy surely knows about oil but will he have the best inte
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