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  1. Obama would have been crucified if he said that.
  2. Alright, the Trumpster has finally done something that no other Republican would have done. I didn't waste time complaining about the pipelines, the funding for abortion, the Obamacare stuff, and all of the other things that ANY Republican president would have signed into action because it would have happened regardless of the person. However, here is where the Trumpster will find his undoing. You see, he just shot himself and the whole Republican party (if they support him on this) on the foot. NO ONE in their right mind can with good conscience back this across-the-board ban on these 7 countries. Is it surprising? Not really. But now he will lose many who were trying to be impartial because he's crossed a line none of his rivals would have crossed. The damage he has inflicted to the Republican party (if the party does not stand up against this policy) will be felt for generations. In the end, I still believe that our institutions are still strong enough to block this from taking full effect as many courts around the country have already demonstrated. Here's the silver lining though. His economy-based voters that do not support religious bigotry will start to abandon him. You see, all the people that were lumping all Trump voters as so-called "deplorables" can with more accuracy state that anyone supporting him when it comes to this particular executive order is likely a bigot or grossly misinformed. With this order Trump has narrowed his support base. Fiscal conservatives with moderate to progressive social stances will distance themselves from him. He's cornered himself. Will he be impeached soon? Probably not. But he's making himself more and more isolated and eventually the winds will turn... and he'll have no one to turn to. Still, I have a clear conscience when it comes to not voting for him as I suspected he was capable of doing this kind of thing. And I continue to stand behind my criticism of the media in being a major factor behind this mess. Guess whose profits are up across the board? Yep, the networks are doing great. But I won't waste time shaming whoever voted for him because I can understand why one would have done it. And I'm sure a lot of Obama's voters had buyers remorse too. However, as a Trump voter, you have a bigger chance of being heard than all of the Hillary supporters and those that chose to abstain from voting (or voted for a another candidate). So make your voice be heard. NOW is the time to do that. He has at least proven that he will listen to his base.
  3. You're on to something. People are becoming populists because the system has failed them. The establishment better learn fast or it may be their demise.
  4. Wait a minute. Someone said that there was 1.5 million people at the National Mall for the inauguration?? Loco. The place was far from full.
  5. If I was a foreign leader at the moment I would be a bit scared. This guy's rhetoric must be sending shivers down their spine. He's selling himself as the Messiah of America. The biggest the promise the harder the fall if he doesn't deliver it. Crazy or not, the guy is fearless. Heaven help us all. He and us need it right now. It has started and there's no stopping now.
  6. If I was a foreign leader at the moment I would be a bit scared. This guy's rhetoric must be sending shivers down their spine. He's selling himself as the Messiah of America. The biggest the promise the harder the fall if he doesn't deliver it. Crazy or not, the guy is fearless. Heaven help us all. He and us need it right now. It has started and there's no stopping now.
  7. I didn't say it's always ridiculous or always fake news. So I hope you're not implying that I said that. The article stated that the Representative was not going to the inauguration because Trump had not nominated any Latinos but the headline was about him boycotting the inauguration because of this incident (when he clearly was not going to begin with). The reason I wasn't sure if it actually happened is because this is a British tabloid. It's like someone quoting Fox News over here. And I have not found this incident on any other news outlet so forgive me for not jumping into conclusions before having more facts. Btw, I haven't critiqued anything from Fox News because I don't read or watch that network. If someone quoted it here and it was a narrative trying to portray a hidden agenda, I would have said the same thing. But guess what? The democrats hardly have any bad press. There's no much there to defend. The media does a lot of that already. Once again, critiquing the media is not equal to defending Trump and I was not contesting that Trump has emboldened these bad elements in our society, I'm not naive. I just believe that bigots will be bigots despite who's president. Lastly, I do believe that the media has a lot of responsibility when it comes to how divided we are as a nation. The spectators of today don't have a chance to think or interpret the news because it's all a debate between two opposing views. The viewers then just pick whatever opinion is closer to their own and there's not much thought involved in the process. Most news nowadays are just that, two people disagreeing on TV about a certain matter. Do you have anything against that? Like I said before, you can label me whatever you'd like. Trump's America is the same as Obama's America six months ago, the media just chose a different narrative now. Your perception of America is what has changed because you've been told that. If you never watched the news and went on about your life in America, you'd probably think life is pretty close to what it used to be a year ago. Alas, perception becomes reality, I suppose, so people will continue to watch the news and fear/hate the people that have different views than theirs.
  8. Oh, I can see. I see a narrative that has been spoon fed to the masses to continue this fear-of-the-other-side story line that has successfully divided this nation. P.S.: So if he had not legitimized them (which I'm not contesting), would they not have done it anyway?
  9. Bigots like that (if this actually happened) have been living in Obama's America, Bush's American and Clinton's America. The press just didn't report every incident that happened in the past. Now, every time a racist comes out of the woods it becomes headline news with Trump attached to it. Bottom line, this politician wasn't going to the inauguration anyway so this just comes off as click-bait news. If the reporting was on the incident without mentioning Trump then I would have given it some validity. But in the end the article is not reporting an incident, it's trying to promote a narrative and that is NOT journalism, it's propaganda. Fox News has been doing that for years and now that the left decided to lower its standards too, the public is becoming more and more distrustful of the media. Trump has capitalized on it and see where it got him...
  10. First Lady is not a pageant. Each Lady has her own attributes. They shine regardless of the other. Apples and Oranges.
  11. This journalist is onto something here. History may be repeating itself. Kennedy vines definitely.
  12. I have the same opinion. At some point after his first disastrous debate with Hillary he must have realized that he could actually win this because even after completely bombing that night he was still doing well on the polls!
  13. MM, I apologize for singling you out somewhat. At one point in my life I was as passionate as you about political things. I was in college and on everybody's face about W's Iraq war snafu. Ultimately, most people didn't listen to me because I was talking at them and not listening to them. I guess your rhetoric reminded me of myself and I maybe unconsciously wanted to help you. Who knows? What I know is that your opinion CAN change people's point of you if they are willing to listen. You just need time to figure out what works best for you. I have to admit that I have become somewhat of a Cynic in that I put a lot of value in self-control and independence. But I would loathe living in a world full of people like me. So, please stay passionate and fight for what you believe. Just don't let your valid points be overshadowed by your desire to be emphatic. Positivity won't hurt either. I hope you have a really good year too. You're are much more in charge of your year than Trump so don't let him ruin it. Cheers.
  14. The right hated him from the beginning and hated him even more after he used executive orders to bypass an obstructionist congress and house. The progressive wing of the democrats became disenchanted with his less than stellar performance championing their agenda. Regardless, his approval is extremely high after 8 years in power. I personally think he was miles and miles better than W. Politics here are hyper-polarized so anyone in power is going to be hated. I continue to think that Hillary lost because of Hillary. Obama would have easily won a third term against any of the 16(?) Republican hopefuls. Trump could only have won against Hillary in my opinion. If the Democrats had not felt like they owed her the nomination, Bernie Sanders would have been inaugurated next week IMO.
  15. See, I work with taxes and EVERYONE that CAN use the tax system to their advantage does it. It includes all politicians, celebrities or anyone that can afford a tax planner. He probably saved millions in taxes because the tax code favors his type of people. If I were to protest, I would protest against the legislators that created such a monstrosity of a tax code that allows people like him to get away with it. I don't like to bark up the wrong tree.
  16. You are correct in that I partially don't agree with your point of view. But I'm not sure you understand what I don't agree. I will try to clarify it. I completely understand and respect your disdain for the Trumpster, he is vile. What's to disagree there? Is he going to "save" America and "make it great" again? I wouldn't bet on it. So we do have something in common. However, I am not going to inundate my Facebook, Twitter, Madonnation, whatever, with over the top anti-Trump rhetoric because I believe it's counterproductive in our current environment. He was elected even though I did not vote for him. What else can be done? Impeach him? Well, it will probably happen. What can I do as a citizen at this time? I could protest. But protest against what? His election? He won it. What else to protest? Should I protest because he is not morally admirable? Yes, but everyone already knows that. What would that accomplish? I will be the first one to voice disagreement with any of his policies that I believe are not for the benefit of the nation. So far all I can do is dislike some of his picks for his cabinet. Mr. Exxon and Mr. Sessions leave A LOT to be desired and I hope that the vetting continues. Am I convinced that it will work? I'm not sure. Then what? What can I do? Whine? What I can do is have level headed conversations with people surrounding me about how I believe this corporate approach to diplomacy may not be a great approach. And if someone disagrees with me, I will not suddenly label them Trump admirers. Ultimately what can really be accomplished if no one consciously attempts to stay neutral amidst this political polarizing of America? Labeling people that consider themselves neutral as Trump supporters is just going to alienate them in my opinion. And I firmly believe that the democrats are doing themselves no favor by labeling every Trump voter as a supporter of bigotry, homophobia, etc. So, I disagree with you regarding the absence of neutrality when it comes to Mr. Trump. My disagreement with your opinions have more to do with style than substance. I think I did undermine your view that the US will become another Russia and that Trump will set us back 20 years because I seriously disagree with both stances. And I really fail to see how that makes me suddenly a Trump supporter. Most of my discussions on this forum were regarding how he won the election by winning the blue collar vote in the Rust Belt, how our media created him and ironically lost its credibility with the masses because of it and how scary it is to have journalists that are so clearly biased on both sides of the spectrum. I am not afraid of voicing my opinion when I think it can make a difference. I don't see the need to keep repeating how awful the guy is because everybody knows it. You may continue to label me whatever you want though. Just be careful of who you label your enemy because you may find yourself surrounded by people that won't challenge you. Relax. Better days will come.
  17. Quoting Fox News to counter a liberal argument is not a subtle way of concealing a right wing agenda. There's neutral and then there's Fox News quoters.
  18. Still barking up the wrong tree, I see. So, claiming that our media is biased (either way) is now a sign of being a Trump supporter?
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