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  1. Thank you for the read. Another argument to illustrate that both sides are the establishment. Who is smarter? The dog or the tail? Who's wagging who? Meanwhile, the stock market is still going strong because the insiders know that there's profit to be made. And when it's time to get rid of the court jester (after these under the radar policies go into effect) then there will be profit to be made by shorting the market. Meanwhile, let's keep feeding straw man arguments to the masses.
  2. Is that how the Brexit campaign was covered? If so, I can see how the "yes" vote won.
  3. I thought our press was bad but I have to hand it to the UK. Even FoxNews and MSNBC couldn't get away with this.
  4. Senseless. There is ABSOLUTELY NO JUSTIFICATION for acts like this.
  5. I haven't checked this thread for ages because I'm bombarded by every media outlet out there with Trump Trump Trump... but I decided to check it out today and voila, I see this absolutely disgusting picture. Why is that still legal???
  6. http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/22/europe/london-uk-parliament-incident-latest/index.html Eyewitness tells of shouts, gunfire Journalist Kevin Schofield told CNN's Wolf Blitzer what he had seen and heard as the apparent attack unfolded: "I heard a bang outside -- it sounded like a car crash. I looked out of the window and heard a lot of shouting, people running around. "I looked down to my left and saw a man force his way through a security gate. He went straight for a police officer and wrestled him to the ground. Another police officer walked towards him. "The man's arm was outstretched with I think it was a knife, then I heard a few rounds of gunfire. "Then it all got extremely panicked. I assume the armed police who surround Parliament day and night [took] him out." Shofield says MPs and peers are now being led out of parliament by police.
  7. The pandemonium there has been going on for years already. I'm not trying to downplay the seriousness of the issue, however, the connotation (not the book definition) of invading a country goes a bit beyond sending troops to aid in stopping a group that has illegally taken control of said country's land. Representatives from Russia, US and Turkey met two days ago before this happened and I haven't seen any condemnation from either country against this move from the US yet. Things could go really wrong, of course. It is a big deal. My problem is with incendiary headlines that don't appropriately describe reality. Semantics aside, the US is not trying to take over Syria and overthrow its government. At least, not yet.
  8. Okay, after quickly reading these sources, it's obvious that the US in NOT invading Syria. It even sounds like Russia and the US may be cooperating. Regardless, what an absurd headline.
  9. Thank you, that will suffice!
  10. I don't doubt it could have happened but the source is dubious.
  11. Oh, my. Can you imagine the women at WNBA dealing with this new possibility?
  12. Trump wants to be seen as David to the mainstream media's Goliath. The more they pound on him, the more he will get the sympathy of his supporters. He's playing the media. If only they would just stop covering every little thing he does for a while and do some deep investigative journalism on the down low without all the speculations... THEN report it when there's actual proof (which we all can safely assume exists); this way he may loose some of his current power. The media feeds his power among his base constituents every time they cover him negatively, it feeds into his narrative of fighting the "big bad" media. They must cover him, of course. But they should dial it down a bit. The way they covered him throughout the campaign lost them a lot of credibility with the public and now he can apparently get away with this. It's a brave new world.
  13. If any of this is true then it goes to show that he is just a puppet, not to Russia, but to a certain Republican establishment that rules from the shadows. Once again, if true, they are using him to get their agenda through and then Trump will have his "et tu Brute?" moment. If this is indeed real, once he is out, things will continue to go on as they planned if the Democrats keep focusing all of their energy and anger at the man himself instead of trying to find out who these people in the shadows actually are. If so, you all may have to prepare for a Mike Pence second term. After reading that I have all of these conspiracy theories going in my head. Saudi Arabia would LOVE for the US to pick a fight with Iran. Let's see what happens. I actually feel bad for Donald. It's not like he can just say I don't want to do this anymore. And now his family will be hated for generations. Talk about "be careful of what you wish for..."
  14. Again, a personal trainer would have cost him half of the money he spent on implants... but to the lazy its own.
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