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  1. I know some beg to differ but I still think that, besides the music, this has a lot to do with it: and There's something going on besides the music not connecting with the GP. It's not like she's suddenly singing jazz or heavy metal. The constant bashing she's getting on all media channels is very suspect. Unlike M (who was bashed before, during, and after the AL era), Katy had mostly good media coverage until now. The music was not what changed the public's perception... something else did. Especially after having a successful Super Bowl performance and tour. I smell a bit of sabotage or she has totally lost control of her career because at this moment it's looking like a mess.
  2. What a mess. Katy is coming off desperate. Bon Appetite did NOTHING for the album. Poor choice of second single. And releasing the BEST track on the album as a throwaway buzz single without a proper video is beyond. Focus. This album release is not her LAP. It's her MDNA apparently.
  3. Janet hasn't been A-list since 2003 in America. She was never A-list everywhere else. PLUS, there's no fat suit that makes your face fat. She was preggers. Now, Beyond-Overrated already has a track record... but those pictures looked like the real thing. Regardless, fool me once...
  4. The question is: do I spot the thong's label or the legging's label?
  6. So, I was listening to a 2000's streaming radio station and over and over I kept thinking "oh, I forgot that she existed" So in honor of the departed, who remembers? Samantha Mumba Brandy Jessica Simpson Willa Ford Nelly Furtado Avril Lavigne Mya Nicole Scherzinger Leona Lewis Stacie Orrico Michelle Branch Jojo Lara Fabian Thalia Mandy Moore Sonique Toya Joss Stone Paula DeAnda Duffy Estelle Where are they now? Who departed the pop world to go to heaven or to hell? Where would you send these if you were the judge? THE SAVED vs THE FALLEN
  7. Birth at Madonna's previous home?? Can't fault them for wanting that for their children. That's some bragging rights! Better than saying "My mom is BeyondO" is "I was born in Madonna's house."
  8. Beauty is where you find it...
  9. If someone went back in time to 1991 and showed this picture to anyone and said "this is going to be the biggest female star in the world from 2009 to 2011 being interviewed by Oprah" can you imagine the looks one would get?
  10. Oh, no. She would never copy Gwen.
  11. Vitamin C Vibes
  12. Is that how the Brexit campaign was covered? If so, I can see how the "yes" vote won.
  13. I thought our press was bad but I have to hand it to the UK. Even FoxNews and MSNBC couldn't get away with this.
  14. 0% Star Quality. She has no IT factor. None. A Star Is Manufactured would be more appropriate.
  15. M's reaction to this dress...
  16. Paula - helped her but not her music career. Mariah - hurt her already failing music career. Gwen - sort of like Paula, helped her from becoming forgotten but did not help her music career. Shakira - did not hurt or help. Nicki Minaj - did not hurt or help. Christina Aguilera - helped her land some features in other people's hits but did not help her own music career. Alicia Keys - did not hurt or help her career. Jennifer Lopez - helped her music career from ending but not much. Pitbull helped her more than anything else. Demi Lovato - did not hurt or help her career. Nicole Sch***zer (whatever her last name is) - did not help her at all (in America) Kelly Rowland - did not help her at all (in America) Britney - what a disaster! Nope, nope, nope.
  17. Well, how many people in American heard about the American Life video in 2003? Wasn't that enough for a so-called backlash? Was the backlash back then by the fans, the music or by the powers behind the industry? Personally, I think she lost a lot fans because she picked sides. It happens. This is not about Hillary per se, it's about alienating half (that's debatable) of a country by becoming overtly partisan. The forces that be tried to make an example of the Dixie Chicks and Madonna back then may be trying to do the same with Katy to a certain extent... but, of course, from the other side of the political spectrum. I could be wrong but I don't think this is totally unreasonable. I really like the new songs too. I really expected radio to just go nuts with it but...
  18. This. I think you're spot on. Not only did she attach her name to a losing candidate but to a candidate that was hated by nearly half of her own party. Trump supporters found a pretty easy target and the Bernie supporters may still have resentment over the campaign. She's getting flak because she's the biggest star out there right now and the fact that she's white won't allow others to use the race card. She's having her AL era while she should have been having her LAP. #justiceforkaty
  19. The Whispering One has been ovah for more than a decade but she accomplished back in the day what very few have ever since IN THE US of A. In fact, besides all of the hype around Beyonce, Janet was much bigger (no pun intended....hehe) than Beyond Overrated has ever been IN THE US of A.