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  1. Whitney and Britney's movies were for Lifetime. M will have a movie released in the theaters like Ray Charles and Tina Turner as she deserves. M was no saint. If they want to paint her as the bad girl... whatever.
  2. Yes! #justiceforimbreathless
  3. So here's the reasoning behind the country-sounding Million Reasons!!!. So Joanne was her Something to Remember moment? She's been preparing the masses for her Evita, I mean, Ally incarnation all this time. I bet WB is part responsible for MR becoming a Top 5 hit, they have money invested in her. I actually think that this won't bomb badly. There's too much money behind it, it will do ok. I don't see a box office blockbuster but it won't do Gigli numbers. She will continue to have a "career" for at least 5 more years....
  4. Another reductive.
  5. MESS. The basketball on the head and the Dorothy shoes take away anything "cool" about this outfit. "Thought we could do better than that... I hope we can..." Not a big fan of the shoot. It's ok. The cover is Emu-esque as it was pointed out by @jazzyjan Ready for a new single!
  6. Sheryl-Crow-approved cover art. Haven't heard any of it but by the looks of it, she's a serious artist.
  7. Did she sign a 360 deal with Live Nation? Why is she using M's cover art person???
  8. I heard Secret at BJ's today.
  9. Jancel is an embarrassment but she had HITS in the US. She was as big as Katy Perry was today in terms of popularity on the radio and charts back when she had a career. Besides Madonna, Mariah, Whitney... no other female singer had a bigger career from the mid 80's until 1999 in the US (when Britney and Christina began their chart success).
  10. Eyewitness tells of shouts, gunfire Journalist Kevin Schofield told CNN's Wolf Blitzer what he had seen and heard as the apparent attack unfolded: "I heard a bang outside -- it sounded like a car crash. I looked out of the window and heard a lot of shouting, people running around. "I looked down to my left and saw a man force his way through a security gate. He went straight for a police officer and wrestled him to the ground. Another police officer walked towards him. "The man's arm was outstretched with I think it was a knife, then I heard a few rounds of gunfire. "Then it all got extremely panicked. I assume the armed police who surround Parliament day and night [took] him out." Shofield says MPs and peers are now being led out of parliament by police.
  12. He did a lobotomy to both. It was criminal.
  13. Get Together and Jump are the only ones that I would not consider global hits. All the others made the Top 40 year-end global chart which is no small feat.
  14. One of the very rare times she recorded new vocals for a remix. It was worth it.
  15. I hear all of these plus every once in a while I hear ROL, I'll Remember and Take a Bow. That's about it for post TIC hits. With the exception of JML, RM, Cherish, LTT, LAV and MG.... I hear TIC tracks all the time + True Blue (TB gets a lot of play for a song that is absent in all of her compilations).
  16. My feelings exactly. That was the time that she would roll her eyes every time someone mentioned LAV or MG. She was so over her own past career at that time. Too bad because I believe that if she had promoted GHV2 more, these singles would have been remembered more by the public. As it is now, besides TUTBMP, TAB, ROL, Music and DTM, most of the 90's singles don't get much recurrent airplay and will be forgotten by the GP (in the US).
  17. When I was a kid I thought she was singing Papa John Preach and was referring to Pope John Paul.
  18. I'm only going if she's performing Vibeology!!!
  19. I haven't checked this thread for ages because I'm bombarded by every media outlet out there with Trump Trump Trump... but I decided to check it out today and voila, I see this absolutely disgusting picture. Why is that still legal???