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  1. So true. What happened to M's marketing team? Does she even have one? She could hire a me. I have degree in Marketing/Business.
  2. I know some beg to differ but I still think that, besides the music, this has a lot to do with it: and There's something going on besides the music not connecting with the GP. It's not like she's suddenly singing jazz or heavy metal. The constant bashing she's getting on all media channels is very suspect. Unlike M (who was bashed before, during, and after the AL era), Katy had mostly good media coverage until now. The music was not what changed the public's perception... something else did. Especially after having a successful Super Bowl performance and tour. I smell a bit of sabotage or she has totally lost control of her career because at this moment it's looking like a mess.
  3. What a mess. Katy is coming off desperate. Bon Appetite did NOTHING for the album. Poor choice of second single. And releasing the BEST track on the album as a throwaway buzz single without a proper video is beyond. Focus. This album release is not her LAP. It's her MDNA apparently.
  4. Janet hasn't been A-list since 2003 in America. She was never A-list everywhere else. PLUS, there's no fat suit that makes your face fat. She was preggers. Now, Beyond-Overrated already has a track record... but those pictures looked like the real thing. Regardless, fool me once...
  5. The question is: do I spot the thong's label or the legging's label?
  7. Birth at Madonna's previous home?? Can't fault them for wanting that for their children. That's some bragging rights! Better than saying "My mom is BeyondO" is "I was born in Madonna's house."
  8. Beauty is where you find it...
  9. If someone went back in time to 1991 and showed this picture to anyone and said "this is going to be the biggest female star in the world from 2009 to 2011 being interviewed by Oprah" can you imagine the looks one would get?
  10. Oh, no. She would never copy Gwen.