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  1. Thank you for the read. Another argument to illustrate that both sides are the establishment. Who is smarter? The dog or the tail? Who's wagging who? Meanwhile, the stock market is still going strong because the insiders know that there's profit to be made. And when it's time to get rid of the court jester (after these under the radar policies go into effect) then there will be profit to be made by shorting the market. Meanwhile, let's keep feeding straw man arguments to the masses.
  2. A t-shirt? Oh, Madonna...
  3. Rihanna thread ⚓️

    Looks like RiRi has become MiMi.
  4. HOLY TRINITY | True Blue

    1. Open Your Heart 2. True Blue 3. Where's The Party
  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks that TUTR would have been the safest choice for the SB.
  6. Bedtime Stories' Lyrics

    Part of the Holy Trinity: 1. LAP 2. BS 3. ROL I know Erotica gets a lot of love but to me BS is much more sensual and personal. LUSH.
  7. HOLY TRINITY | Madonna

    It was... along with Burning Up in the US.
  8. This. Not a whole tour. If the magic is still there, then maybe a tour.
  9. Does she ride on these flowered hanging tacos when she's singing Alejandro??
  10. I would swap it with Bad Girl and add Spanish Eyes between LDLHA and STR.
  11. Madonna in the Top 20 with LAP while Bluff-yonce NeverPregnant Knowles Carter scores a #6 with her LemonKoolAid. And Jancel at #17 above Bjork, Tina and Tracy Chapman?