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  1. The BS cover is better than the original IMO. I would use it. However, the Erotica and Celebration covers are inferior to the originals IMO. I'm not crazy about the LFL cover but anything is better than the original. I didn't like the GT and BIM cover though and I've seen better versions out there. I don't see a problem using alternate covers. I have alternate sequencing for albums so that goes along with it.
  2. The Whispering One has been ovah for more than a decade but she accomplished back in the day what very few have ever since IN THE US of A. In fact, besides all of the hype around Beyonce, Janet was much bigger (no pun intended....hehe) than Beyond Overrated has ever been IN THE US of A.
  3. Senseless. There is ABSOLUTELY NO JUSTIFICATION for acts like this.
  5. And if we already have then we are NOT fans, right??? Can we just close Mnation... it's full of NON fans according to M. He/she who has no demo throw the first stone....
  6. Some people just want to see it chart probably. Her team should learn something from this.
  7. Go ahead and thank him for that gif, it's a GIFt to the world.
  9. Whitney and Britney's movies were for Lifetime. M will have a movie released in the theaters like Ray Charles and Tina Turner as she deserves. M was no saint. If they want to paint her as the bad girl... whatever.