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  1. This video needs this
  2. From what I read, rocknrolla was pointing out that BIM has no groundbreaking sound. It's new to the GP but Diplo and that sound have been around for a while. He never called it generic or dated. gritty A middle-to-upper class term to describe the living conditions of the majority of the human populace as seen through indie movies. The film 'x' was a gritty depiction of life on the streets of NY. Madonna's Rebel Heart is gritty and edgy. edgy the act of being edgy is basically teenage kids that think theyre cool. hardcore kids seem to think theyre the fucking edgyest things everr. "why are you wearing that bandanna out of your pocket," says 9th grade homeroom teacher. "because i'm effin edgy biotch," says asshole.
  3. "BIM is under the category of PC Music which is a brewing trend. It is actually the most forward sounding track on Rebel Heart." "My Sugar Is Gritty & Edgy"
  4. Don't worry about the "Gritty & Edgy" moaners. After all, what do the "disco queens" know about music? Remember that Madonna can't sound like anything previously recorded and currently on the radio. She's an artist! And she has just released an indie album. She's ARTPOP herserf! If you listen to Celebration and especially TIC, you will notice how some disco queens don't really get Madonna. "My Sugar Is Gritty & Edgy!"
  5. Raw and edgy? It's an MOR rock ditty. It's a great song but let's not get carried away.
  6. Marsia joining Traditional in exile from Mnation....
  7. Gritty and edgy... Oh, heavens.
  8. I thought everybody would be ecstatic over a new Madonna video... I know I am! I've been longing for it for a long time!