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  1. I really hope that she does a 90's heavy tour. MDNA only had 3 songs from that decade and RHT only had one! I would love a tour with: This Used To Be My Playground Rescue Me Rain Secret Nothing Really Matters Beautiful Stranger
  2. I'm loving all this love for 4M (and HC)!!! *** Best album since ROL *** "I'm outta time and all I got is four minutes, eh!" Now, can we talk about this? 4M + Vogue = LIFE!!!
  3. 27 years without realizing that she was spelling r-e-s-c-u-e me!!!!
  4. Your thoughts are not facts. #fakenews
  5. Nothing Fails and Revolver had videos?? Anyway, let's add TUTR and Jump to that hall of shame. So much wasted potential. At least, all RH videos were a major improvement. Here's hoping for a better future.
  6. If I only could listen to 10 of all of Whitney's songs for the rest of my life, they would be: Greatest Love of All How Will I Know I Wanna Dance With Somebody One Moment In Time I Will Always Love You I Have Nothing Exhale (Shoop Shoop) Heartbreak Hotel My Love Is Your Love Try It On My Own (Remix)
  7. 15 minutes of TOAC??
  8. Trying to be Madonna and child(ren). I get it. But there's no way she was pregnant with twins and looks like that now. No way. I've met a few mothers of twins and they obviously get much bigger than the average pregnant woman. Plus, she's hiding her non-lactating breasts. Fraud. #LemonKoolAid #Bluff-yonceNotPregnantKnowles