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  1. Taylor Swift thread

    New song is much better. She's saving face to stop bad buzz. It's selling but they know it is not generating the kind of narrative they planned.
  2. I thought that was from 2008 and a rumored cover for her Licorice album. It's a photoshop montage btw.
  3. Katy Perry thread

    I went to that tour and I really liked it. In fact, Katy and Pink had the most enjoyable shows out of all other pop women I've watched excluding M, of course. Pink has Madonna's stamina but not the dance moves which she doesn't need anyway. Katy was just comfortable being a mediocre but fun performer. She didn't try much dancing which was wise. Neither of these women is an icon. But they both put on entertaining shows. Iconic? Well, the list goes like this: Madonna, Tina, Diana, Aretha, Celine, Donna, Whitney, Cher, Janis, Judy, Dolly and, I hate saying this, despite the fact that she's totally overrated, Beyonce is iconic. Britney? Pink? Rihanna? Kesha? Taylor? Miley? Gaga? Christina? Shakira? Katy? Nah!
  4. Taylor Swift thread

    I love this: "Side note: Do you know anyone in real life who has β€œfeuds” who isn’t utterly insufferable?"
  5. Taylor Swift thread

    Guy Oseary?? Can anyone twit this to him?
  6. HOLY TRINITY | Hard Candy

  7. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

    THIS. The video is well made but the song is tragic. It's like display food, it looks delicious but you wouldn't eat it because you know it's not real food.
  8. HOLY TRINITY | Hard Candy

    1. Candy Shop 2. Beat Goes On 3. Give It 2 Me
  9. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

    The end of the video is hilarious! The video is not bad. But once again, it's pretty clear that she's owning up to having a career based on being Regina George in sheep's clothes. She gets points for honesty... but an honest vindictive bitch is still a vindictive bitch.
  10. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

    That's what she was hoping... to label truth as satire. "I hate you... just kidding!" But actions speak louder than words. At least she's revealing her true nature, even if unintentionally. Just like Katy revealed that she's a Kat and not a Tiger. That Swish video is pathetic and the total opposite of a roar. Both failed in my opinion. Nicky had the best week.
  11. Nicki Minaj

    Katy releases a video and Taylor a new song but Nicki wins. Nicky has more MDNA than all of these other bishes.