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  1. In the US her last real hit is arguably Halo. The other ones were minor hits where they sold well but didn't do much on the radio. Drunk In Love had the Million Reasons treatment and made it to Top 10 but most people would not be able to name it.
  2. Oh, my. Can you imagine the women at WNBA dealing with this new possibility?
  3. Trump wants to be seen as David to the mainstream media's Goliath. The more they pound on him, the more he will get the sympathy of his supporters. He's playing the media. If only they would just stop covering every little thing he does for a while and do some deep investigative journalism on the down low without all the speculations... THEN report it when there's actual proof (which we all can safely assume exists); this way he may loose some of his current power. The media feeds his power among his base constituents every time they cover him negatively, it feeds into his narrative of fighting the "big bad" media. They must cover him, of course. But they should dial it down a bit. The way they covered him throughout the campaign lost them a lot of credibility with the public and now he can apparently get away with this. It's a brave new world.
  4. I saw her Prismatic tour and it was a blast. She sounded fine. She's not a dancer but she moves better than Gaghis when needed. Production and content wise she is to Madonna what Coldplay is to U2.
  5. I LOVE Garbage's song. Sam Smith's is drivel tho. Don't think I've even heard Jack White's song. DAD is awesome. Bond material? Meh. But an awesome track nevertheless.
  6. Unfortunately Madonna was never really praised by the mainstream media at her peak. It was the early 90's and she was too controversial to be recognized for her talent. The best press she's EVER got was from 1998 until 2000 because she became a mother and seemed to have put controversies behind her. Then it seems that she decided that she was being too safe and starting with WIFLFAG she sort of begun to get bad publicity again... then DWT disappointed many because of only two 80's songs and the overall "f you" attitude throughout the show... then GHV2 without any new music... then DAD as the most unconventional Bond theme... then American Life video... and just like that she came full circle and was hated by the mainstream press again. Madonna being praised and acclaimed was an anomaly. It was great living at that time but I'm afraid she won't get the recognition she deserves until she passes. Even then, it will take a few decades for the general public to really realize how groundbreaking she was (is).
  7. Yep. Katy spoke the truth. Beyonce is an amazing performer. She's talented and has a decent voice. I'm not afraid of saying that. But where are the tunes?? Personality? She's the work of a team. First it was Daddy and then it was Hubby. That's all fine and dandy, very few females have been able to do it like Madonna. But she's not the greatest female ARTIST or SINGER or SONGWRITER. She's good at the visuals and she's beautiful. But he hype is just BEY-OND. She would have a decent GHV2 but not enough good music to have a Celebration. An Immaculate Collection?? Not in a million years.
  8. This is the HOLY TRINITY. Holiday is such an iconic song and definitely a signature Madonna song. I would add a few runner-ups: 1. Into The Groove 2. Music 3. Hung Up Material Girl used to be but has been sort of forgotten.
  9. She has 4 absolute signature songs: Holiday Like a Virgin Like a Prayer Vogue
  10. Finally someone worthy of carrying M's torch.