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  1. Nicky? Life has been a bit hectic, thanks for missing me!
  2. Thoughts??? What a performance! I'm getting LAP/ROL vibes with Mirwais producing. Sounds very promising. Would it be the first single? Or a buzz single?
  3. Thank you for the read. Another argument to illustrate that both sides are the establishment. Who is smarter? The dog or the tail? Who's wagging who? Meanwhile, the stock market is still going strong because the insiders know that there's profit to be made. And when it's time to get rid of the court jester (after these under the radar policies go into effect) then there will be profit to be made by shorting the market. Meanwhile, let's keep feeding straw man arguments to the masses.
  4. Is that how the Brexit campaign was covered? If so, I can see how the "yes" vote won.
  5. I thought our press was bad but I have to hand it to the UK. Even FoxNews and MSNBC couldn't get away with this.
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