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  1. Perhaps she should have led with a feature artist for the first single. (As much as we all hate that idea )
  2. "Heartbreak city" is perfect now! Plz don't ask to have to choir removed. I love the industrial feel of it.
  3. I just order the Super Deluxe from http://wowhd.co.uk/CD/madonna-rebel-heart-super-deluxe-edition/dp/40812455#bc=b3a1 Is this a trusted website? I don't understand why it's soo cheap?!
  4. Why the shade towards Annie Lennox. ? Didn't she ask Madonna for her vocals on a track of hers called "sing"?
  5. The super deluxe is nearly double the album price, Yikes! Just to have 6 additional tracks, 2 of which are remixes of living for love.
  6. Very True. I'm not giving up on this beautiful track. I see what you mean about the progression into the marching drums.
  7. This album is ridiculously good. US fans are getting completely spoiled this time around. I love all the finished tweaked demos. Can't stop listening to "vvv" "s.e.x" "messiah". I'm having a hard time with "waom" I think it's brilliant how they stripped it down, however ...what instrument is making that strange muffled train track sound @ the 45 second mark? It's distracting. I'm hoping someone can explain it or the the use of it and why it's there so I can start appreciating that section of the track.
  8. Amazing video. Where can I actually download this? (if it's allowed) thank you!
  9. This is disgusting .... https://www.change.org/p/madonna-at-the-grammys-please-trash-madonna-at-the-grammys-on-social-media-and-praise-lady-gaga-and-tony-bennett
  10. "I could get caught up in bitterness But I'm not dwelling on this crazy mess I found freedom in the ugly truth I deserve the best and it's not you"
  11. Another great mix! Sounds amazing in the clubs! Madonna — Living For Love (Tracy Young Remix):
  12. I thought LFL was the first single being released tomorrow? Now I'm reading LFL will be released February 20/ 2015.
  13. Sounds like a top 10 hit for sure. Can't wait to see how well it does. Loved her crawling out of the fire. I keep playing it over and over.
  14. I think the shoot was done 2 weeks ago when he flew into new York for the weekend.
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