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  1. I can't see her recycling a pic from a photo shoot for an up coming new album/single launch. Like someone already said it's definitely her making a statement and she obviously liked this fan-made cover and decided to re-gram it.
  2. unless someone hacked her instagram account. There's a fan on instagram taking credit for this cover.
  3. Madonna did actually post this her self on instagram. she also says "you heard it" #Iconic.
  4. you are correct, Thanks for pointing that out. I totally missed that. I need to sleep, I'm starting to get down about this single/snippet/lyrics. Glad to see twitter has removed that "madonnastreet" account. Hopefully wake to more positive and credible news tomorrow.
  5. Sounds like new lyrics Madonna just posted on instagram."Mama rides again, we go hard or we go home, we gon do this all night long, I just want a beat" # unapologetic
  6. So, this clip from billboard was more of a test then a sample. I feel so used.
  7. It's incredible to me that just last week she was busy in the studio and now possibly already dropping a new single tomorrow at the Billboard music awards. She is definitely the hardest working women in the industry.
  8. Billboard exclusive clip and the Billboard music awards are this coming Sunday. Should we expect a surprise performance to this track this Sunday?
  9. Hard Candy gave us "Give it 2 me" "heartbeat" "Beat goes on" "Dance tonight" "Devil wouldn't recognize YOU" much stronger songs then MDNA
  10. I think "I don't give a F***"would have been a great single for MDNA.
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