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  1. True. Perhaps he lifted the "We-R-Superstars" acapella and layered it over this dreadful dated beat.
  2. Here's a mix of "We-R-Superstars" So I'm thinking this is not a Madonna project after all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWM8ALv2Mmw
  3. I never got that from her instagram post. I thought it was a having "fun" reference. She didn't hashtag "funky"
  4. I wonder if she played a new song off her upcoming album last night. We should check the Disclosure fan page and see if there's talk about new music played last night.
  5. You guys are right. Im just so desperate for conformation, something official.
  6. Okay, I'm not sure if I'm reading to much into this but....Is it just a coincidence that Madonna posted a video of David singing coldplay which just so happens to be sitting in the #1 position on Billboard? Could this be another hint? A reference to billboard please say yes!
  7. Imagine there was never an "UnapologeticB" song and the word was just meant to describe a feeling during her last photo shoot with Katy and now she's scrambling to write and record an "UnapologeticB" song because its gotten so much press even more then her last lead single GMAYL lol
  8. I'm not sure if this fits with her recent absence or delay in releasing new music but she has a Doctors note...... "Madonna was due in Manhattan Supreme Court Tuesday for jury duty, but was excused after providing a valid doctor’s note, sources told the Daily News. The music legend indicated she’d be up for serving on a jury in the coming days, a source said. New York County Clerk Norman Goodman confirmed the note and that his office is working on coming up with Madonna’s next date. The exact reason for her absence was not immediately clear, but a source said it is not anything serious. Madonna has served on jury duty once before in California, where she lived before moving to New York."
  9. Perez Hilton Just tweeted that he received a bottle of Truth or dare from Madonna, and said its going to be a good week. Isn't that truth or dare line discontinued?
  10. We just need to make it to Monday. Then if nothing is released, we can all take a much needed break.
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