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  1. Another great mix! Sounds amazing in the clubs! Madonna — Living For Love (Tracy Young Remix):
  2. I thought LFL was the first single being released tomorrow? Now I'm reading LFL will be released February 20/ 2015.
  3. Sounds like a top 10 hit for sure. Can't wait to see how well it does. Loved her crawling out of the fire. I keep playing it over and over.
  4. I think the shoot was done 2 weeks ago when he flew into new York for the weekend.
  5. Congratulations Robster! ...Job well Done!
  6. Could it be that all those "unapologetic" hastags were hinting at a possible collaboration with Rihanna all along?
  7. There's just too many. I liked what Dallas Austin & Mirwais Did for her. However, I can still listen to William Orbits work over and over again. Lets just say No to Martin Solveig in the future! He could have taken "turn up the radio" to whole other level, epic Fail! Shame on him.
  8. I think your right. She's definitely been feeding us a lot of album hints lately. I can almost taste it. As for the Berlin rumor. It doesn't sound true. But time will tell.
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