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  1. There is no way this was done by mistake. Shes a marketing genius! She knows we would be eating this up, creating buzz for the new album. Madonna is a perfectionist! I find it difficult to believe this board was filmed by accident. Watch none of these song titles be real lol. She's trolling us guys!
  2. No way! Madonna is just stiring the pot. She's just trying to throw us off with that 2019 comment. Perhaps the Vogue Italia mention of a 2018 release was a slip up on their part.
  3. I think this is all an act on her part. I'm still thinking that she's planning on wowing us with a (surprise) 2018 release. It's no accident that she said 2019. Time will tell I guess.
  4. I totally agree with you, but why would she commit to being a "presenter" in NYC just days after her long B-day week. Doesn't seem worth it. Especially having just stepped off a plane.
  5. Any chance she could be doing a surprise performance tonight?
  6. Cool. Ddint notice it before. Thanks!
  7. Wait a min, did anyone else notice "beautiful game" written on the rim of her hat? And what's that track playing In the background??
  8. Cant believe we all waited 4 years for MDNA album.
  9. Iconic totally surprised me seeing it live. I'm totally in love with this track now. It's like "beat goes on" 2.0 Love the message, Totally could have been the lead single. Imagine that she had performed this on the grammy's instead? The cage, the crosses, killer costumes.
  10. I'm so glad you said something. Probably the best $6 you've ever spent lol They had no choice but to make it right. Security seemed pretty lax last night,you should be totally fine tonight.
  11. You can see my view from row 3 on my instagram @youseeitall
  12. Omg Brilliant! I had a blast in the 3rd row last night. Have fun!
  13. What time do u think she'll go on ?
  14. Omg I just sold my belcony seats and bought floor seats row 4. I hope I don't regret it. I'm so nervous lol yay!
  15. What would be better... row 5 seat 58 or row 35 seat 7? I want to be close and not miss too much.
  16. Thanks.I can't see the seat numbers on my cell for some reason.
  17. Question.... With floor seating are the seat numbers that are lowest closest to the middle? And say higher seat numbers on the far side closer to the lower bowls? I can't see floor seat numbers on any of the rebel heart seating charts.
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