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  1. Well, it's because Demo Castellon did the mastering/mixing again. He really is the most amateurish idiot she has ever worked with imo.

    The funny part is, that he mixes her voice the same way he mixes the vocals of his wife, Nelly Furtado who sounds like a squirrel most of the time. That results in him putting the emphasis of the vocals on the high notes which takes away the volume of her voice and makes it sound very thin. There's a fan made mix of L4L on M-Infinity which uses her unmixed demo vocals and my GOD it sounds fucking amazing!!!

    I think I found it... sounds amazing!

    Watch "Madonna - Living For Love - Raw vocals, NO AUTOTUNE" on YouTube


  2. BIM is the worst offender on this record! The volume climb just before the chorus is way to loud and makes my skin crawl. I end up just skipping this track because it's actually uncomfortable to listen too. It's such an obvious mistake in mastering and seems like it would be an easy fix. Wish they would touch it up and update it on apple music.

  3. I just received my free Rebel Heart Super Deluxe digital album from ticket master. For all of you who bought concert tickets, check your email for your free album. If you have Gmail be sure to check your hidden "promotion folders" that's where I found mine. :) Be sure to gift these copies to friends if you already have it. This will help 1st week sales.


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