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  1. I think I found it... sounds amazing! Watch "Madonna - Living For Love - Raw vocals, NO AUTOTUNE" on YouTube https://youtu.be/-acghWQDpQ0
  2. BIM is the worst offender on this record! The volume climb just before the chorus is way to loud and makes my skin crawl. I end up just skipping this track because it's actually uncomfortable to listen too. It's such an obvious mistake in mastering and seems like it would be an easy fix. Wish they would touch it up and update it on apple music.
  3. Amazing video! Fun vibe. I need that pool scene!
  4. "Bitch, I'm Madonna" is #3 on the bill board real time charts.
  5. The clip is just of Madonna's legs running thru an old abandoned wrecking yard. It's a remix of ghost town with sirens going off. The clip is about 5 seconds. The film looks back and white.
  6. You mean "run over by a train" which sounds much worse!
  7. Check your "promotion's" folder in your Gmail account for it. That's where I found mine on March 10th @ 3am
  8. I just received my free Rebel Heart Super Deluxe digital album from ticket master. For all of you who bought concert tickets, check your email for your free album. If you have Gmail be sure to check your hidden "promotion folders" that's where I found mine. Be sure to gift these copies to friends if you already have it. This will help 1st week sales.
  9. I'm curious what this past week world sales have been for Rebel Heart? Is there a thread started on this? Thanks
  10. A lot of Future shops here in Canada have stopped selling CD's.
  11. Thanks for clarifying. I can't keep up with all this promo. Lol
  12. Thanks guys. So this is the episode where we saw her sing ghost town and that remix of LFL. Nice.
  13. Sorry, I'm late to this thread. Is this a new live show of her or is this pre-recorded episode?
  14. I may just go over the boarder to that target in Niagara Falls, New York. Hopefully they will have the super deluxe.
  15. I have a question about presale tickets... are all those dates mentioned on her site all eligable for pre sale purchase tomorrow 11am? If so, whats the next step? Looking for Toronto. Sorry, I feel like such a flop fan.
  16. Best performance ever! This song has a whole new meaning to me. "Failure is not falling down, but refusing to get back up"
  17. "Petitioning BBC Radio 1 This petition will be delivered to: BBC Radio 1 Remove BBC Radio 1 Ageist Ban On Madonna & Others Now!" https://www.change.org/p/bbc-radio-1-remove-bbc-radio-1-ageist-ban-on-madonna-others-now
  18. Boy George, Diplo, Garbage (band) and others took to twitter to protest against BBCR1 Also their Facebook page is being bombarded with LFL comments. Check it out! https://www.facebook.com/bbcradio1/posts/10153068768831763?fref=nf
  19. BBC RADIO 1 Denies blacklisting Madonna.... http://www.pressparty.com/pg/newsdesk/londonnewsdesk/view/121903/?isworld=y
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