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  1. why you disappear

  2. I have to agree with the crew here who say that it's just not a good video. I think she wanted to make an anti-war video, but seeing as how the song has nothing to do with war, she needed an excuse to connect the two ideas, so they had a bunch of models in a fashion show to represent the materialistic world and had them dress in army fatigues. It was a bit of a stretch, and I just don't think it got the message across that well. I also just find it to be boring. The first half of the video is just models walking up and down a catwalk.
  3. that's not what we're talking about. we're talking about how he said that as a kid, he didnt have any of her music on his iPod. The fact that he can say that when he was a kid he owned an iPod is what we are talking about. Because, you know, iPods are a fairly new invention...
  4. Wow. Madonna is dating someone who can say that as a child, he did not have her music on his iPod. Lets think about that for a second.
  5. This "which dancer is dating Madonna?" name confusion is very reminiscent of the whole Slam/Oliver Crumes fiasco of 1990.
  6. Am I the only one here who as a young boy loved the scene when Aidan Quinn gets out of bed naked?
  7. The lyrics from both "It's So Cool" and "Keep the Trance" were incorporated into "Hey You."
  8. Love Hurts is from the Erotica era. Some people think it's an early version of the song Erotica, but that hasn't been verified... I suppose with a title like that, it could have been an early version of that song. Pipeline is a Stephen Bray song from TB.
  9. Thanks for maintaining this updated list. It's getting pretty confusing with the number of leaks that keep coming out. Your post here is appreciated! Will be checking back in...
  10. It understandably probably sounds bad when you have spoken-word lyrics and you try to do them live. When you're in a big arena or stadium, the music is turned up really loudly... If she's supposed to sing (or speak) a song at conversation level, such as in JML, her microphone would have to be turned up really loudly in order to hear her. As a result, it probably generates a lot of feedback (squeeking noise) and sounds horrible. Alternately, she could try to speak as loudly as she can into the microphone, but then it would totally ruin the "relaxed" sound she is supposed to have in a song like JML.
  11. i do agree... sure, video screens are somewhat nice because they bring the fans who are further back in the stadium a little bit closer, however ever since RIT she has used them a bit too much. I'd like to the see the next tour not rely on them so much
  12. no it was a bootleg. i suppose i could be wrong, but i'm pretty sure that at the first couple of concerts on the tour, she sang either "erotica" or "JML" live and it sounded crappy, so she switched to lipping.
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