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  1. Fantastic evening - way better than the Graham Norton interview of 2012! Funny emotional and exciting !!!! She feels like she let us all down because of the fall
  2. Hi guys, I have a spare copy of the "Flower mask" cover of Interview that I'm willing to swap for a "ltd subscribers copy of Mojo" - any takers???? Xxxxxx Jmg
  3. Furthermore if speculation is correct then it was pre recorded in Jan 84 during her UK promo visit and then shown in March for Lucky Star promotion! So it must be archived somewhere at ITV Central
  4. Am loving this news! Why O why choose ITV over BBC Saturday TV - so many more people would of seen this or possibly videoed this had it been on the BBC, somebody out there must have a copy in an old VHS collection - we need to get hunting
  5. I've just finished filming my video to American Pie!
  6. I was there at the filming and they edited it to unbelievable lengths! She spoke about so many things that they deemed unviewable - was incredibly sweet and charming throughout and of coarse funny!!!!!!!
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