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  1. Congrats to all of you who got tickets!! And good luck to those who are still waiting!!!!
  2. Can't fucking wait for the Jonathan ross special!!! I hope she comfirms it soon
  3. Good work guys!! I've requested it here in argentina although i never listen to the radio lol I saw on some groups on facebook that it's doing well on us radios!
  4. Yes that version is greaaaat!!!! I listened like 50 times in a row yesterday
  5. I listened to the new 3, but still waiting until March 10 for the whole thing!
  6. This has to be my favorite interview so far this era! She should write her own column about the music world
  7. I'll probably buy only the deluxe edition on the record store. March 10th, here I go!
  8. some may say the show is lame but at least she'll be on tv looking gorgeous and talking. Seeing/hearing her is always amazing. Get that promo queen!
  9. Gags and her team are just pathetic. I don't care if the media doesn't pick up on this... Like anyone cares about her anymore lol M lives for love, not for the applause, she gives out of this world performances and she doesn't need applause and cheering to validate herself
  10. This was hard, but here it is: #9 Hold Tight #8 Illuminati #7 Ghosttown #6 Bitch, I'm Madonna #5 Unapologetic Bitch #4 Iconic #3 Joan Of Arc #2 Devil Pray #1 Living For Love
  11. I hope they don't drop the album now! Everything is going well, we can wait for just a month!!!
  12. this hasn't clicked with me yet... But i like the lyrics. positive, uplifting, fun...
  13. I was sooo shocked when the chorus kicked in with that beat! Such great surprise!!! Love love love the song
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