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  1. she should go full on rebel and perform Bitch I'm Madonna, Unapologetic Bitch, S.E.X., Holy Water and Illuminati!
  2. i don't believe this!!! an entire week=five performances??? i'm dead
  3. love how everything BUT the music is so locked up lol
  4. A radio from Argentina is running a contest to attend an exclusive listening party at the Hard Rock cafe on March 9! Don't think i'll win but it could be a very cool/different experience
  5. LOL congrats hector! This is a once in a lifetime experience, enjoy it!!!
  6. love the new desing! God, i can't believe it's only a week for the album!!!
  7. Even if the visual theme for this song seems obvious, we should pay attention to her instagram to see the inspirations she shares. Who knows what she's gonna do? Maybe she'll be a mermaid in the video
  8. love her in that red dress! She looks beautiful
  9. It should be titled "Madonna: Why she's still hot"
  10. Dita came back in 2012 and never left! These last 2 pics are beyond amazing
  11. Everything sounds so so so amazing!!! Can't wait to watch it
  12. Right now she pairs that country singer, one #1 more and she'll be the absolute Queen of billboard!!
  13. omg she's going so much places this era it's going to be amazing
  14. Maybe the reviews will start coming after the Brits
  15. Fans on twitter are making a campaing for people to play the video 10 times a day during a week (23/2 to 10/3). I started now lol, don't know how many of my views will count but whatever, I'll watch a thousand times before I let this company die!
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