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  1. This makes me think of 50 Shades of Grey.

    Either in it's current form, or re-done, it would fit the theme of the movie.

    And she sounds hot in the song, which I think will get me a bit of side-eye. But she does.

    This song is too much for the movie, Madonna would put Christian Grey to shame (and make him her bitch tbh)

    And I think she sounds hot too, even if she wanted this to be a funny/tongue in cheek song, she does sound sexy. I guess she can't help it lol

  2. "Frida showed all her feelings paiting from the cieling back in the begining"

    The melody of the chorus on Inside Out

    "Yeezus luvz my pussy best"

    The horns on Nas' rap

    Veni Vidi Vici as a whole basically

    "I curse the day we met/Your memory is haunting me" and her whole vocals on HeartBreakCity


    "You can thread a needle with a teardrop from my eye" and the electric guitar on Wash All Over Me

    The fact that there's a song MESSIAH that is fucking epic and magical

    "The ground beneath my feet's getting warmer/Lucifer is near" and the devil voice on Devil Pray

    Annie's vocals on Living For Love

    Mike Tyson's intro and the chorus of Iconic

    The spoken part of Best Night

    "Always been a rebel, overcoming obstacles" on Beautiful Scars

    The mention/allution to scars and imperfections on most of the tracks


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