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  1. I had a dream last night... The album dropped by surprise and the frist track was "Rebel Heart" and it was so fucking good. It was like a hard house beat with some rock vibes. The cover was a paiting of M in a field with de MDNA Skin spot look, it looked dreamy and sweet, full of pale colors. Oh, and she also performed YMCA and Girl Gone Wild with Katy Perry at some random awards show but
  2. This guy's been tweeting stupid Madonna rumours since the MDNA era, always saying he's working with her or that she's doing the most stupid random collaborations...
  3. Well, I think Katy was with Diplo last night at a club or something, plus M is following him on instagram... I refuse to believe it, but I wouldn't mind a live performance a la Macklemore or Miley...
  4. "Holy Water....Bless me father for i have sinned." This comes from Timor Steffens' (M dancer) Instagram. He also tweeted "Just landed in LA. " this sunday so I guess he was with M and her team that night and heard the album too!
  5. It obviously is. Remember when GMAYL leaked in november? It was a SMASH (I even heard it on the radio more than twice), and it obviously affected the official sales. She should just drop the 1st single with a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Madonna.com announcement once it drops on iTunes to help it spread a little faster than a leak would. That way you avoid leaks and the surprise factor will make it rise and rise on the charts.
  6. I'm praying for some smoking pics on the booklet (It'd be a dream come true to get a "smoking" cover art, but I guess that'd be too much for the mainstream public). Smoking just looks stunning on her.
  7. Too much flawlessness in one single post ---- What makes it even more intriguing and exciting is that I have no clue on how it's going to sound like! You have Avicii (EDM with folk/country elements), Martin/Natalia (POP with some rock vibes) and MoZella/Toby/S1... Wich is the group that intrigues me the most since MoZella and Toby are more power-ballad orientated while S1 produced Kanye... And obviously you have the M-Factor, I have faith it's going to be BIG! Bring it on!
  8. On Monday she's having this BuzzFeed artforfreedom thing and I have the feeling she'll give us a little something... Maybe a pic or some lyrics... I hope I'm right
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